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SagenWarrior chapter 11 . 3/14/2013
great fic.
oscar with out andre chapter 1 . 5/4/2009
oh very touching and also so cute nice

i just fly to the place which contain my oscar and andre
Kasia.T chapter 11 . 12/14/2008
Hello again!

First of I’m relieved that this fic was a short one. Don’t get me wrong but I’ve almost ran out of time for reading and reviewing but leaving any story by you or Xirysa unread would destroy my whole day. Anyway, short doesn’t mean bad, does it? :-)

Ah, the story was so touching. But first, when I saw the name „Loulou” I got confused – is it written BY OUR Loulou or FOR OUR Loulou? Only after a moment of hesitation did I understand that it was written from the point of view of Oscar’s little niece. Hm, I can’t say much about the girl, as I can’t say I really read the manga – I only saw scans. Anyway, I can imagine that Loulou is a sweet character. Who wouldn’t be bearing that name? So, Oscar’s nice is just like OUR Loulou – cute, loving and caring. I bet the Loulou I know would also pick up flowers for her aunt and... her hansome Andre... And how clever the little girl is to know that Andre likes white roses...

Oh, but the visit to the graves... Poor child... They tried to protect her by not telling her from the beginning but this way it was even worse. She was so thrilled to pick up the most beautiful flowers for her aunt and her handsome Andre and now she has to lay them on their graves... Too painful...

But still beautiful. As always.

Kisses and hugs,

Xirysa chapter 11 . 12/14/2008
Psh. Short chapter? Like I care.

Loulou's adorable, and you (like usual) wrote her very well. (Seriously, where do you get this ability to write different characters amazingly well?)

I'm very sorry about your aunt, though. I waas eight or nine when I lost my oldest aunt, but she was more than thirty years older than my father, lived in India, and I didn't know her very well. But it is hard, when you lose a loved one.

(I love the fact that she keeps saying that Andre is handsome, by the way. XD)

loulou.k chapter 11 . 12/14/2008
Hello Manna!

I knew somehow that those flowers were from Loulou, since you told me "you would be surprises", I felt that…..or she wasn't her?.

It was too touching chapter, nothing would ach a heart that seeing a little kid facing the matters of life and death, sometimes they astound us by their understanding for things we don't understand ourselves or can't even explained them.

I love Loulou- not just because we have the same name- but she's soo cute and clever girl, noisy yes but I think she's going to be like her Aunt but more feminine _

Aw! She saw Andre staring to the white roses! AwW!

It was a very hard scene….she didn't know they were died and suddenly face to face with their graves! Both of them! was hard to her family, to us, so how was it to a little girl?

It was a short chapter but it wasn't lame at all!it was very good one…..

(But after the long drive, when she got out of the carriage and they stopped walking to stand in front of two stones, confusion flickered across her face. What was this? Rose bushes had been planted beside the graves. Graves. They were graves….Suddenly, everything hit her at once, and throwing her flowers on the recently churned up dirt, she took her mother’s skirts in her hands and buried her face in the thick fabric) that was a perfect describe.

Hum, I wonder what "plans " you have for little Loulou _~


AkaiHime chapter 10 . 11/12/2008

This is my first time roaming around the Rose of Versailles section. Your fic was the first to caught my attention. And definitely worth it.

Loved the Oscar and Louis-Joseph so much! :))

Thoroughly well done, keep up the great work!
loulou.k chapter 10 . 10/13/2008
Hi Manna!

Honestly I don't know what to say about the General!

Do I suppose to feel angry or sorry on him…I think he was a helpless Father, needed to have a son, a heir…but took the wrong way to do that, and he unfortunately woke up very late from that dream to discover what miserable life he forced his daughter to live…and when he tried to make her happy as he thought the happiness is-by marriage and settled down safely with her husband – she disobeyed him this time, and she made her point clearly…she simply stuck with the life he choose it for her saying that because of him she could go ahead strongly than any woman….

His rolling tears were most that any powerful word he would say about that, about his fault, about her choices.

I like this chapter, at least you've showed him as a Father, a real Father who lost his child, most of authors prefer to wrote about him as a stubborn man, stuck with the glory and cursing his traitorous daughter, and maybe hated her! NO FATHER would hate his child, no matter what happened and how much they are deferent…( If he had known earlier, he would have done anything to save her life! Anything to protect her from the bullets that had pierced her through, that had drained the life out of her that he had helped to create.) That's what I meant.

Too many questions and wondering (why, if...) it was too painful.

(Guilt weighed him down, and he patted the head of his daughter’s tombstone; it was a silent apology to her.) Very, very, very touching line…O.K, I cried on it!

(Despite how the world might have tried to push her from the path she felt was right, how it tried to corrupt and change her, she never let it touch her heart.) Wow, you really know how to end a scene, with the most powerful words… I'll shot up now.*sniff*


WhiteTigerLilly chapter 10 . 10/12/2008
Aww! Manna I was ALl emotional when I read this! I was like "Arras... husband... Nanny... WAA!".

*He thought, for a fleeting moment, that the red soiled the purity of such a beautiful rose, but then he realized that the color would never, ever reach the rose’s center.

It was like his daughter, he decided.

Despite how the world might have tried to push her from the path she felt was right, how it tried to corrupt and change her, she never let it touch her heart.*

I like that ending. It was so not corny! I was all "Never let it touch your heart!" I went chibi and all!


loulou.k chapter 9 . 10/6/2008
Very touching chapter…nothing would break a woman's heart than losing a child, even if she had a dozen children.

My grandmother had 6 children, but she also had a baby who died just when it was only two years old, just with out any reason…and even if she had two other kids after him, and for the rest of her life till she passed away I could saw tears in her eyes every time she remember him, I felt the pang in her throat while she tried to stop her tears from being shown.

An orphan may continued to live, but a mother without her child…she'll lose her reason to be a life, so I don't think Madame de Jarjayes/ Marguerite Emilie- as I know her name was- will live no longer.

I like how you played with colors during the scenes; it completed the random thoughts of that poor Mother.

Humm…Oscar in a white roses field in Arras, looks like Andre's thought about the portrait…so you didn't mention Andre in Madame de Jarjayes's thoughts as she was wondering about her daughter's life and if she got the chance to find happiness, am I right? Oh my. If I am, that's really, really excellent hint…after all Mothers do know every thing!

Good work


Xirysa chapter 9 . 10/6/2008
Well. FFN is being a but as usual. So here's to sending another review!

[Oscar, her youngest child, the one that was supposed to outlive them all, was dead.] Beautiful line. Really, it was.

Wait... Two sons and a daughter? [wonders]

Oh, I do wonder who guided Madame's hand... Could it possibly be our favorite servant boy? XD

[In Arras...] Oh my. Way to get me all teary-eyed...

Another beautiful chapter once again!

WhiteTigerLilly chapter 9 . 10/5/2008
I think I was just feeling totally emotional throughout the entire chapter. Madré... Mother. When you have one who would give you the world you can't imagine losing her but... You also can't imagine her losing you to death.

I am my mothers only daughter. Sometimes Mom would just hug me and cry and say she wished she could give me so much more. I love my mother. I know I would never heal from losing her but I also wouldn't want her to have to learn knowing she wont ever see me again.

Mama, Okaa-san?

This was very touching. It pulled a great bunch of heart strings.

Bendiciones, Josie
Xirysa chapter 8 . 10/2/2008
Well. School really has me irked. I've got no time to do anything... And then my parents decided that I spent too much time on my laptop. So I've got to use the desktop only. It kinda sucks.

On a brighter note... I was eagerly awaiting this chapter. I really was. Oh, little Louis-Joseph... I'm working on something for him, too, but it seems like you beat me to it! [shakes fist] But never fear! I shall put it up... Eventually. [shot]

Ahh... LJ's Heaven... [is once again reminded of the 'Lovely Bones' which also reminds her of TYS] Seriously, that kid is adorable. I want him.

Pierre and Michel, eh? [thinks for a moment] Oh, both were killed, were they not? Gah... Why do all the children in RoV end up dying so young (or, in Gilbert's case, deathly ill)?

Whatever. I finally got a chance to review, and I'm making the most of it. Till later!

loulou.k chapter 8 . 10/2/2008
Hello again!

I hate crying, really, it's nasty and there is no use of it, but I have this feeling that I earned the reputation as the emotional girl in this site! And all because of you, my dear Manna!

I love little Louis-Joseph, although he was just a kid but he shows a heart of a king, a good king only if he lived to reach that…he was aware of everything around him.

I like that scene in the anime while he went for horse riding with Oscar, both of them were flaming, and Oscar looked so cute with the boy in her arms…she always looks emotional toward the kids, maybe that was the hidden motherhood feelings inside her…from little Pierre how killed by De Guemenee to Gilbert the little poor boy from Arras " Michael is that little kid how killed by the bullet which caused the begging of the revolution "see I know my lessons well _

So emotional that Louis-Joseph met Oscar's horse first…sure it die before her, why he didn't met Andre before Oscar? Or he didn't know him I guess!

(Then, with a sudden brightness, he saw her, curled against the side of a man, a smile on her face that made her eyes light up in a way that he had never seen before)..he really didn't know him!

(Her face glowed with contentment, and seeing this made him smile.) That's soo touching.


WhiteTigerLilly chapter 8 . 10/1/2008
The little boy that was shot, and the little boy that was sick. I knew those names! Yay!

I loved little Louis-Joseph's character. I his eyes Oscar was a girl, and that was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I must say, I enjoyed this one the most so far.


loulou.k chapter 7 . 9/28/2008
Hi Manna!

I protest, I didn't receive any alert for your new 'fics! If I haven't that feeling that there's something going on behind me and went to the site to check, I wouldn't know about this!

Anyway, I'm here now….

Honestly Manna, I don't know how to say this…But I expected more from this chapter, maybe more memories about Oscar instead of thinking about Marie Antoinette, I mean come on! He knew her since they were…what 14-16? He would say more for the sake of those years…(…She needed him, and he needed her. Even if he could not hold her, could not kiss her, could not cherish her the way a man cherished his wife…) I would give him a punch if he thought of that after hearing about Oscar's death.

But it had some good point

(It was then that he realized Oscar’s carefully-built wall, the one that guarded her emotions and her heart, had crumbled in a brief moment of weakness, and as her claim on André left her lips,) I love that line… you know, I keep wondering what he would tell her if Andre's life wasn't in danger and he saved them both before she get panic, or if they reached the Opera before the mob get them…He seemed in shock at" my Andre" it's not just because Andre was her servant, but as if he wouldn't believe she'll get over his love that easily and fall in love with another man…he seemed as if disappointed-I'll get your Andre, with a smile!-

I love the end…He lift everything behind just to be with his love like Oscar did, he seemed the only one who understand her behavior, even more that Marie Antoinette.


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