Reviews for Never Be With You
jk chapter 30 . 8/23
youd think youd give bella someone worthy no this piece of shit
jk chapter 20 . 8/23
I think you need to explain exactly what Edward was doing at the hospital ...was he really suggesting that he got women off for his work? just when I thought he couldn't get anymore used up and gross
jk chapter 28 . 8/23
seems hes a bigger whore then I thought I didn't know he had steady well as all those one night stands plus bella and Tanya...whats his number 500?
jk chapter 26 . 8/23
you know bella theres never been anyone other then you...except the 1000 year old whore vampire that turns me on, I love her enthusiasm, and that she loves it rough like I do, all we did for months was fuck in every position I could think of, I asked her to not only marry me but spend eternity with me...of course its just you bella
jk chapter 9 . 8/23
omg do you seriously have Edward as a song writer of shit we know he didn't fucking write...ya its all made up but god what a stupid fucking idea I cant believe you went with that...having him be the writer of broken...LOL and songs that coldplay sung...LOL yaaaaa its soooo believable!
this story must have been written by a fucking child
jk chapter 8 . 8/23
funny how now hes 17 but just a few chapters ago he said that he was a few years older then her...
get it together writer WTF
jk chapter 7 . 8/23
funny his family supposedly wants him to fuck random women including humans but not hang around a human? only when its convienant for the story! ohh that makes perfect sense! and seriously just once can bella be hot...hotter then the rose we all know isn't that pretty
jk chapter 5 . 8/23
first off who strums a piano? LOL hey Edward said it!

and what kind of composer is in teen magazine? seriously? this whole story is jacked up...

Edwards a slut I bet he was even with Tanya the 1000 year old whore...ewww if those walls could talk...omg I just threw up alittle
jk chapter 4 . 8/23
why would she want to go out with the whore she picked up at the club that gave her bad sex?

seriously would you want to go out with a guy that couldn't even give you an no thanks edslut
jk chapter 3 . 8/23
hahaha were supposed to believe that he only fucks those women cause of his family? did you really say for once I didn't mind the scent?
why does he take home skanks if he doesn't like the way they smell... seriously are we to believe that hes just a bleeding heart...fucking women so his family don't worry about him...awww how thoughtful..LOL
naw hes nothin but a whore

how old is he in this? hes worried about buying her isn't he 17?
jk chapter 1 . 8/23
oh good ruined the story right in the first Edward fucks blonde bimbos to get his family off his back? ohhh that makes perfect sense!
usually he doesn't mind tits on display...ya know cause hes doing it for his family and all..but tonight he wants something different...and bam there it is on the dance fucking convienant
yaa we all want bella with Edward the manwhore...the only vampire in the world to have stds, when we picture the guy for bella we picture someone all used up and cocky with squirrel aids...yup that's the one..
chnctgislnd07 chapter 30 . 7/29/2013
So I guess you are leaving it up to the reader to decide if he changes her or not?
mandy52799 chapter 30 . 9/1/2012
omg that cant be it! need more! pleaseeeee!
Epic16 chapter 30 . 2/18/2012
The progression of this story kind of pissed me off. Bella was a complete asshole to Edward in the beginning, she had plenty of opportunity to tell him that she was a virgin! For her to blame it all on him pissed me off. And then she constantly put boundaries up between them but then she magically expects him to read her mind and know that her feelings have changed and for him to act on it? That makes absolutely no sense. She should have told him she wanted more once she figured out she did, otherwise how else was he suppose to know. Then she tries to act all hurt and rejected when he constantly pulls away from her, trying to respect the boundaries that SHE implemented! Just ugh, your Bella pissed me off so bad.

Anyways, I'm glad they finally got a happy ending.
Howl3 chapter 30 . 8/13/2011
I want to be happy for them and I am, but Bella and the other Cullens annoyed the crap out of me. Everything was kind of one-sided and controlling that it was rediculous.

Every thing Edward did everybody was unhappy with and honestly, that annoyed me. They complained about him being unhappy, and that he should hook up with people to see if that helped, and when he does hook up with Bella they were a litle disaproving and bemused.

Then everybody was so team Bella it annoyed the shit out of me. They just all rallied around her and her feelings and how she was hurt.

I'm not saying they didn't show that they cared about Edward but it was like the pain that Bella caused him didn't matter but when he screwed up all the other Cullens cared about was Bella.

Alice was so annoying with how she acted. I mean, if Edward wanted to hook up with Tanya, which he did, he had every right to. If she was pissed at him for not confessing his feelings to Bella then oh well because Bella did alot at the begining to discourage him from feeling that way and Bella had a brief fling with Jacob. What about how Edward felt then?

And then Emmett went over to Edward's place to hit him for hurting Bella. Wow, what a cool brother he is. Honestly, Bella did that to herself.

Bella...not only was she a douche at the begining of the story but she could have confessed her feelings to Edward too yet somehow it was like everybody soley expected Edward to do everything.

She basically told the guy that she wasn't attracted to him and discouraged him from feeling more than friendly behavior towards her so complainaing about it later was kind of stupid when she put those boundaries there in the first place.

And that brief fling with Jacob...why is it that no one had anything to say about that but when Edward hooked up with Tanya everybody had something to say and acted like he had hurt Bella oh so much. That may be true, but she did the same thing which also set her relationship with Edward back.

And how she thought that Edward only thought with his dick...wasn't it her that told him she wanted him? And then she just left like nothing happened, not giving him a chance to say anything and yet still blaming him for the state of their relationship.

Maybe I'm blowing things out of poportion and Edward made his fair share of mistakes but I feel like everybody blamed Edward for everything and not Bella when she made mistakes too and cared for her feelings above Edward's.
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