Reviews for Hermione's New Look
not telling priv chapter 4 . 2/20/2015
Dang nobody likes Draco he is mid judged
takara410 chapter 4 . 11/6/2010
love it babe please more
XxMadMuffinxX chapter 4 . 6/23/2009
great I want more! :D
FlowerGirl95 chapter 4 . 12/24/2008
Reall really good. Keep going. I do sort of find it s bit unrealistic though. Draco Malfoy, slytherin prince, hater of muggleborns hasnt 'dissed' hermione yet? I think you should make it a bit more real. and we got no info about hermione liking the twins. Make sure you tell us whats her point of vire on things. and explain her feelings.
Chocofreakazoid chapter 1 . 9/13/2008
I'm sorry but I don't like this new Hermione... you might as well have created an OC...
Spicysweetchica101 chapter 3 . 9/7/2008
oh..i thought she would like Ron but hey this is stil awsome!
Spicysweetchica101 chapter 2 . 9/1/2008
keep going!
sararahallen chapter 1 . 9/1/2008
What happened to the story?