Reviews for It's Just a Wedding
Labyrinth01 chapter 10 . 3/20/2009
Hi, I hate to ever say anything negative when reviewing stories, because I write fanfic too and I know how hard it is. But I am a huge fan of both The Closer and Bones, and I honestly couldn't follow this story at all. It is rambling and disjointed, and you also have a lot of typos in it. Perhaps you should have someone read the story and see if it makes sense to them before publishing it. Good luck.
Canon and Grammar Queen chapter 3 . 2/9/2009
You have too much going on here, and you don't develop any of it. Crossovers are difficult, especially when they are just thrown together like this. I honestly had to give up after this third chapter. I can't follow a thing that's going on, and I really don't care to.

You can't italicize all of the text and expect someone to read it. Italics are for emphasis, such as with a word from a foriegn language, a title of a book, or a word spoken with a particular inflection.

You also MUST start a new paragraph every time someone speaks. That may be one of the many reasons I can't continue reading this. It's impossible to follow the storyline because it's impossible to tell which characters are speaking.