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cklammer chapter 1 . 10/4/2016
Hello CSS,

I have read this in one go and very much enjoyed it: thank you so very much.

The tale would have been different if a patrol fleet loyal to Admiralty Review Board have been stranded in the Cosmic Era, though.

My 0.02: The societal cohesion and (for lack of a better word) concentration of the Magi can not be as focused as you make it out to be in the latter chapters: the first few chapters hint very clearly to this. But it is in any case strongly expressed and vigorous in the Mjolnr patrol fleet.
Womgi chapter 6 . 6/23/2016
Completely agree with you on the neutron stampeder. Personally, I have always thought that if it had to exist, it was more likely that the so called stampeder simply activated some built in flaw of the neutron jammer canceller. Since all nuclear weapons in theater use would have one anyway, it would make far more sense that it was the canceller that would be manipulated than the "canon" bullshit about quantum fresnels (did they turn to trek for inspiration or what?) and what not.
Matchstick800 chapter 1 . 4/14/2013
I have to say, I stumbled upon this in boredom, and was cackling about halfway through it in glee. The poor Seedverse won't know what hit it, the problem with over specialization: they all use phase shift, therefore abandoning physical rounds. What happens when all of a sudden their beam shots are bouncing off an invisible shield? Oh, I can't wait to finish reading this! I'll be back after I finish this story, to give a full review. Until then, comrade!
FlawlessCowboy2552 chapter 11 . 11/15/2012
Okay, what the in the name of all holy hell did Gerald roll in the fight against Rau, double natural 20's?! Cause damn did he mess Rau up good. There is no way that the shots were intentionally placed that well.
etienneofthewestwind chapter 20 . 10/14/2010
It's an interesting stage you've set for the next part...
General MG chapter 20 . 9/17/2010
Did you introduced a Unicorn RX-0 in this chapter? If so, I like see how many you would field. As for Gundam 00's Solar Furnace technology, how are you going to introduce it in your director's cut Gundam Seed Destiny story? As for the whole story, great work.
Knives91 chapter 20 . 9/15/2010
Damn impressive, if saddening stuff. Mina bit the bullet huh? Man, at the rate their dropping, Angel squad is going to need new members to replace the lost ones. Though where they will get them is another matter entirely...

An amazing chapter. Keep at it!
Necroblade chapter 20 . 9/5/2010
Yaay Dearka..I think I said that before :D

I'm glad you changed the Natarle thing, it makes more sense to me this way. You got all of my points so I can't complain :D

I'm glad that you think I'm helping your writing with the critiquing. I have noticed that generally there are less and less grammar issues. The only major things I catch anymore are things you forget and the odd logic point.

Well I can tell that we're in for an interesting ride if nothing else :D

As usual you are right, but I think that Athrun still feels enough for his homeland to still go back. And Athrun's presence is a major plot element for the growth of the Minerva's crew. Especially the pilots. And I do like the Athrun Merylin pairing slightly more than Athrun and Cagalli, so you know what I'm hoping will happen. But whatever happens I trust you to make it interesting. And speaking of relationships I do like the little Kira and Lacus moment you put into the story. Since they never had any drama in the series we didn't really get to see how they intact as a couple.

I was actually in the process of writing a mail to ask if everything was ok since you hadn't sent the chappie back for round 2 when I realised you'd uploaded this :P Well I'll be waiting for the next chapter you send me :D
Takeshi Yamato chapter 20 . 9/5/2010
Very fun chapter. :)

I did enjoy Alicia's battle, even though it wasn't much. I certainly hope that she gets more action in Set 2-and I also hope she manages to get a girlfriend soon (at the moment, I'd suggest Emily, the pilot of the Blossom, or possibly Wendy, the Magi survivor of that Trial, but that's up to you).

I also enjoyed the Trial of Possession-the result was unexpected, but still interesting. :)

And the stage is set for Joker's Wild, Set 2. I look forward to seeing how the Magi alter the events of Gundam SEED Destiny.

I look forward to the start of Set 2, as well as the next chapters of MultiMage Chronicles and Archangel's Amazing Adventures, and hope they all come soon. :D

Later! :D

PS: If you'd be willing to spare enough time to read, review, and possibly advertise a story I've posted here named "Mobile Suit Gundam Xenosaga Season 1", I'd really appreciate it. :D
Knightowl 4183 chapter 20 . 9/5/2010
Nice chapter. Really liked how it turned out, just still shudder at the out of character way of how they swear, and that is my only complaint. They swear and even at times use Magi terms of phrase instead of saying swear words that you could envision them saying without laughing. Here is a thought, since the Lohengrins are so intergral to the Archangel why doesn't the feedback of them being destroyed fry the Archangels electric systems? Is it because they were never destroyed on the verge of firing? I know the reason the Taunhausser did so much damage is cause it ran through the middle of the ship.

Another thought is that did you notice that Kira is like Shinn's own personal bad luck icon, I mean were they both born under the star of death but Kira is immune to the bad luck associated with it? Cause look at his kill score, he killed Shinn's family with a stray shot, killed the woman that was helping him heal from his emotional wounds, and he also caused the death of a comrade Shinn was just starting to become close friends with.

Hell I would be pissed at someone who every fucking time they showed up something bad happened to people I cared about either by their hands or because of their actions. Just think if you were a civilian and some stupid air jockey blew up your family while missing the guy he was aiming for, then he disarms one of your comrades and while they are facing off the guy gets shot by a brainwashed female soldier your falling for but don't know that its them just yet, and then you talk her down and nearly have her convinced to stop and he's hanging around in plain view in a threatening manner and when she freaks out he kills her. With that in mind can you blame him for being a basket case?

Hell the whole Three Ships Alliance faction for most of the war were blundering around like Devastator drunk on Energon causing more harm than good, hell a guy on this message board made a good point that the Archangel seemed to be fighting just because.

I mean yeah if someone tries to kill you you should get ready to act but they never even really tried to figure out who did it before acting on the evidence, their whole operation seemed to be get between the warring factions and just disarm whoever, their first act was to disarm the single ship who was being swarmed by a assload of enemy ships and then Cagalli is portrayed as a naive fool telling Orb to stand down.

Not that Murrue Ramius and Andy Waltfield are any better since instead of helping their friend try and get out from under the Seirans thumb their talking about beating feet to the Plants instead of even trying to help Cagalli in the political arena, all they did was yak about how outmatched she was, and then Kira comes in and talks down to her about what a mistake she was making marrying Yuna..

I think that is evidence right there that the Directors wife was sabotaging Cagalli's character because she didn't like her Voice Actor, apparently rumors say that Shinn's VA stood up for Cagalli's VA and thats why he got such a raw deal. I read that

I think it was the producer explained how that girl had kept rewriting the plot on the fly and turning it in late which is why they had so many filler episodes where they were showing what went on before, sadly I think it makes sense since their was evidence it was going one way and then shifts around to something else entirely. Sorry for the little rant.

A question I have to ask is Xenosaga/Battletech crossover pass or fail?

Cause reading up on Wilhelm's character makes me think it would work, cause he is apparently the guardian of the Lower Domain where Earth and the other planets reside while Chaos or Yeshua is the Guardian of the higher Domain, and the eternal recurrence was his way of evolving the consciousness of the universe so that it would not need to go through the eternal recurrence.

Basically it's like this: If the Collective Consciousness collapses everything starts to be destroyed but Anima will fix the Higher Domain but the lower one will be destroyed, Wilhelms job is to prevent Anima's activation but even if he does this the Collective consciousness will still collapse. Meaning he is fucked without eternal recurrence.

But what if an invention of the Star League Era would shore up the Collective Unconscious and prevent the collapse? He would be out of a job wouldn't he, but then he would still have to be on the look out for any threats to the lower domain. So what if it was the HPG Network that was strengthening the collective unconscious but the Word of Blake and Comstar was threatening to undo all of his work?

The problem is that the thing that shores up the Collective Unconscious also interferes with his compass of Order so until the fall of the Star League he had a blind spot around Terra and could only see a decade or three into the future clearly. But after the fall he works on clearing up the interference and finally stumbles on it after a couple centuries around 2970 at which point he finds out that Comstar's actions would lead into something that would endanger the Lower Domain and then their is the Clan Invasion and the Word of Blake Jihad.

In other words he has a lot of problems to deal with but he can't destroy Comstar since that would lead to the same or worse problems, another thing is that if the Clans don't invade another thing will threaten the Lower Domains and the collective unconscious. The main problem is that while he has the Dammerung he kept Vector Industries as small time to prevent it from being noticed lest something should happen to threaten the status quo and the fact it didn't seem that he would be needed or in other words a vacation.

Thats not to say he doesn't have Realian's or some mechs, the problem is that most of his focus was on the problems with the Compass of Order and they only have some light and medium mech designs and while they are better than the Inner Sphere current tech they aren't as good as what the Star League had or the Clans have. For example he has a more refined heat sink that is better than a single heat sink but not as good as a double heat sink, in other words the military hardware was researched as an afterthought since at the time he didn't think it would be needed.

So what do you think? I mean his company is cutting edge with nanotech but lags behind in the mech department, in other words substandard Star League mechs but in some ways superior to Star League Tech.
FraserMage chapter 20 . 9/4/2010
Hmm. If it WAS Blue Cosmos remnants who attacked Mjolnir and caused them to jump back in time... this would be weird.

Blue Cosmos after being screwed over by Mendel attempt to destroy the Mjolnir BEFORE they jump back in time... thus causing the damage that forced them to jump back... thus resulting in them being screwed over by Mendel...

Huh, I assume Vhen is going to be used as your viewpoint character for testing new Fighters and other hardware in the next story and showing them off in action?
Rickrolled chapter 20 . 9/4/2010
Very nice, a few good suprises along with some bad ones but really this chapter has made me look back and see all the stupid things people have died and killed for and i thank you for that. And so i only have to say thank you for provideing much needed reading and i look forward to your stories of the future. And just cause i can,

We're no strangers to love

You know the rules and so do I

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling

Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up,

Never gonna let you down,

Never gonna run around and desert you,

Never gonna make you cry,

Never gonna say goodbye,

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Sorry but i had to do that. Don't worry Strata is next :P
JC chapter 19 . 8/30/2010

I got idea for a Babylon5/Battletech crossover,A Resources rich system with a Hidden Terran Hegemony Colony and shipyard (found in 2610)in 2760 is exchange places with the Sol system of the Earth Alliance of 2156 only a few weeks before the Centauri make first contact.

P.S The tech of TH,s colony is at a equal level to what the Centauri had at the time of ther War with Orieni (2000 to 2010).
Dark Phoenix Jake chapter 19 . 8/26/2010
Quick question, how many chapters are in the first part of the Jokers Wild series?
Endrax chapter 19 . 8/1/2010
I foresee a lot of EA losses. Breaking the 'Speed is Armor' mindset will take more than a few months after all. Mid January is when the Thunderball is supposed to roll out if I remember correctly.

Since you've already altered so much, what are the chances that Shin will emigrate to Mendel as the best chance for revenge on the EA. Plot points would be around his interactions with fellow Mendel pilots(former extended) and Durandals revised plans...actually now that I read this it seems like something for the next Set in the series.
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