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Sora Matasuki chapter 17 . 3/4/2012
hahah! YES! Obito is finally back, I had a suspicion Madara-teme was behind it all! *points finger at screen and laughs triuphantly* HAH! I was RIGHT! YOSH! Thanks for writing such a gutclenching story, for several chapies I was going "Oh SNAP"! ...Hopefully that was what you were aiming for! I love your style!
rebecca taylor chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
blauherz at rocketmail dot com chapter 23 . 12/27/2011
wow! thats a really awesome ff!

the plot, writing style, characters(exept for kakashi not being that lazy ;)

oh and please stop those weird k x iruka hints, theyre creeping me out _

anyway" please continue soon!

youre definetely in my watchlist! ;D
s4toh chapter 23 . 12/5/2011
i no stuff usually turns out again... but I don't no... O please don't let kakashi die T.T he has been through too much ahhhhhh! seriously i love the depth of kakashi in your stories and his innuendo XD apologies for my last chapter reaction, u keep surprising the heck out me XD

s4toh chapter 22 . 12/5/2011
OMG don't u do this to me! y? ? !
s4toh chapter 20 . 12/5/2011
u no, i was so mad at u for making kakashi go through another ordeal i had to take a shower (well, actually my internet crashed on me but that's besides the point!), kinda happy the story is still going though XDXD ahhhh poor kakashi, usually i wouldn't comment until the end of the story but jesus, i really wonder how kakshi lives through everything O great story so far! i hope its not done anytime soon XDXD
Lightningscar chapter 23 . 12/3/2011
Hmmm. Very interesting learning about Itachi and Kakashi forming the most efficient ANBU cell. Though it aidn't surprising considering they are both prodigies. Also considering how they adressed each other in previous chapters, them teaming up in the past don't seem unlikely.

Heh, poor Obito. He don't get to have any fun. But it seems he and Kakashi has a lot in common when it comes to blaming themselves for things that they can't control.

Tsunade is in a tough spot. But she aidn't Hokage for nothing. She is incredible sharp-witted. Just like a certain Brat of hers. Iruka, stop being such a boy-scout.

Quite interesting seeing Ibiki interact with the ANBU around him and make it all fit into his plan.

Heh, gotta love Pakkun. His plan was simple and brilliant. Sometimes the simpler plans are the best ones. Had to laugh several times during that scene. The image of Obito swinging around a chair like a lion-tamer, Iruka losing a gift from one of his students... not to mention Pakkun biting Iruka. Why do the memory of Pakkun biting Shikamaru spring to mind XD?

And during that scene, I couldn't help but wonder how much of it was rehearsed and how much of it was spur of the moment. Heh, but something tells me Iruka is going to give Kakashi an earful for Pakkun biting him.

Awaiting more,

Rain on a window chapter 23 . 12/2/2011
wow, love the chapter especially the bit about kakashi's background.
Prescripto13 chapter 23 . 12/1/2011
An interesting bit of backstory regarding Itachi and Kakashi's ANBU days. The flawless nature of their partnership is a plausible one.

I giggled at Obito's theatrics as Ibiki and co. arrived to take him away; brandishing a chair reminded me of a liontamer at the circus, lol.

And if Pakkun's capture was part of the plan, impressive. That pug is one smooth operator. He's definitely made Ibiki's job easier, at least! I wonder if Pakkun can sense the danger Kakashi is in. It wouldn't surprise me, considering the strength and longevity of their bond. Kakashi did imply that Pakkun has known him since the day he was born-perhaps even before.

How many masters and summons can boast the same thing? Not many, I imagine. There's something to be said about such rarity.
Rain on a window chapter 22 . 11/8/2011
cant wait for more chapters
rebecca chapter 22 . 10/23/2011
Lightningscar chapter 22 . 10/1/2011
Oh, that was quite an interesting chapter. Not that I expected anything less.

It was quite interesting seeing Ibiki and Yamato interact and Ibiki showing his disappointment when Yamato failed to look underneath the underneath. And I think I almost choked on my coke when you portrayed Ibiki 'comforting' Kakashi. That was quite a "say what?" moment.

Poor Yamato. Like Kakashi, he blames himself for things he could not know would happen.

ROFL: A blue dolphin? Way to poke fun at Iruka's namesake. The guy doesn't get a break, does he? First he has to deal with Kakashi and Obito living with him, then Pakkun and now he learns Obito and Kakashi are responsible for him losing his favourite toy. Poor bloke.

Speaking of Pakkun... perhaps it's just me, but wouldn't it be easier to ask people like Kurenai, Gai and so on to share their memories of Kakashi? Heh, but no wonder Kakashi would provide the solution to his/their problem.

Interesting to see the Yamanaka household's dinner getting interrupted like that. Poor Inoichi. What do you want the most: A secret emergency call from ANBU or your only daughter talking about gossip. Quite interesting how you draw connections between the older Ino-Shika-Cho trio and Kakashi. And the links to Kakashi's Wolf persona from 'Long Road Home' Not to mention some of his memories of Kakashi... a four-year-old dealing a blow to his ego... ouch.

It was quite intriqueing seeing Inoichi and Ibiki interacting... and even better, I found their interactions beleivable to the point I felt like I was standing in the room.

Interesting twist with Madara and the Elders in the end... it definitely explains their 'grudge' towards Kakashi. Then again, they are only human. But I appreciate this newest twist.

Just a little notion: "You never were one for stealth, Homura...even as a jonin. It always amazed me that those two morons were able to make you into a shinobi at all." Did you mean genin or did you use jounin deliberately?

Perfect insight into thoughts and state of mind, good with suspense and a bit of humour. And Interesting plot twists. All in all, another great chapter from you.

Eagerly awaiting more,

The Leaf 180 chapter 22 . 9/29/2011

thank you for updating o3o
The You of Yesterday chapter 22 . 9/29/2011
Wow, this is getting ever more sinister! I'm hooked!

I like the way you always tie in your other stories, its very good! And you always put poor little Kakashi in the most hopeless - yet gripping - situations!

Furionknight chapter 22 . 9/29/2011
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