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Guest chapter 15 . 12/31/2016
DJDrake chapter 15 . 1/10/2016
Ok good to know. Good luck with jop hunting and so...
Prolazynator chapter 15 . 7/30/2015
I'm sorry but the 1st chapter was very cliché and made me cringe quite a bit, so much so that I couldn't continue reading so I just skipped to Ch. 15 since its been 7 years and only 15 chapters so I wanted to see what the deal was. Like was it abandoned, put up for adoption, etc.

However, upon reading that you got your degree and are in the process of editing this story, I have hope that this story would become less cliché as it indicated from the beginning, and more original. Hell the pairing is NarutoxAyame that in itself is a bit more original than most pairings seeing as it itself is such a rare pairing! You could create a whole background ang give a bit more colour to her personality as not much is known about her!

I wish you the best of luck with your story!
ARSLOTHES chapter 4 . 6/6/2015
Did anyone else think Etna when red head with a bad attitude showed up
LordGhostStriker chapter 3 . 5/9/2015
Longest... chapter. EVER.
noman09 chapter 5 . 5/8/2015
I really liked this story until this chapter. Until now the Hokage and shinobi council were reasonable and I don't see how their thought process shifted so much as to banish the jinchuriki.
AresLaw chapter 15 . 5/7/2015
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 4 . 10/1/2014
ah man, so hope you dont plan to add Tayuya, she is kinda annoying
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 3 . 9/30/2014
hehe, this is a very interesting read
jokaero chapter 3 . 10/30/2013
here baby bird, let me feed you a review. This is badass!
Parselmaster chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
I'm sorry, although your summary looked interesting, I couldn't get through the first section of the chapter. Far too annoyingly cliché, and it contains far too much fanon as apposed to canon. While fanon tropes can be a good addition, the over-utilization of particular lines and ideas lead to a lack of creative thought.

Unfortunately, the general outline of a story with the characteristics that yours shows goes like this: Naruto is chased by angry villagers for no particular reason, and right before disaster strikes, he is rescued by some incredibly important character. Happy Birthday. Naruto continues his life pretending that things were the way they were before, 'cept things ate better now. ' cept suddenly they are not. Determination speech! Next, deal with village, and guilt old-man hokage. Fast forward to Naruto showing up people in class, or flirting/cheering the love-interest, and spice with another hint of bashing plus angst.

It goes on from there, typically with little difference from canon arcs, ' cept things are fixed now. The story is typically abandoned by either Gaara, or the Valley of the End.

If you patch up your start, I would give this another go, but you really have to have a more creative start if you want to draw more people in.
rescue 007 chapter 3 . 9/15/2012
This is a damn shame. I read chapter 1 and 2 and think omfg this story is amazing why does it only have like 70 reviews with chapters in the double digits? Only till chapter 3 did I find out why. The story was really coming out amazingly until your love for oc's was shown. There was like 10 Oc,s just in this chapter alone. Not to mention talk about the netherworld and succubi ? Really now? You should have let it be known in the summary that after the second chapter it was going to be about stupid shit that has no relation to the naruto world whatsoever . Let it be know that this is not a flame. This is seriously the thoughts that were going through my head after reading chapter 3. I can't believe such a nice idea for a naruto story was killed in just 1 chapter.
Rickjames196 chapter 3 . 8/2/2012
K now I'm back for some more. Real life sux \. Who said the whole "three times thing?" thought it was sakura but she was all goo goo for sasgay. That is messed up, out of a class of 24 they only produced six ninjas. Now I believe that the sasgay retrieval team from canon was the strongest they could get at the time... Omfg kabuto is the new assistant... How is Naruto gonna get the forbidden scroll now? Kabuto doesn't need him if he wants that scroll. Shit if the scroll incident happens kabuto will kill iruka... Hhahaa sakura ain't gonna be kunoichi of the year. Lulz, Naruto helping kabuto and whorochimaru out, by beating sasgay to the ground. xD sasgay is an idjit, didn't even learn an uchiha stance... Damn you'd think guy would take Naruto as an apprentice, I mean sure lee did his taijutsu course, but Naruto modified the academy taijutsu to fit his needs all on his own. Wow sasgay is such a fucking cheater. Wtf is iruka cutting ass on him? Sasgay attacked while Naruto was fucking bowing... Hahaha he is getting facial hair dang. Hhaaha idiots, time to own some bitches. Hhaaha temari is in his class? But she is two year older than them like Naruto. I hope he and temari actually got to talking. She clearly likes him for some reason or another Xd. Dammit make this a harem O. Temari knows he is a jinchuriki considering everyone calls him demon, right? Fuuuuck call it use kyu on them fuckers. Cmon doooo it. Omfg they fucking hit temari, if he doesn't go kyu he sucks... Awww she fainted before watching him go kyu on their asses. KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL Yay he and kyu are agreeing Xd. Lulz kyu teaching him hand signs. Holy shit demon art. Lulz akamaru fainted. Hhaahaa he knows demon healing jutsus. I'm guessing he can only use demon art when channeling kyu's chakra? Awww she didn't wake up even with the regeneration jutsu? Awww dang like always sarutobi shows up too late... Omfg Etna, and no harem you suck. I love Etna Y.Y Hahaha laharl is so evil. Ohhh etna was the shadow? Fuuuuck harem harem harem harem. Ewww ge flicked a booger to kyu's ear . Hahaha he knows bout demons since he wanted to know what kind he is. Damn you she turned sexy and no harem T.T you're pure evil. Hahaha kyu gonna respect him if he doesn't give in to his lust. Xd kyu is peeking. Bwhahaha he woke up before getting her off. Hahaah shikaku called sakura a whore. Hahaha he called the council pricks. Hhahaa he taught kibbles some kind of transformation? But wasn't kiba calling him a loser? Wait why is ino's mum in the council? Shouldn't it be inoichi? Hahaha Naruto didn't let him finish. Hahahaha sarutobi got him jiraiya as a tutor. Oh never-mind... Ewww no you brought an o/c and cmon even if the other bijuus weren't out yet six tailed dragon? Dragon would be the most powerful not a bloody six tail... Bwahaha wtf is wrong with this bitch, they just met. Wow wtf that blow killed her...shards to the brains ain't survival is it? Hhahaa temari gave him her battle fan...Fuck you seriously need to make this a harem -_-. Xd he talks to his tummy. Hhaahah ayame was being emo. Wtf they never found ayame's mum killer? Xd demon university. Xd she left him a picture. Hhaha he wanted to go to waves. Grass would have caught his ass the moment they found out he is a jinchuriki. Bwhaha he pulled ino by the ponytail. I hope he learns to use temari's fan. Awww temari likes him, this needs to be a harem. Hahaha gate duty and messenger to suna, ouch. Suna should kill him when they learn what happened to temari Xd. Make it look like he got owned by missin nins or something. Wow her dad is a dbag, was gonna give her up as a slave... Dang temari still asleep? Hahahaa he can do mizuki's fuma spinning doom attack. Hahaha he killed mizuki. Hahaha she fainted she didn't go to sleep. Damn mizuki trying to put them to sleep before killing Naruto. Ewww kakashi is wolf? I'd say rin but it's a he. But wolf was all snappy at him. Thought it was another Naruto hater. Awww poor prinnies Etna blamed them XD. Oh god I just pictured gai and Gordon meeting . Sasgay is being awfully chatty after being such a bitch and attacking when he isn't looking... Wow he was finally getting through to sasgay and this bitches show up... Lulz wow sasgay was gonna let them have their way with him wtf, just take 'em out. Poor kibbles shit landed on his head. Big whoop the sword ain't gonna break from falling. Hahaha sword has a defense mechanism? Xd sarutobi made the shadow clones and he doesn't know the secret to paper work. Ohhh that bitch, didn't tell him. Damn her and her innuendos... The feedback is kinda distracting though if he sees it in first person. Hahahaah aisha is a fucking bitch. Hahaha Naruto bringing ichiraku clan heir business. Oh oh ayame getting jelly. Yay ayame doesn't mind sharing? Does this mean...H...h..HAREM? Hahaha chouji , ichiraku hit the jackpot with him. Hhaha ya ayame gave temari the go ahead, I'm so gonna keep reading this. I wasn't since it was annoying with the him getting some attention but only being with ayame. But this changes things. Hhahaah sasuke wanted to ask temari out. good thing he saved himself the embarrassment. Awww damn chouji only two? I hope he gets with etna xD. Ewww daki? suckie ass name. Hahahaha ayame is trying to make him use the CRA. Ohhh yea disguise 23 lets get freaky Xd. Lulz free slaves. Hahaha shnooky bear . Damn he making a fiesta. Waaay too much shit was happening at the same time . Half the time I was like "the fuck is going on" XD. Bwahahaha at kiba. He should ask Naruto to teach him sexy jutsu dog girl version XD. Hhaahah even with clothes sarutobi got a bloody nose. Hhahahaha jiraiya asked him to be his assistant. Oh god he took sarutobi xD. Xd he owned jiraiya. Wtf is kyu a girl? Or just acting gay? Xd. Hahaha special genin sounds retarded. Hhhaah ayame has hopz. Hahahah even neji dog piled him lulz. Wow should kakashi be saying who Naruto's dad was? In front of all them people? Hahaha she is Naruto's cousin Xd. OH Naruto gotta get with her. Omfg kakashi said that shit? Bout sasuke being above them? Lulz idjit. Bwahaha hatagay fainted. Lulz sakura isn't with sasgay. Guessing it's gonna be Naruto temari sasuke. Awww satori is slow? Xd kakashi is gai's roommate. Fuck finally finished . I started reading this at 2:00 A/M and just finished it at 7:08 A/M.
Rickjames196 chapter 2 . 8/1/2012
Hhaha people is so lazy with the reviews... Dang this is from 08' Why'd you stop? Chapter one was awesome... So he can walk the walk, but can he talk the talk? Lulz shouldn't ayame be standing in front of her father? he is a civilian after all... yea Naruto they gonna ruin your new clothes, plus you don't know shadow clones . Hhahaha shinobi council want some of his prank tags. Hhahaa mizuki wants him to steal the forbidden scroll woot. Wait he made iruka make the test harder, for Naruto only or everyone? Yay he is friends with lee and ten ten. Oh god ayame and Naruto exploring their bodies kyhahahaa. Poor teuchi he walked in on that... Oh shit who is the figures...fucker gonna mess with him again just great, fuck and ayame is home too ugh. Bwhahaah they got something that tells 'em when teuchi is home? Damn, wonder who the figures where/are. Did they leave or still hiding? Hey it ain't kyu's fault, dun hate. Oh shit uchiha? Or a demon? Can't Naruto just use replacement? Xd. Awww nice he turned the class to his side Xd. Even if on the down low. Bwhahaa oh god I hope mizuki has to take care of gaara, that'd be hilarious. Lulz it so was konohamaru who pranked mizuki. Oh temari is the emissary Xd. Fuck you don't want mizuki near her. Ewww ear wax to the mouth bitch. Wait shouldn't temari have graduated already? She should have been in the first class Naruto failed... Hhaha temari likes him, dammit why is this only naruxayame. He can't rebuild his clans with only one girl. Hhahaa he is classmate's with chouji's cousin. Awww he still needa do clones to graduate. Wait temari is gonna graduate after him if he passes? Awww wtf lee go no aim too? Bad enough he can't use ninjutsu and genjutsu, now he can't even throw? Jeez... Hahahaha kabuto is the assistant . Hhaha lee showing his taijutsu, hope Gai was there to watch. Awww she failed taijutsu for showing off on her throws Xd. Aww he studied the books and still failed the written part? Hhaaha he changed the taijutsu to fit his needs. Hhaahaha he copped a feel on temari's rump nice. Mizuki dropped the thing so he fails? Wow sarutobi sucks, that is embarrassing, them failing and being told in front of everyone.. He is a jinchuriki and knows it, sarutobi is an ass for still letting him try and get something he will never get... He should become a ramen chef, no one is helping him out. Fuck konoha. Once he learns shadow clones, he'd become the best ramen stand owner ever. I feel bad for Naruto \ I'll keep reading this later. It's depressing Y.Y Wonder who the figure in the shadows is.
Rickjames196 chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
This sounds interesting, let's give it a go. Damn you, now I wanna play disgaea again . Dood prinnies as summons is bad ass... Awww even when kyu attacked later he is an orphan the fuck? Oh never mind kyu happened two years earlier too ahhaa. Hahaa he ran into the ichiraku. So cute he used puppy dog eye jutsu full blast. Hahaha ayame gonna be a ninja cuz she met him earlier . Yay ayame gonna get some basics down, then she can protect herself. That is smart. Hhaha nice she taught him what the teachers wouldn't, did he become friends with iruka? Xd sexy jutsu. Awww he still gonna end up with the kids from canon? I though he'd graduate dang. Hahaaha sarutobi been giving them money for Naruto. Still... he shouldn't waste it all on some crappy clothes which will be sold at even higher price to him. He should just ask sarutobi to go with him. Hhahaaha five mil crazy, danzo got nothing on sarutobi. Hahaha no business for ten ten's shop. How'd he know he be in ten ten's class? Bad ass spy. Wow fuckers, I hope he goes kyu on their asses. He seriously should find out he is a jinchuriki. try as they might, they can't kill the village's weapon... Shit ayame's been found out. Yay he is using some of kyu. NOOOOOOOOOOOO ayame fuck if Naruto doesn't go full kyu on this fuckers then I'm out, poor ayame T.T Lame he didn't even kill them? \. Clearly ayame doesn't mean that much to him... Awww cmon she got a kunai to the lung didn't she? some medical cream and gonna do shit... Bwhahaha finally sarutobi killed someone jeez... So much for his secret hiding spot...Won't people bug ichiraku now that they know Naruto is friendly with them? Jeeez teuchi trying to kill ayame, she just took a kunai to the chest I doubt she can take that kind of movement Xd. Hhahaha told him bout kyu and his papa, nice. Hhahaah clearly his speech and talking mannerism been helped by ayame lulz. " of living marionettes" I think gaara took the right path, no one fucks with gaara, gaara fucks with you 3. Awww konohamaru's goggles . He talks big, but he can't really defend himself. Only reason he took those chunin out was cuz 1. they prob sucked 2. He was using kyu subconsciously... 3. they from konoha and scared of kyu. I doubt there would be a repeat performance if he doesn't train correctly... Wish it was a harem but we can't have it all. This seems awesome non the less.
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