Reviews for The new and improved Kingdom Hearts Marysue test
Brionne-Chan chapter 1 . 11/18/2017
Yay I might post all 3 of them, which they are nobody's, just to make it clear, this one is a self insert. Though she is 10, protected, err..more like over protected by Marluxia, and is extremely naive.
Character: Rannaxia
Name: 5/29 (It's a self insert nobody oc. What did you guys expect?)
Appearance: 3/43 (Cyan hair doesn't count, but I counted it since it is just a mix of blue and green.)
You and your Character: 1/27 (Again, self insert. Not much to say here.)
Romance: 0/44 (She's too young to fall in love, and nobody's have no hearts. Plus if she did, Marluxia wouldn't let her.)
Your Characters Personality: 2/9 (Her personality is kind, naive, and if it counts- young.)
Entering your characters life: 2/62 (Goodness.)
Plot; 2/68 (Honestly, she gets kidnapped once and that's it.)
Others: 0/holy carp I don't rememberRedemption4
Total: 9/319
Anti. Which I'm fairly okay with since she is a self insert.
Dragonexx chapter 1 . 7/20/2016
Okay, let's look over this. I'll be answering them questions at the same time as giving my opinion them.
Character: Anya
1. Probably an indicatior of wish fulfillment character. Also, no.
2. Same as above.
3. Same as above
4. Not sure why that matters. Pretty common thing in the source material. Also, no.
5. No
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. Why does that matter? It's very common in the source material. Also no.
10. Probably. Well say yes. 1 point.
11. Why the hate against long names?
12. No
13. Why does that matter? Also no.
14. No.
15. What about Ansem the Wise? Also no.
16. No. Also, why would baby books be a bad thing.
17. No.
18. Kinda yeah, but whatever. 1 point.
19. Why the hell is this relevant at all?! It's a FANTASY SETTING! I refuse to acknowledge this question.
So far 3 points.
1. Considering that I'm a guy, and she's female, nope.
2. See above.
3. No, though i never gave much thought to her age.
4. Considering that she has scars... no.
5. I could describe her as cute in personality, and maybe looks. 1 point.
6. Why do hair and eyes matter? This is an anime based setting with crazy hair colors. Anyways, green hair. 1 point.
7. Well lots of scars. Appearance is subjective after all.
8. No.
9. Never thought about it much. Probably. 1 point.
10. What exactly is goth/emo clothing?
11. Riku wore the organization uniform, as did young Xehanort. Also no.
12. ? Clothing styles vary from world to world. Also no.
13. No.
14. No.
15. No.
16. We never get anything looking like post battle sweat or disarrayed appearances in canon, barring Braig loosing an eye... So not relevant.
Section Total: 2 points.
Running Total: 5 points.
You and your character:
1. Green hair and green eyes...
2. My eyes are brown and my hairs black. Pretty common.
3. No.
4. Considering I hated my teenage years. No.
5. I'm male, and pretty confident in it. so no.
6. No.
7. Not into crossdressing.
8. Why is this relevant?
9. Not really much of a music fan, so no.
10. See above statement about crossdressing.
11. no.
12. Not sure what the difference is. You place happen into quotations...
13. Well, being a keyblade wielder sounds like a fun, if stressful and dangerous job. I don't think this question takes what Kingdom Hearts is actually about into factor. So not acknowledging.
14. No.
15. Since when is there religion in kingdom hearts? (I suppose you could count greek gods as religion but still not a relevant question.)
16. Slavery Bad?
17. ?
18. This is more or less inevitable in a lot of stories. Everyone has their own standards for what's "good", and more often then not, we write what we know.
19. No.
20. How is this in any way supposed to determine whether your character is a sue/stu? Yes, I created Anya for an internet RP. Why does that matter?
Section Total: 0
Running Total: 5
1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. No.
5. No.
6. No.
7. No.
8. No.
9. No.
10. No
11. No.
12. No.
13. No.
14. No.
Section Total: 0
Running Total: 5
Also, it should be acknowledged that basically nobody in kingdom hearts is in an actual relationship.
Short Section:
1. No. Also, this again falls into "write what you know territory."
2. No. She's rather naive actually.
3. No.
4. Considering that this is an RP...
5. Yeah, basically, but so does Sora and Ventus, and Kairi, and Yuffie most of the time. 1 point.
Section Total: 1 point.
Running Total: 6 Points.
Entering your characters life:
1. Guilty as charged (then again, we never do find out what worlds Aqua, Ventus, or Terra are from, do we? 1 Point. And yes, her homeworld is a non-disney world. 2 points.
2. DAFUQ? Is this a thing? Also no.
3. No.
4. No.
5. No.
6. No.
7. No.
8. Slavery. Source of the scars. 1 point.
9. Slave, as above. 1 point.
10. No.
11. Was this made before Days?
12. No. Though oddly enough, keyblade wielders seem to be able to use some sort of "corridors of light" in X Unchained.
13. No. Also, what exactly constitutes similar powers? The powers and abilites of the orginization are all over the place.
14. No.
15. No.
16. Yes, though in light of the more recent games, not really that big of a deal anymore. Anyways, 2 points.
16.1. She's a novice, so no.
17. ? Seems like lazy writing to me.
18. No.
19. No. Also, why the hate on goth emo punk anyways?
20. No.
21. Like almost every other keyblade wielder?
22. Never thought about it.
23. No. Though a sound using organization member. Might make for a good boss fight!
24. No.
Section Score: 7
Running Score: 12
1. It's an original setting, so no. Also, so this WASN'T made before Days!
2. No.
3. No. Although I once read a bionicle fanfic where that happened, and it actually turned out pretty nice...
4. No. Also, why would you want to live in the world of kingdom hearts? It's actually a pretty horrifying setting beneath the cute exterior.
5. You skipped a number.
6. Why is this an indicator of suishness?
7. No.
8. No.
9. No.
10. No.
11. No.
12. What sequel?
13. ?
14. ?
15. No.
16. No. Also, whatever happened to Sora's mom? That's pretty horrifying when you think about it. Imagine just waking up one day, and then remembering that you have a son. Who's been missing for over a year!
17. No.
18. No.
19. No.
20. God No!
21. No.
22. Zexion isn't emo.
23. See above.
24. No.
You stop numbering here.
25. Not seeing why this makes them a mary sue. Sora needed to be rescued once or twice.
26. No.
27. There's no Maleficent in this RP.
28. Same with the Organization.
29. Well technically, they were already beginning to develop hearts of their own.
30. No.
31. No.
Section Total: 0
Running Total: 12
Final Notes: Also, please number these.
1. Ayup. Basically because I couldn't find a reason to have a backstory that went farther back that about a year. 2 points.
2. Dislikes authority in general considering her slave background. 1 point. Also, none of these reasons apply. It's an explanation, not an excuse.
3. Mary sue is a term thrown around way to much these days.
5. Isn't that what the Cure spell does? Not acknowledging.
6. See above.
7. Is this a thing?
8. No.
9. RP hasn't started yet, so no.
10. No.
11. ?
12. Why the hell is this at all an issue?
Section total: 2
Running Total: 14
Redemption: I don't really like flaws in D&D, and I don't like them here. Basically just seems like a bargain. Take this flaw, then I can add this ability or trait.
1. No
2. No
3. ...
4. Okay, fair enough. I envision Anya getting in trouble due to her authority problems. -1 point.
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?!
8. Okay, -1 point. I forsee character development. -1 point.
9. No.
10. No.
11. No.
12. RP hasn't started yet, so no.
13. No.
14. No animals.
15. Haha.
16. Ha ha.
Section Total: -3
Running Total: 11

Total: 11

Final thoughts: Not really a fan of mary sue tests in general, but this was good to pass the time with. Word of advice. You might want to tailor the questions more to the setting.
Brionne-Chan chapter 1 . 7/8/2016
(First: Ankah Middle: Skylikae Last: Cryptical)
Name: 17/29
Appearance: 2/43 (somehow)
You and Your character: 4/27
Romance: 0/44 (she doesn't have a love interest yet)
Personality: 2/9
Character's Life: 4/62 (oh golly o-oPlot: 3/68 (double golly 0-0Redemption5
Total: 29/319
Miadori chapter 1 . 3/5/2016
- Cassiondra -
Name: 2/29
Appearance: 3/43
You and Your Character: 4/27
Romance: 1/44
Personality: 0/9
Entering your characters life: 6/62
Plot: 2/68
Final notes: 3/37
Redemption: -3
Total: 18/319

Anti Sue. I really need to fix her up a bit. Well, at least she isn't a Mary Sue.
Lint-Licker chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
I got a -3... You should have something lower than an Anti-Sue, just for me and maybe one other guy. My OC wasnt really made to not be a Sue, either, but was something I thought was a cool idea and put it into some OC friendly-enviornment, I found this first. My OC could function as a main or support character for a story of my creation, though, if I ever make an account... By the way, you forgot to put in the restrictions on over-powered'ness. My OC can literally go so fast that a car crash in progress wouldnt be moving for her, which is one of her powers... Did I mention I got a -3?
Blader 25 chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
Would this work for male charecters?
UndeadSloth chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Kizen (He's a boy, but still xD)

Name: 5/29

Appearance: 1/43

You and Your character: 7/27

Romance: 2/44

Your character's personality: 0/9

Entering the life of your character: 14/62

Plot: 7/68

Final notes: 3/37

What you lost in redemption: 7

Total: 32/319

Does this mean I have constructed the perfect Oc? The gods have chosen me! xD
kallou chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
(I don't have a kingdom hearts oc btw but I do have a oc)

Hello just wanted to point out that I'm also a Ms test maker and wanted to let you know that names don't have anything to do with being a Ms. Since names are just a word and not an action about the oc or anything to describe them with. Most people think it a MS trait when it not. It just a way to make the oc seem like they are. But most MS test should be base on the theme. If a canon can do it and is doesn't have anything saying they're the only ones who can do it then it should be allow.

EXP: Say Sora can use magic. Somewhere it stated that anyone can learn to use magic. Then the oc should be able to do it as well.

IF it was said only Sora can use magic then it should be on the list that it MS that a oc can do it.

I'm not hating on your test. I'm just stating what is true. Because last time I check a MS is a person who "if they dominate the spotlight or are too unrealistic or unlikely in other ways."

If the oc looks like the person then it shouldn't matter unless they're copying off a canon. Or when the oc seem to good looking for their age, or race.

I think the test is to over rated on the question and is just about targeting most oc's traits.

Also lighting can effect shades of hair and eye color. Not to mention that there are canons with pink/silver/blue hair.

Cosplaying a oc or drawing, or having any likes or dislike in common has nothing to do with a MS. I think you should reread your test and notice the questions that should be in there. Have more then one person who knows about KH that isn't your friend or sibling (having other stranger's opinions will make a MS test better.)

The test should have it where it asks if there's anything in common with a canon that isn't very common (having all the magic powers and key-blades) something like that would be consider Ms or (if the oc can't be stop.)
LilPadfootChicky chapter 1 . 2/11/2011
Wow, this is great! :)


Name: 2/29

Appearance: 2/43

You & Your Character: 5/27

Romance: 4/44

Personality: 4/9

Entering Their Life: 3/62

Plot: 3/68

Final: 0/37

Redemption: -3

Total: 20/319

Haha, Anti-Sue! I was really worried about her being a Sue, so this makes me feel loads better! :)

tiny-changeling chapter 1 . 10/17/2010
I think this is a very useful test.

I only have one question though: what sort of nicknames are you referring to?

For instance... petnames like "Kitten," or "Firefly," are obvious ones.

But what if, say, the character's name is Sydney, and friends call her Syd? Is that considered a point worthy nickname?

Or you may want to add a question about names being shortened, just because I feel like I SHOULD chalk on a point for this feature, I'm just not sure what I'd classify it as.

Either way, a very useful test.
KingdomHeartsRox chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
awesome test. mine isn't to bad i got 39. now i know i can make an original character
Jaimeohmy chapter 1 . 2/25/2010

Name: 4/29

Appearance: 3/43

You and your character: 10/27

Romance: 0/44

Your character's personality: 1/9

Entering your character's life: 2/62

Plot: 1/68

Final notes: 0/37

Redemption: 6-

Total: 15/319

Not bad I guess... needs a bit more to her.
Elayneosaurus chapter 1 . 5/21/2009

Name: 0/29

Appearance: 0/43

You and your character: 5/27

Romance: 0/44

Your character’s personality: 0/9

Entering your character’s life: 6/62

Plot: 1/68

Final notes: 0/37

Redemption: -8

Final score: 4

... I may need to spice her up a bit.
Bloodjester is too lazy to log chapter 1 . 4/30/2009

Name: 2/29

Appearence: 3/43

YouYour Character: 6/27

Romance: 4/42

Your Character's Personaity: 0/9

Entering Your Character's Life: 1/62

Plot: 4/68

Final Notes: 2/37

Redemption: -3

Total: 19/319

...bland? Maybe, but the test made me feel better. So Sue here, as far as I can tell.
Crazysnakelover chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
I decided to go through it again, is that lame or what, new results

Xylia: Add 8 points

total 28

Anti Sue

Tia: Add 8 points

Total 26

Anti Sue
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