Reviews for Total Drama Comeback
ElectricEdd chapter 31 . 11/19
I loved the Monty Python and White and Nerdy references
Running Thief chapter 53 . 11/8
Well I like the old crew and I like some of the new people. Hannah send like great opportunity for sorry and comedy, Yoshi looks like fun, Joel is of course cool but Crystal might be my favorite of them. I'm a sucker for British women.

I just might check out the sequel.
Running Thief chapter 52 . 11/8
Way to end a show. Bridgette and Izzy are awesome and I'm glad they won, even if Zeke gets the short straw. Everyone got a happy ending and I'm certainly happy.
Running Thief chapter 51 . 11/8
I'm feeling the same kind of Gonna-Miss-Wawanakwa feeling too. I'm gonna miss reading these guys.
Running Thief chapter 50 . 11/8
I'm just as eager for that orgy/threesome as Izzy is. Comforting to know a girl exists as perverted as me.
Running Thief chapter 48 . 11/7
"Justin's like the sweetest chocolate coated candy, with a cherry-centered sweetheart!"

Running Thief chapter 45 . 11/5
Pretty good parodies man. A little clunky for some of the rhythms but still really good.
Running Thief chapter 41 . 11/3
Hmmmmmm. Strokes beard in smart thinking thoughts.
Running Thief chapter 38 . 11/3
I like Eva, I thought she was a pretty underrated character.
She was good here and it sucks seeing her leave. I liked that she had a friendship with Beth. It was a pleasant surprise.
Mudsaur chapter 47 . 11/1
Aww, nice cameraman!
Running Thief chapter 28 . 10/29
Damn that shit got real homes. Like scary real.
Running Thief chapter 26 . 10/29
Damn man that was a rough ending. But I think it's a sign that you love all these characters if you put them through tough stuff.

Good shit man.
Running Thief chapter 21 . 10/29
The Total Drama cast playing strip poker? You can make a whole series of fics on that. And I think you took really good advantage of it.

More of that stuff please.
Running Thief chapter 20 . 10/28
Really digging the perception from these campers. They can see through most anything if it isn't involved with smuggling jellybeans.
Running Thief chapter 19 . 10/28
Man, that's rough for Tyler. But it's nice to see him back.
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