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Spidey108 chapter 5 . 4/13
"Could you be more offensive?"
And cue the Kool Kids Klub banner (KKK) for short.

... Man, if Chris wasn't confused before looking at the banner I would've thought he took Noah's sarcastic comment as a challenge.
Weirdo-Anon chapter 53 . 2/11
Way late to the punch here, I was sent here through tv tropes and I have to say, you managed to make the show extremely enjoyable.
FangsShining chapter 14 . 1/8
FangsShining chapter 13 . 1/8
is the game Noah and DJ play real? If so, can you're iew on my story what it's called?
FangsShining chapter 6 . 1/7
1: When Lindsay said "Thanks Tyler!", Tyler afterwards said, "I wish she could remember my name"
YKF chapter 29 . 12/10/2014
This is my second or third time reading this fanfiction and I have to say that your portrayal of Ezekiel is similar to my own and I love it! Almost every time he does something or says something, I either cheer, squeal, laugh, or all three! Even though he didn't appear much in all the seasons, he has been my favourite character! Also I love every character in this Fanfic and in its sequel 'Total Drama Battlegrounds'! Kudos to you man!
JojiMC chapter 52 . 11/30/2014
bly one of her highlights in my opinion, as it showed the devious and clever sides of her- two traits that make her such an interesting personality in canon. I don't remember too many interactions with Bridgette, which I would have liked to see, as Bridgette was really her only close friend on the show.

DJ- He seemed to be somewhat of a filler character, but I really enjoyed him being paired up with Izzy in the prom challenge. x) That was hilarious. He was pretty well in-character too, though I wish you showed more of his tough side.

Duncan- His sexual pressuring of Courtney was hilarious (maybe I shouldn't think of it that way, hee). He seemed somewhat filler too, as he didn't have too many significant interactions, but all his moments were good. When he and Courtney shared their secrets about the Harold incident, I found that touching in some way. His loyalty to Courtney was sweet, and I'm glad you did not portray him as a complete jerk like post-TDI canon.

Eva- Eva seemed herself. I don't recall much about her, but I'm glad she got much further than in TDI. To be honest, I can't picture her hooking up with Cody.

Ezekiel- You had a pretty clean slate to work with for him! My favorite part of him was his compassion toward Heather, that really gave him good development. His determination, occasional temper, and naivety were also what drew me in. He had a complex and dynamic personality with believable flaws, and was my pick to win. Probably the most innovative character in your story, I think.

Geoff- I can't say too much about him due to his early elimination, but you were spot-on with his character, so I'm happy with him. :-)

Gwen- Her elimination was one of my favorites, as it was among the most natural and well-timed. She was well in-character, and my favorite moment of her was in the "torture" challenge. Basically, I think that whole episode was when she was at her best.

Harold- He was my favorite in the challenges due to the sheer awesomeness of his mad skills. I liked that he held no grudge or hard feelings against Courtney throughout the story, as that showed his maturity. Like almost all the others, his character was on-point.

Heather- I felt she was a little too harsh with the insults sometimes. Otherwise, you captured her personality well, all her immoral actions were creative and in-character, and her development was magnificent. A lot of innovation here!

Izzy- She was my second favorite in the challenges. I thought her pervertedness was a nice touch to her already-wild personality. I enjoyed the wide spectrum of opinions toward her from other contestants, from "She's really nice" to "She should be in a straight jacket".

Justin- You added some touches to his personality, which I liked, as he was pretty flat in canon. Still, he didn't do too much- not that I minded, of course. I think you struck the perfect balance of how much to show him.

Katie- Thank goodness she separated from Sadie somewhat. She came off to me as the average teenage girl with extra energy, which I enjoyed more than her canon portrayal. Her elimination gave her good development and was also one of my favorites.

Leshawna- A few times, her dialogue had too much slang. She was perfect otherwise, and her fury at Duncan and Courtney was just great.

Lindsay- She was an excellent supporting character, and I wish she had stayed longer. I'd say she received the most development during Tyler's reveal, with her guilt and compassion towards him.

Noah- I had a few problems with his character, but his good moments were REALLY good. His pet names for Katie showed a more affectionate side of him, which was nice to see among his mean moments. It was really his flaws that made his character great- they made him an extremely likable anti-hero. He had many star moments, and my personal favorite is when he had to dress like a girl. That was hysterical. His general bad luck was, in fact.

Owen- Not much to say about him, but his intern time was good. His role was perfect for the story.

Sadie- I would like to see more development from her in the sequel, as she was the least-developed character to me and played the filler role the most.

Trent- Just about every time I read about Trent in a story, I find him forgettable. I don't even feel strongly about him in the canon, so I'm not blaming you for my reaction to him.

Tyler- Simply amazing. Bravo. Best portrayal of Tyler I have ever seen. Then again, you set the record for many characters here. Still, his character is at the top of the list for me. He really had quite the roller coaster ride on the show, and I thoroughly enjoyed him every step of the way. I will cherish your highly sympathetic and realistic portrayal of him forever.

I apologize, I skimped on this section somewhat due to my short memory for some of the characters, as there were so many of them! But you did exceptionally well for such a large cast. My favorite portrayals were of Beth, Bridgette, Duncan, Noah, Ezekiel, Izzy, Lindsay, and Tyler, and I wouldn't even know where to start for picking first place! 9.5/10.

Also, a point I really should mention- I seriously applaud you for drawing potential out of the underused characters in the canon. TDA should have done what you have done with this story. There are still plenty of characters with untapped potential, such as Leshawna, Justin, and Sadie, so I hope you pay good attention to them in the sequel! I never make reviews this long, but the length and detail of your story compelled me to try to analyze it the best I could. I hope I have offered new insight, and I sincerely look forward to reading Total Drama Battlegrounds next.

P.S. By this review, I believe I have proved your story is NOT overrated.
JojiMC chapter 53 . 11/30/2014
It's time to bring on that long review, as promised. :-) I'll address and rate each aspect of your story and eventually wind down to the characters, who make the show after all.

Elimination order: This was excellent overall. Nearly everyone left at the right moment, some with a well-timed bang (though I appreciate you didn't try to make everyone leave that way, that would have been a bit much). You pretty much got the timing down pat. It was a shame that awesome competitors like Geoff, Leshawna, Lindsay, and Katie left as early as they did, but they can always be redeemed in the next season, right? They were important to Courtney's plan and at least didn't leave in disgrace, so I do not find fault in their eliminations. Many of the eliminations left me with a good feeling, so this gets an approximate 10/10. I don't do them 9.8764's and such.

Challenges: Man oh man. Some of the challenges are wildly creative, they even top TD's best challenges! The ones I found the most memorable (a.k.a. my favorites) are in Even We Are Offended, Our Prom Fight, Total Drama Cosplay, all of Day 6 (I LOVE snow challenges), all of Day 11, all of Day 13, and all of Day 14. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be have to be Day 14's challenge because I feel it had the best atmosphere- the contestants scrambling both IN the dirt and to HIDE the dirt really raised the stakes high, and there was an unpredictability to the challenge that had me on the edge of my seat. I also had the most satisfaction with how it turned out compared to my other favorites. I was never bored by any of the challenges, so this portion gets a 10/10.

Writing: Nearly all your jokes hit their mark! You have a fine sense of humor. I'm not going to go into the minor technicalities, unless you want to hear them. I noticed that you used "wicked grin" fairly often throughout the story, which was distracting. You wrote the scenes clearly, however, and I could imagine most of them. Your dialogue also got better as the story went on, and I believe it began hitting all the right marks on Day 6. From there, it was frequently awesome. I could be biased about that though, since snow days make me happy. I would say that the beginning was a bit rough, as I struggled through the length of the chapters until I reached Chapter 6 (after several attempts). From there, I hardly noticed the length because that's how engrossed I was! It may have been the sheer awesomeness and creativity of the insulting challenge that finally got me hooked. 8/10.

Interactions: For the most part, these seemed to occur naturally and were interesting to read. I like how you made the campers go beyond their romantic partners/close friends and branch out, just like real life. In my opinion, the minor clashes/chemistry between personalities are just as important as the major feuds/friendships, as they filled up the smaller gaps to round out the overall plot. My favorite interactions were between Lindsay and Tyler (sweet and heartfelt), Duncan and Courtney (funny yet substantial), Heather and Ezekiel (including pre-relationship; dynamic and builds up in the best way), Beth and Cody (cute and filled with chemistry; wish they paired up!), Bridgette and Heather (fun-to-read conflict), Bridgette and Ezekiel (wasn't a fan of Bridgette's teasing at the start, but later on loved how they looked out for each other), Noah and Leshawna (just the one interaction with his family background, really) and Izzy and Harold (highly enjoyable as a rock star duo). These are just from the top of my head, so I may be forgetting some other good ones. 9.5/10 (yes, I do do halves).

Plots: I consider the main plots in the story to be the formation of new couples, the Courtney/Harold conflict, and the development of Noah, Tyler, Cody, Heather, and Ezekiel (since all five had reveals).

Ah, the lovebirds Heather and Ezekiel. Every one of their interactions felt like a breath of fresh air, even the less than romantic ones. This was my favorite couple. You just had them go through so much development to transition from enemies to lovers, while making their relationship completely believable. Perfection.

As was implied before, I would have preferred Cody over Justin with Beth, as I felt their interactions had more substance. But hey, Justin's not bad either. Maybe he'll receive development from his relationship with Beth in the sequel?

Noah's and Katie's relationship was cute, even if it was sudden. Not my favorite couple though, as I don't feel they have much chemistry.

I apologize for this, but I did not enjoy Courtney's plot of hating Harold and eliminating his allies. Firstly, having Courtney complain for over 20 chapters dragged down the story a little, especially since nothing new came out of that complaining except more resentment from her teammates (meaning she probably should have gone earlier in realistic terms). Secondly, the plot literally swallowed Courtney's character. It was like all the good parts of her personality disappeared and were replaced with a demoness spirit and periodic tantrums (kind of like TDA Courtney). It bugged me every time she said she didn't care what she did to anyone else, because surely she cared, right? Perhaps you could have showed that a little more through her movements or tone. I was begging in my mind for some humanity, which didn't come nearly often enough. Maybe if you had shown more of her vulnerable and depressed moments, her plot would've been less difficult to swallow and her character could have been salvaged. Thirdly, and this one is minor, I feel that the reveal would've been more dramatic if the other contestants discovered for themselves that Courtney was behind the strange eliminations and Harold's NDE. Having Courtney confess did not make the most of dramatic potential since she was not confessing out of guilt, nor did she care about letting out the truth. Having the campers succeed in finding her out would have skipped that unemotional step and straight to the drama, since they were trying to figure out the culprit anyway. You did seem to built up to her reveal pretty well, especially with her feeling guilty for Cody's heartbreak. I thought that from there, she would soon come clean and apologize to the other campers, which would've been a big step in her development and another way to conclude the mystery. I don't expect you to agree with all my points, but I hope you will consider them for future reference.

You did a really good job with the main development of characters. I loved Tyler's plot from beginning to end. From the start, when he confronted Courtney about insulting him, I could sense deep hurt through his anger and wondered whether that had to do with something else. To the end, when he revealed to Lindsay what was dragging him down since Day One, I felt volumes of sympathy and many other feelings, which speaks volumes of how you did with him. The reveal was the perfect conclusion to his pain, and I really appreciated how you showed his lingering struggle with his memories in the Strikers challenge. A reflection of reality right there.

Unfortunately, I don't remember too much about Cody's plot, but his reveal of what happened to him after the show made me feel sympathetic. It was awesome to see him make new friends, struggle to overcome his insecurities, and move past several crushing incidents during the show, such as Beth choosing Justin and Gwen hating him for something he didn't do. You can't help but root for him to find the right girl someday, y'know?

I believe Ezekiel did something called a Heel Face Turn (or something like that) in TV Tropes. Though I had to suspend my belief a little that he completely lost his sexist views, I did enjoy the new characteristics you gave him. I also enjoyed his reveal, and found it believable. Seeing him establish friendships and prove others wrong about him really made me root for him!

Noah's development seemed to come to a stop toward the end of his stay. His reveal about his siblings was one of the best (not to mention most relatable) in the story. I would have liked to see Katie talk him out of his negative views on life, rather than tell him not to act negative, as that would have developed them both. He reverted permanently to his old pessimism after Katie eliminated herself, which I thought was a shame.

You really did justice with Heather, which I am very grateful for, as she's one of my favorites. She tried so hard to resist opening up to anyone, but when Ezekiel finally came through to her, she revealed her true self. Impeccably timed, and one of my favorite parts of your story. I also appreciated that you didn't make her suddenly go nice after her talk with Ezekiel, but at least she tried. Somewhat, heh. Classic Heather. I hope to see her improve further in the sequel! Overall, the plots receive a 9/10.

Characters: And now we get to the core of the story. I'll be basing this score on how well you kept the contestants in-character and how much innovation you put into their portrayals.

Beth- Her character was FLAWLESS. Seriously, you have done the best Beth I have ever read. She has so many dimensions- her friendly nature, her resourcefulness, her determination, her shyness, her strong conscience, everything. Flawless.

Bridgette- You did her really well too! Many facets of her were seen throughout the story- her fierce loyalty to her friends, her teasing side, her sensitive side, and so on. While maintaining the best of her character in the canon, you also gave her background, which was awesome.

Cody- I really don't know why I'm having trouble remembering much about him. As far as I remember, you made him a realistic and well-rounded character as well, and Gwen breaking his heart broke my heart a little. His interactions with everyone were great too, and his pervertedness was pretty funny.

Courtney- Post-Harold conflict, she seemed much more mild and in-character. Her Yaoi/Yuri Tribute dare was proba
JojiMC chapter 42 . 11/15/2014
This chapter literally nearly made me cry. The best one yet.
JojiMC chapter 32 . 11/13/2014
"Drive forward! FORWARD! Parallel, straight, one-route, narrow, linear, MY GOD!" Quote of the day. I was missing Noah's smart-aleck attitude when he was with Katie, so I'm glad you brought it back. He's just not the same without it, though I enjoy the character development you've given him so far with trying to end his mean streak, laziness, cynicism, etc. Hopefully he'll go back to making progress with those faults soon; it makes perfect sense that he would revert with the absence of Katie. I have about a million more comments, but I'm waiting until I reach the end of your story to sum them all up.
JojiMC chapter 6 . 11/9/2014
This is my favorite chapter of your story so far. There were so many bits of humor that made me laugh hard, the interactions between the campers were spot-on, and the insult challenge was incredibly creative and exploited the campers' opinions of each other. I admit I felt somewhat disengaged with your story up to this point, but this chapter has finally gotten me on board.
DistortionDaxe chapter 1 . 11/4/2014
I have a question. Did you ever think that your story would ever become more popular than many of us could ever imagine? Well it did.
Creaturemaster chapter 38 . 10/15/2014
FUNNIEST. CHAPTER. EVER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Loved the tranquilizer part! And are all the gross challenges involving Owen so hilarious!?
Creaturemaster chapter 8 . 10/2/2014
Beautiful ending. As much as it might seem a bit off character for Chris to enjoy dancing with the cast he loves to tirture, it was really a sweet ending for everyone, even Chef who I imagine is still riding on his motorcycle, having caught 'The Perfect Engine' ;)
Creaturemaster chapter 4 . 9/30/2014
I'm glad your focusing on contestants that got little to no screen time. And Ezekiel's change has touched my heart. I'll admit, I was disappointed when Owen was voted off, but I'm glad he'll be back (and as an intern too!) Lets just hope Izzy doesn't go crazy looking for the mysterious jellybean smuggler.
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