Reviews for The marriage contract
Araytigre chapter 12 . 4/30
Sad to see that the "Pure bloods" hadn't learned anything from the War with Tom Riddle. However Harry will set them to rights, with Hermione and all of their magical freinds by his side. Thank You. TTFN
Gleas chapter 12 . 4/24
Realistic end... and might I say Voldie's fate was perfect?
Gleas chapter 6 . 4/24
Dumbledore planned it. o.o He apparently knew about Draco and he probably made plans with Severus that if there was some form of attack then that would be a good time for the potions master to off him... so the great bat knew where the old coot would be and led Draco there... Draco and Harry too stupid and/or too scared (maybe even too young?) to realize it.

As for the taps... let's fall back on it's magic! It does not need logic XD still, we can assume the pipes were originally tunnels made for the basilisk's use and later adopted by the magical and sentient castle for drainage (shows what she thought of Salazar's pet). Along the same weird logic, the tap may have been some sort of permanent wall decoration which some how transfigured itself (or the castle did it!) into a tap... in a girl's bathroom...

Heh, you can come up with plausible stuff if you think about it... :P Do I get a cookie?
obliviated fan chapter 8 . 4/7
Nice story, although not one of the best here. However, I have a big nit to pick. The story started with a DIFFERENT escape from Privet Drive, not canonical, so Hedwig's return feels false.

But anyway. RIP.
Marydee 48 chapter 1 . 4/7
wow what about rings ? in the vault I Love this story ! :)
tkim619 chapter 12 . 3/27
wowow that was awesome!
SqrlLrd chapter 5 . 3/20
It's just a model.

Inspired by end of ch5. And large amount of Python.
Kittencat3 chapter 1 . 3/3
Eh, it doesn't SUCK, and there are only a few typos and bits of botched grammar, but there's no sparkle or particular skill to it.
crimson blood king chapter 12 . 2/27
Are you gonna make sequal for the book called the marrige contract.
hawkswench chapter 12 . 2/2
Will you have another story about fighting the purebloods? Or have you already written one and I am just not making the connection.
DPinAK chapter 12 . 1/25
Enjoying the story.
old guy chapter 4 . 1/17
twisty, turn ee
old guy chapter 2 . 1/17
outlandish, but I like it
old guy chapter 1 . 1/17
Interesting. I like it
ruth hammond chapter 7 . 1/11
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, warm fuzzy feelings!
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