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Guest chapter 3 . 10/15
First off, no one other than people like logan have more battle experience than anyone from Naruto
Guest chapter 2 . 10/15
Ninjas can definitely move instantly... they can literally teleport
nenopip chapter 2 . 10/12
The fact: you didn't need naruto. You picked naruto from his worst. You couldn't pick him formatter the war when he was a bad ass. He was like what 17 by that time. Would fit in with the mutants perfectly. But nope you seem to be a x men fan boy and picked the worst naruto, when he was the weekend.
zen-aku the spirit of the wolf chapter 6 . 9/6
zen-aku the spirit of the wolf chapter 6 . 9/6
legion! Legion damn it! he would be legion cause he can be many
zen-aku the spirit of the wolf chapter 4 . 9/6
naruto and laura, it seems so perfect
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3
Worst piece of shit I've ever read from one chapter
Robthekiwi121 chapter 20 . 8/6
"You really are the worst magical girl the world has ever seen…"

Did you write it that way intentionally? Because that reminded me so much of the line from the first Pirates of the Carribean movie.

"You really are the worst pirate that I've ever seen…"
hj chapter 2 . 7/10
fuck you naruto is better kill yourself fucker
Guest chapter 1 . 6/28
-_- now I understand why the title says no reading
kindasortastantheman chapter 2 . 6/23
So you nerfed the shit out of him, congratulations.
Drakosis7734 chapter 1 . 6/15
bookmarking this so i can read it again when i have time.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/29
Okay, I have to agree with your reviewers, you have seriously downplayed Naruto's abilities. For starters, you underestimate his physical prowess, Naruto when he was TWELVE was able to punch Sasuke hard enough to send him SKIMMING across the water like a stone and slam into the ground, Naruto is fast enough to dodge lightning based and energy based attacks both of which are MUCH faster than machinegun fire, although in the Anime and Manga they show the attacks slow, the bottom line is lightning strikes IN AN INSTANT using the electrons in the air, meaning in reality those lightning based jutsu are just as fast and Naruto HAS dodged them easily I might add. Not to mention he has dodged and used KURAMA'S tails as to run on, he is EXTREMELY agile and fast, also based on description the Shunshin is similar to Bleach's Shunpo which while not instant teleportation is far faster than even high-speed cameras could detect, to high-tech imaging software, Naruto would basically be a blur.

You've also underestimated Naruto's intelligence, while they portray him as an idiot, Naruto has proved time and time again that in battle he is cunning and ingenious, Naruto would not restrain from using a Rasengan on Tombstone out of some misguided 'fairness', he would use everything to his ability to destroy him. You also underestimate his use of techniques, while he did simply try to overwhelm his opponents with clones in Part I, in Part II Naruto started using his clones in conjunction with his techniques such as Henge, disguising them as rocks as he did against Pein, and in creating a barrage of Rasengan. You also underestimate his Rasengan, in it's INCOMPLETE form, Rasengan could destroy the ground and grind stone to dust, he used Rasengan to DESTROY Doto's chakra armor proving the grinding power of the Rasengan surpassed the armors ability to absorb energy, this is why I don't understand how Pein could absorb it like nothing when Doto's armor couldn't, made no sense. A clone barrage of Rasengan would DESTROY most of the Marvel verse which you have completely overpowered.

I agree major veterans like the original Avengers and X-Men as well as even Shadowcat would destroy Naruto in a fight, but when you start talking about the New X-Men and the Young Avengers, Hell even the Fantastic Four and Spiderman, they would not stand a chance, and that's not taking into account Strange created a way for Naruto to actually control Kurama's powers, complete control in his first and second stages. Naruto would also destroy the Punisher who not only you, but Marvel have completely overestimated, the man relies too heavily on firearms and his combat prowess is limited to what is pretty much basic military hand-to-hand combat, Naruto would destroy the Punisher, and while bullets may be faster than Kunai and Shuriken, they're not faster than a Bijudama.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/28
You forgot that Logan has enhanced senses of hearing and smell, that's one of the reasons he always outclasses opponents like Quicksilver, the sense of smell and hearing outclass vision in battle because visual senses can be distorted by various factors, a prime example when you look in your rear view mirror and see a car that seems a quarter of a mile behind you, and then suddenly it's on your ass.

Although I don't think EVERY Marvel character outclasses Naruto especially by this point in Naruto's life when he's begun taking things more seriously. Most of the VETERAN X-men as well as the Avengers, I agree would own Naruto's ass, but not all Marvel characters, I don't think Spiderman and his rogue gallery would be able to stand against Naruto, especially when Narut's provoked his retard attitude practically vanishes to be replaced with a deadly ninja, I also don't think the Fantastic Four beyond possibly the Human Torch could beat Naruto. Before you mention Thing, keep in mind Naruto's Rasengan GRINDS against his enemies, Naruto's Rasengan alone is a deadly attack towards most Marvel characters.

Also keep in mind in your story Naruto has more control over Kurama as a result, Naruto is literally destruction incarnate, a Bijudama, I think the only ones who could hope to counter the attack are Cyclops, Thor, and Jean Grey with the Phoenix.
Dragonjek chapter 20 . 5/22
"He seemed to like the 4th edition a lot…"

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