Reviews for Illuminated
Calindy chapter 3 . 3/22/2018
Keep rereading. Obviously love love and love!
cshen.julienne chapter 3 . 3/17/2018
I absolutely love your story! I adore it! It's brilliantly written and expressed. Wow.
L chapter 3 . 3/3/2018
Excellent short fanfiction :') thank you! Your writing is on point i would love to read stories of you not just about sex . It must be something
Guest chapter 3 . 1/21/2018
Very fun little story!
Tessa594 chapter 3 . 1/2/2018
Lol I knew it! Knew it was the firewhiskey he traded for in the beginning. Sneaky Draco. Loved this so much. After reading that wonderful one-shot I decide to check out your other stories and there is a continuous of it! It made me so happy. And it was so good I was actually giddy while reading it. Wonderful story!
kikidorn chapter 3 . 12/22/2017
I Love this story. Thank you for sharing.
Alexis chapter 3 . 12/18/2017
I really love your writing! I have one question though: what was Hermione's reaction when he told her that there never was any love potion?
L.K.Philips chapter 1 . 11/21/2017
Honestly, I feel like I want to FORCE you to write AT LEAST another part/chapter. There's still loose ends that needed to be tied! I thought they both going to get the job, going through many happy times together before they get married. Maybe Draco would become peasants but took it with stride becuase he has Hermione by his side. Aaaaarrrggghhh! If only I could write (in English) properly, I would continue this story!
But I , too, have to admit that you have my utmost respect, Sarah...with this fic I put you up there with my most favorite fanfic author ever (like Akasha the Kitty, Bex-chan, and some few others)!
Thank you so so so much for this BRILLIANT little story...I love it so much! It's definitely worth the 3 years wait! X-D
xcessyx chapter 3 . 11/16/2017
/sobs uncontrollably/ THANK YOU FOR THIS, REALLY. I love ur version of Dramione so much, its kinda starts off wrong, but works perfectly. U also dont take too long to explain that Draco isnt a git anymore (since that last scene in Blindsided tbh!) And I love how even tho Hermione is in denial for a couple of weeks, in the end she chose to be honest with her feelings instead. Thats the smartest move imo. And thank god we got the answer we seek since the start! I really cant thank u enough for writing this.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/3/2017
So who got the job?
danydanybb chapter 1 . 10/6/2017
Loooved it:)
malugargula chapter 3 . 9/30/2017
Absolutely amazing
I'm so happy there was a sequel :)
Guest chapter 3 . 9/28/2017
Great sequel.
MonJoh chapter 3 . 9/6/2017
I enjoyed this story. Kudos for not writing a sequel until you had a story you wanted to write.
hxgwxtrs chapter 1 . 9/6/2017
Oh my Merlin I totally knew the ending!
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