Reviews for Silvery Dark
Angelhart79 chapter 1 . 9/14/2015
O wow... When I read the summary I just had to read it! This is really great.

I always wondered myself the dread Sango would have felt for a long time, because of what she almost did to Rin. To imagine that a silent deadly predator might be after your life. That each breath you take is nothing more than a gift. That within the flash of a second or hours of endless torture it could all be taken away. Within each dark corner there is that lurking threat. And even though it is only in her mind it doesn't make it less frightening.

Sango is a strong warrior. She can make an accurate assessment of her opponent. She knows she has reasons to fear, for the demon is merciless, cruel and unpredictable.

You have captured her fear perfectly. You even portraited Sesshomaru's dark character excellently from Sango's point of view.
narqueen chapter 1 . 9/2/2015
Wow, this is amazing. I never considered Sango would still have that lingering fear of Sesshomaru, because of the Rin incident. Very well written!
Raritylover chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
I haven't finished the series yet so I'm not an expert, but that is really poetic and has a great story line.
DeruMaru chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
in truth I do not know how many times i read this story and much less could say that every time I do ... it's better than before! the suspense,the tragic sense in the existence of Sango, the Sesshomaru choice to left her live; and above all .. the fact that he didn't say why he left her live .. all captivated me and left me wanting more more more! *-* i really love U if u keep writing like that
Kamiya-san chapter 1 . 6/21/2010
Hm, did anybody ever tell you: you are an amazing writer? The depth, yet vague explanations. The detail that sometimes digs deep, but at other times, just skims the water? Golly gee, you're incredible. I'm so tired of seeing: pregnant at 16 stories, or Miroku cheating on Sango so she runs to the forest stories. But you? Writers like you that keep me coming back. I could literally die for this line: 'Slumber is no sanctuary but the place where her fear thrives,'. I laughed to myself...even though I'm sure that was not the emotion you hoped to elict out of the readers,ahaha. You're crazy.~
psycochick32 chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
I absolutely love this, and it just occurred to me that I'd never sat down to review it!

The "She is" repetition at the beginning of each "stanza," if you will, in this one-shot really hits things home. It's short, to the point... a good summation of what we're going to read and learn. It's a great jumping point for each bit of the fic and allows it to cycle emotionally.

The sense of incompleteness here is really strong, straight from the beginning; Sango is an honorable character and so feeling as though she's left hanging for a crime is very "her" and really helped drive home what some often overlook as a very crucial part of the final battle.

"As much as she fears his punishment, she yearns for it: an end to this miserable existence, at last." -This line really resonated with me above all others; this is the *ending* of the manga. Naraku's dead! Sure, Kagome's gone, but everybody's happy, right?

This is a nice antithesis to what most write in this time period (stories about InuYasha and kmoaton's "Destined" notwithstanding), and it's far more in-character than her just slipping into the role of stay-at-home mom-to-be.

I think one thing I like almost most of all (It's so hard to choose!) is the way you portray Sesshoumaru. It really makes me wonder at the end, like Sango is... did he give her a reprieve? Is he leaving her hanging to be cruel? Will he come back years down the line?

A bit of constructive criticism: You're a little comma-happy throughout. It's kind of a stylistic thing, I think; I tend to be the same way with some forms of writing. It's not necessarily *wrong* (I only found one or two that could actually be snipped), just something to point out :)

Absolutely beautiful. Darkly beautiful, amazingly angsty... and I love it.
LuxKen27 chapter 1 . 10/10/2009
I believe I've mentioned before that I really love this story, but I've never taken the time to sit down and say *why* exactly...and I'm not sure I ever could. Somehow it just fits - the dark and somber tone, the lull of false security, the dread and fear and unfettered angst. I can so easily see Sango allowing this mistake to eat away at her...and Sesshoumaru to allow it as well, conscious of her suffering or not. You're right when you say at some point, he knows of no better punishment than to let her fear the unknown - that sounds right up his alley :P And yet, at the end, when she has rationalized that maybe he never cared in the first place...again, it fits. The way you navigate these complex psychological waters is just beautiful; I'd say you fulfilled the prompt and thensome! Maybe one day I'll have the guts to write my take on this little 'situation' as it stands at the end of the manga...but until then, I will continue to enjoy this as my favorite version yet. Bravo!
RinKikyoKagz chapter 1 . 8/24/2009
Sango screwed up there.

That's why I can't stand her.

No one gets there hands on Rin

except Sesshomaru.

Stupid Sango.
Sue Doe Nim chapter 1 . 2/8/2009

I love it.


Very well written.

...just incredible. (:
knittingknots chapter 1 . 9/16/2008
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kagomes pup chapter 1 . 9/5/2008
Very good I enjoyed this. My only complaint is why did Sango Try to kill Rin? You may have said and im to tired to read it. I can see Flufy letting her squirm for a long time.