Reviews for At the Brink of the Dawn and the Darkness
fireball900 chapter 49 . 3/13
Absolutely Fantastic writing - I could barely put down your trilogy from the moment I picked it up.
The best Palpatine (by far!), the best Luke, the best Vader...
I can't help but be glad I read this at the end of a Star Wars reading binge - Any more I read after this I'll be disappointed in.

My favourite Star Wars story - official or fanfic.
Anonymous chapter 48 . 1/30
A different take on the tale,isn't it? Good work.
Anonymous chapter 34 . 1/30
Han is as always Han. Awesome.

Tag Massa? A rare commodity. Principled,competent and no-nonsense kind of gal.
Guest chapter 48 . 12/26/2014
This was pretty fucking neat.

Some fucking awesome symmetry too.
TogrutaGirl chapter 12 . 8/8/2014
I'v e been involved in this story since Part 1:-) You're the best! Damn Congrats really, I'm not sleeping at all just 4/5 hours dedicated by night to finish the trilogy.
I don't understand the implications behind the prophecy, what it meant for Palpatine, Vader, Luke and Leia! I've noticed that even if apart and being at the opposite sides of power, Luke and Leia share the same dreams about the wolf and the moon... The throne in the court room has the strange lines in the poem (chap11) about a he/she would should fight. I'm wondering if Palpatine wanted to create the perfect Darth Sith with super powers using Anakin's DNA and his children's too. Because to me it looks like the wins are matched and the perfect son would be coming from their union (pure breed) Isn't that strange?
Well, it also depended of the knowledge of siblings's relationship.
I wish you could explore the possibility that Luke and Leia have the same nightmare, share those unspoken feelings/the power drawing them towards and find out about their family parentage, that's where the key is according to me. Had the Emperor caught both and converted them, he would have created the perfect 'heir'
There's something enigmatic there!
Bgreen chapter 49 . 7/16/2014
I've read this trilogy three times now since back when you were still writing it. And I can't convey how much I would love to see a continuation of the series. Please revisit this AU, it's the best I've ever seen.
Azathoth1 chapter 49 . 1/22/2014
This is, in my opinion, one of the single greatest -if not the greatest- fanfics on this or any website, and I am honored to have had the chance to read it.

Especially while listening to watch?vZhP6F-vxeZI the whole way.
Parselmaster chapter 49 . 1/9/2014
I am running through my circuit if your stories again. These are a personal favorite of mine. Your work is excellent.
Hygieia chapter 49 . 11/17/2013
Man... This is a story. Thank you sir.
MMJade chapter 49 . 9/29/2013
Wow. I'm speechless. This is an INCREDIBLE work, with well thought plots and excellent character development. I couldn't put it down, and I couldn't believe that it just got better and better as the story progressed. I laughed, cried, shouted and cheered. This story ripped my heart out and handed it back with no remorse. I don't even know how many countless hours of sleep I lost because I just had to finish ONE more chapter. And now I just want to read it all over again! Well done, and THANK YOU for taking the time to write this incredible piece. I hope you decide to expand and tie up some of those "loose ends." :)
tenchifew chapter 48 . 8/13/2013
Most fascinating story.
Thank you for writing.
Alpha-33 chapter 49 . 5/29/2013
I am completely taken away by this book. This is the best thing I have read! Had this been a actual book trilogy these three books would all be in my top 5 books I have ever read, and I read a ton! I can't describe this book as anything but outstanding the entire thing was perfectly calculated for effect, the trilogy was so captivated i sacacely stopped reading for 2 days, probably only getting 4-5 hours of sleep each night because I stayed up so late reading this! You should completely abandon fanfic and begin publishing your own books. I am completely serious about this i would buy every book you wrote. You are by far the best author I have ever read both on and off fan fiction. I have only read this trilogy but I can't wait to read your others probably will read the rest of your books for the next few days (depending on length). Can't say this enough but this is the best peice of work I have ever read.

Christy chapter 49 . 5/8/2013

It's the second time I'm reading your trilogy, late at night even pass early morning, even if a know the end...

I liked the way you wrote Mara and specially Luke, as a borderline Sith, because he can love...

I HATE Kiria so much but, I would like to see some more in the future, about her and the possibility to have her own Heir with Luke, or maybe to take Mara's child as her own. But she could be also killed by some rebel's faction, like Luke said to Madine at the end...I would certainly please Mara very much...No more Empress!...

I Loved it so much! Christy
freddie-mac chapter 49 . 4/14/2013
Whew ... discovered Part 1 on AO3, then found parts 2 & 3 on a few weeks back. This has been an awe-inspiring novel that has swept me off my feet, folded/spindled/mutilated my emotions, and generally left me exhausted. Is it wrong to love your AU more than canon? :) In Part 3, you've illustrated the challenges facing the reluctant emperor (love how Mara had to go looking for him!) in a number of realms. Politically, Kiria is a good match and shores up Luke's goals in that area; militarily, he's spent enough time (by himself and with Dad) building alliances. Only Luke could have approached the Rebels in the way he did: only he had the knowledge of both sides to make those meetings work.

Love how Luke pointed out the gaps in Leia's assumptions when they met: an emperor who is committed to transitioning to a democracy is a more stable solution than anything that Leia and the Rebels could have proposed. Another favorite part was Luke's walk along the paracrete that was rapidly covered by flowers :) The end was perfect, tho I do want to meet Ani (and his siblings?).

Loose threads that could possibly (please!) appear in a part 4: Kiria's desire for a child (rather, her desire to be the mother of the heir, which is *not* the same thing) Pestage the cache of Luke's genetic material (which KIria did *not* reveal to Luke) SK17 power-hungry Moffs and impatient Rebels Imperials disturbed by the changes to the Empire ...
CloudyDream chapter 49 . 3/6/2013
This was without any doubt one of the best piece ofwriting I have ever read, and I mean EVER. I'm sorry I'm just dropping a line now, because I doubt I can communicate how much I enjoyed this. I wish I had the self restrai to write something at the end of every chapter but, honest, I never could have. Three fics, all waiting for me? I jumped ahead wishing to know what was next, no way I could actually have stopped long enough lo let you know how awesome you are. So, thank you for making my day. Actually, I guess's the whole year.
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