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uchiwan chapter 13 . 9/20
anyway, criticism about the way you treat the women of color (kiria) in comparison to the white woman (mara). it kind of. rubs me the wrong way, how you make this mara some jealous misogynistic shrew who doesn't hesitate to tear down another woman and how mara and the narrative treats another woman's ambition for the throne as a bad thing. it makes me dislike mara and the luke/mara pairing even more because even LUKE treats kiria like shit (esp when its her vs mara). its lowkey racist and misogynistic.
Guest101 chapter 49 . 9/12
I read some other opinions on this story and would like to comment on them. Many claim that the pacing is to slow. However, in my opinion this is a strength of the story. It is true that one has to read a lot of words until Luke is finally rescued, but I enjoyed all of them. They showed how dire the situation was and how anxious Luke’s friends were to finally rescue him. In showing the feelings of the characters these passages are in my opinion one of the strong points of the story.
Guest101 chapter 49 . 9/12
Thank you for your amazing story! I swallowed it up during long hours in the evening of the last days. I very much enjoyed how you managed to combine that many line of actions and different characters into a masterpiece. Everything fitted together in the last chapters. There are a great many of books out there with far less deep characters then those you created which always twisting and turning in their actions while follow their goals. And all of that happens in the beloved Star Wars universe. Well done! Whether you continue to write or not, you already offered us a big present. Thank you!

Some people claim it is impossible to continue a story like Star Wars, that there was no chance that Disney could have produced a movie every one loved. Some (like me) sit at home wondering if Star Wars is over. And some people write fanfiction for free offering a new hope.
elphien0w chapter 49 . 8/11
Okay, this is a masterpiece. I couldn't stop reading it, i even dreamed about it lmao. Loved so much. Part 3 was even better than part 2, so many great and impressive moments. Now i'm sad its over, like a little lost that tonight i'm not going to see what Luke is planning ahah. But i'm really going to be thinking about this story for a long while, imagining...
Loved how you handled Luke's and Mara relationship, so well done and with such amazing moments. I was really happy to see him training her here in part 3, and that this helped a lot through the rest of the book. Well done! Loved Nathan too, such a nice and captivating character. And when Leia discovered she is Luke's sister, omg lmao. You really did a great job there.
Well, i could keep listing a lot of amazing moments, but this review is long enough i guess. Thanks a lot for writing this. 3
I will read your other stories for sure. )
Kay Hau chapter 49 . 6/30
Amazing conclusion to the series and how everything came together! Well done and I’ll be sure to check out your other works!

At first I admit I was stunned and admittedly horrified at the political marriage, even with Luke never touching D’Arca, then I was resigned to it being a political necessity, but with that last chapter I just - whoa! It never occurred to me that this could be another trick of the Wolf’s to protect Mara and the baby! That if anyone’s getting killed it would be Kiria! Which would free Luke to legitimately marry Mara and father Anakin II, and probably in a much safer time period with much less pressure on his son as well - though that’s pretty dark, with Kiria being genuinely loyal to Luke, even for all her personal ambitions and prejudices. Anyway, at first I was a little sad to not get to meet the baby, but you know it is kind of nice being able to paint a happily ever after (as much as possible for the Son of Suns) instead of having to deal with the reality of continuing political games and machinations.

Amazing job on the full conclusion of the prophecy and how Leia fits into it! And I did love at the end how Mara finally realizes that she doesn’t have anything to fear from Kiria, that she can trust Luke to not abandon her and that their bond is something beyond what Kiria can ever imagine. I also genuinely enjoyed more people coming to know what Luke has been through and who he is now. How Han stuck with him from the beginning, and then Nathan and Mara, and now Leia and Karrde, is amazing. And I did like the plot twist that Madine figured out quite a while ago that Luke really had been just Skywalker and not a spy, but that he went through with his plans anyway - made it that much easier as a reader to hate him, seeing the lengths he went to and the complete lack of any sort of empathy.

Again, great job!
Ren chapter 49 . 6/11
I adored this. Spent the last few weeks reading the entirety of this trilogy and it's fantastic. Everything comes round to a nice end, but the hardships throughout were immense. I was constantly wanting to read the next part! Didn't know how it would end, any of what would happen. All so intense and super well written. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I'm not usually a fan of dark Luke but I loved this loads. Thank you so much for blessing us with this masterpiece!
TheZhuologist chapter 1 . 6/7
it's really really good
TheZhuologist chapter 1 . 6/7
this entire trilogy has me speechless
Rilliane chapter 49 . 6/4
I have no idea how I missed this story before, because I've certainly read Empire's Son, but somehow I did and reading it only now all I can say is... wow. You created a true masterpiece and I absolutely adore it. I think the third part was my favorite, probably because it had Leia finally believing in Luke again, and it just wasn't right for the Trio not to be together for so long. Oh, and Han! You have no idea how much I was glad of the fact that he never lost faith in Luke and always staunchly defended him.
And Emperor!Luke... he was simply great. He was so far removed from the Tatooine farmboy as to be a completely different person, yet he still had those moments that showed that he never completely lost that persona. I liked the fact that he never truly lost his goals and still worked to achieve them, albeit in a different way. That balancing between light and dark was very well done. Padme would be so proud of her son. I also find it funny that even if Luke was to step down as the Emperor, the populace would probably elect him as their leader anyway. I never thought I'd see a good fic depicting a political savvy Luke who could give Leia a run for her money, but here we are :P
Your OC's were also very well done and interesting, and I'm really curious as to how things would go with Kiria in the future.
I was hoping we would see Luke and Mara's son at the end, but, alas, that was not meant to be. Still, this leaves so many questions for the future, I can't help wondering...

Enigma Jade chapter 49 . 5/8
Just wanted to say how much I love this trilogy - I keep coming back to it time and time again. Every time I read it, I'm so satisfied. Thank you for creating one of the very best SW fanfics out there!
Lautari chapter 35 . 4/22
Kiria is an interesting, neutral character - I believe her to be subtly very ambitious, though Luke finds her trustworthy, but is because he truly trusts her or because he sees she has seemingly made her demands known and he recognizes her “as another player in the game”? But her main goal seems to elevate her House, not herself, and I wonder what her final hand would be if her House was ever at risk. Palpatine definitely picked her for a reason. The way you’ve written her is very ambiguous for the reader and I love it, but it also drives me crazy. I haven’t been able to get a true read on her, though even on my second read through, I have trouble trusting her. She might not have personal qualms with those closest to Luke but she would bulldoze over them without a second thought. I would love to see her interact with Leia or Han-people once closest to Luke, who represent a side of him that is out of her grasp.
Lautari chapter 26 . 4/18
I’m re-reading the trilogy now, and why do I feel like this sets up events for possible future conflicts? Kiria, ambitious as ever though she hides it well, knowing there are genetic samples? Sounds like a recipe for some family drama when she decides it’s time to get the D’Arca family a real foothold in the Palace. If Luke thought he had trouble with Mara and Kiria before...
sithporgonline chapter 48 . 4/9
Thank you so much for the best Star Wars fanfiction out there! The politics! The intrigue! The drama! The romance! The darkness! Everything so good!
I wonder what will happen with Luke and Mara’s son... will Anakin be heir? Or will it have to Kiria’s child?
PS: Speaking about Kiria, her character is really interesting, could you give her a short story?
violet trees chapter 49 . 3/2
oops prematurely sent the reviewbut anyway, any more of your extraordinary writing is a blessing.
violet trees chapter 48 . 3/2
The thing I love about this Luke is almost everyone thought he was chaotic evil but he turned out to be lawful good and I'm living for it

Also this is like my.. 7th? reread and I absolutely love this au. I love it to pieces and bits and would love to read a whole another trilogy or really, anything more about ityou have constructed a beautiful world where I would delight to swim in some more. I'm sure hoping that you'd return to this au, though any of your extraordinary writing
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