Reviews for At the Brink of the Dawn and the Darkness
OriksGaming chapter 49 . 7/10
However much I loved this story, and was satisfied by most of the ending, I don't like how you left Mara still as a 'mistress,' even though Luke has professed his love to her. I was really hoping that Luke could get his 'wife' on enough charges to make her resign, or that she'd actually agree to Leia killing Luke. I really hope you come back to this one day. I don't really want a full story, but anywhere from one to ten chapters of just Luke and Mara interactions, with them marrying by the end of it. I feel like he can separate himself from his 'wife' when he steps down from being Emperor, giving him the the opportunity to marry Mara. Or at least I'd hope so. Anyways, great story, fantastic writing, wonderful plot, and exceptional characterizations. I loved the whole thing- except for the lack of relationship resolution, but I'm crossing my fingers for a short sequel.
Guest chapter 49 . 6/4
I love this trilogy and I hope you pick up the loose ends and make a next generation story. I am also curious what year in story does this story end I think it's 7 ABY.
TK992 chapter 48 . 6/2
An impressive read. A True talent.
The reviewer chapter 1 . 5/15
Plz continue this trilogy. I want a story about Ben Skywalker(eu son of Luke and mara). It would be so good to read a fic about the second generation and how they live in Luke's empire.
Dragonjek chapter 48 . 4/7
Whew. That was one hell of a read. Well, re-read.

This was an absolutely masterful story of professional quality.

I think the most fascinating part of your writing, though, is how you've made convincingly brilliant characters. Writing manipulative characters isn't easy; writing forced conversions isn't easy; _nothing_ that the Emperor did over the course of this story would have been easy to write. But you managed to do so outstandingly.

This is my favorite Star Wars fanfiction, without contest.
NorthernStar chapter 49 . 2/21
Having spent the last few weeks reading this trilogy (not to imply that it's tedious or that I have the reading skills of a 6 year old, just that I have very little free time) I'm more than a bit ashamed that this is the first review I've left. I am so sorry, because I am in awe of the dedication this must have taken to write. It's a massive achievement just to finish a story of this length, but to do so to such a very high standard is almost unheard of in fanfiction.

Luke's voice and character is strong throughout and the changes he goes through are subtle and completely justified and when he kneels before Palpatine, it's more than earned.

Han, too, is wonderfully in character and I loved his unwavering faith in Luke. Leia's confusion is good too, and used well. Mara is every bit as wonderful as she ought to be and your use of Karrde was brilliant. You made me quite the fan of his in this.

Your original characters were well developed, especially Nathan, who was adorable. They felt like people from this universe rather than just inserts to say lines at familar characters. (SO many EU books couldn't do this. You make it look easy.)

Your dialogue is often brilliant, vibrant and amusing, the way SW is (again, the EU authors failed more times than they succeeded with that) and it's utterly beguiling. Truly amazing work.

The plot was dense and obviously well thought out and the concluding 20 odd chapters were thrilling, un-put-downable (only life made me, boo)

Honestly, it's churlish and mean to grumble about any of it but I have to admit to missing the droids.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say it this: this was the best thing I've read in a long time and it's been wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing it.
Guest chapter 49 . 2/7
I *very* rarely leave reviews, but I feel compelled to because this trilogy is amazing. You've clearly invested so much time, thought, and craft into the completely believable characterization and the incredibly intricate plot. I was riveted from start to finish. From one Luke fan to another - my most heartfelt thanks!
Guest chapter 34 . 2/1
anways great fic! very well written
ThatAloneOne chapter 49 . 1/29
I really enjoyed this entire series — like, a LOT. Even from the very beginning it was very clever, and that was just in-story. It's one thing to be intelligent and cover all the contingencies - it's entirely another to be a writer and cover everything from every perspective yourself. I'm in awe.

The character development was amazing too, the way all change had backing and development even if it was in a negative direction. The individual mythology for this universe was fascinating and very well thought out, too. Within the first story, I forgot that OCs were OCs, so that was great. If there ever was to be more of this universe, I'd snap it up with delight. Thank you so much for writing this!
Guest chapter 49 . 1/28
Fantastic trilogy! First review I've ever left on anything! I truly hope you choose to explore more in the future, and as for now I'm enjoying Empire's Son. Thank you and amazing job!
SiriuslyPink chapter 14 . 1/20
Her man is going to marry another woman. That's worth fighting for? I would've been outta there so fast. Never would I be someone's mistress while he marries someone else.
SiriuslyPink chapter 5 . 1/20
I don't trust Reece.
Guest chapter 49 . 1/14
I have really enjoyed all three parts of this story. Brilliantly written and an addictive read. Well done. Thank you
treacherously chapter 49 . 1/10
ITS OVER? oh god. i don't want it to be. so many emotions. that was soooo good. better than the EU where mara ends up dead from a dart. smh. i choose to believe this mara/luke otp was happy til the end.

oh god, now what to do with my life...
treacherously chapter 47 . 1/10
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