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Treeni chapter 38 . 6/29
Sara's so creepy, she's going to save the skin too isn't she?
Makokam chapter 38 . 6/27
I don't like Sara. Like, she's a good villain and all, but every time she comes up it feels like a derail. I guess if she was around more I'd be used to her, but she's not and I completely forgot she was part of this story. I think I actually confused her with the villain from a TMNT2012 story called Click. I guess she's important because otherwise this whole superbug thing wouldn't even be happening, since, the turtles are right, this doesn't sound like something Hun would do.
She also seems a little too villain-y to be believed. Except she's not.
SupernovaWolf chapter 38 . 6/24
That chick is seriously nuts. Best villian indeed, she creeps me out.

She doesn't know about the biosites does she? She's just a psychopath but thinks Judith is somehow like her? I reeally hope that's the case, otherwise it's going to be hell to get rid of her later. She'd be like a cockroach, nearly impossible to kill.
Glazier Blue chapter 38 . 6/22
Yep. Will most likely need to go to church to feel safer after reading this! Lol brilliantly written as always. :-)
Falkyn's Flight chapter 1 . 6/22
Yay! you posted again! I'm so glad I love reading about Judith. I also am totally impressed with how you portrayed Mikey, he's the turtle I have the hardest time writing, I don't know, maybe because he's so different from me. Anyway, keep writing and I look forward to more chapters.
Falkyn's Flight (once Princess Kassie)
B.Cole chapter 38 . 6/22
So, that happened.
I tune thinkingOh a super adorable dance number with tipsy Donny, who is just discovering his attraction to Judith."
Instead we get the female version of Ramsey Bolton. Is it a bad sign that I live it? Is this a toxic relationship?
Keep up the writing, your instincts are serving you well.
Makokam chapter 37 . 6/9
So, is this where the title come from? If this what we've been working towards?
Or did this just happen naturally and it just happens to work with the title?

I gotta say I'm having trouble coming up with things to say about this one. Mostly because it's more or less one big scene. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just hard to...break up and thus find things to focus on.
It'd also help if I was writing this the same day and not like, four days later.

The start of this was good. I liked Raph thinking about Male/Female relationships, at least in regards to Casey's comment.
I still think it'd be hilarious to see April feeling jealous. Either of all the attention they're giving Jay or that fact that they're all seemingly smitten with her.
Except for Leo. Leo hasn't seemed to be getting the fuzzies over her. But then, I can't remember the last time this was from his perspective.
Anyway, the point is it'd be funny if she was just like, "Why didn't they ever get all googly eyed over me?"

It's kind of funny to see how much Donnie gets up to in his lab that the other's just don't even know about. It's funny and very easy to imagine that they'd just walk by Donnie's lab, maybe even asking "Hey, whatch'a up too?" and him going, "Science" and them going, "Cool." and walking off. He could be cooking up zombie's in there for all they know! Or, ya know, Terminators. Or something.

I did listen to those songs, by the way. Here We Go was fairly appropriate for the scene, though it doesn't seem like one Mikey would have on his T-Pod.
WTF is... I dunno. I only listened to it the one time but the few lyrics I took note of seemed pretty good. Not a song I'd listen to in general though.

It's hard to believe that his is 37 chapters long. I can't even remember how long ago I started this. And it's also only been...what? A month? In story? A couple of weeks?
I guess it's also kinda weird, but... These are the sort of chapters I like. I mean, action chapters are cool, but this isn't a movie, we don't sit here and go, "Holy Shit Dude! Look at that shit! Did you see that backflip?! Yooooooo!" It's all in the imagination. But the story, the talky bits where we get to see characters, that's where a writer has to shine. That's where we love the characters or don't. Why we write fanfics about them.
Unless we're writing lemons. In which case it's usually because the characters are hot.

I said earlier that this seemed to imply the romance was gonna be DonniexJay(or maybe just all of them being smitten with her with no actual pairing before she says goodbye.), but I'm still rooting for RaphxJay because that boy needs cuddles and something to chill his tail out during fights, cause Eastman and Laird know he's the one most likely to dive into a fight he shouldn't get himself killed.

...yeah, that should be enough rambling for one review.
Sorrel.Caribbean chapter 37 . 6/8
Love it! It's nice reading about Donnie's thoughts on Jay. Seriously, Gia, you made me fangirl (scream) in public when I read the last paragraph. I'm thinking the two of them need a ship name or something. Please make one and update soon! :D
Treeni chapter 37 . 6/7

Okay first things first, this chapter. DAMN cute. Just a feel good chapter as a nice break before more goes down/wrong. The low energy points that are needed in stories to let the plot sink in.

Leo is a sneaky ninja, but we already knew that. His and Mikey's squabble pleases me. Mikey's the one he never seems to fight with like... ever. Mikey seems to avoid serious fights most of the time and Leo is a defensive arguer, he never "starts an argument" even when its basically his fault it started. Having them bicker in the background plays really well into this dynamic because there's no egos or feelings attached, but it still reinforces their relationship as brothers. I know it was a little background detail, but it just made me really happy.

You can definitely feel the fact that Raph is a little bit... hmmm trying to look for a word, like teenage boys would use whipped, but that's not quite right because that implies some intention on the other party's part. I'm gonna go with attached. Even when he's tired and sore and in some deep need of a light coma, he still bites it back and goes along because it makes her happy. I've said it before, clear feelings, but I think he's holding back because Don is kinda really obvious. On the other hand, the two of them have a really good respectful, chill kinda chemistry that you see in a lot of good relationships.

OH MY GOSH THAT DANCE SCENE WAS THE CUTEST. There isn't much needed to be said with Don. You knnnnnoooooowwww what you did there. ;) I can't say I support them the most because I think the only one of the brothers I'd say there's bad chemistry in that way for is Mikey, but Don and her are REALLY cute.

THE REFERENCE! YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I was just SO happy when I saw that you don't even know. The biggest grin came on my face and the scene was just really cute! THANK YOU! Also since reading it my mind had already figured how to adjust the end so your tweaks to the story fit more accurately without loosing any of the sad aspect I was going for so I'm excited about that. Can I talk to you later about like how you think their "after" reactions would be for after their kid lives/experiences are done? I dunno, a second opinion would be great and I am just really curious of your take!

Last little thing here, I know this was long. The crystals! That was a really cool idea, (or WARM idea haha) however if Donnie can reshape them into smaller crystals, couldn't they be re fitted for small things like a thin flat layer that could be placed inside clothing and such? Think like seashell shard thin. They could be attached to the inside of gloves at the back of the hand and the back of the finger tips and it would probably help keep their hands warm, theoretically at least. I know you said that too thick of clothing would ruin the effect, but so long as part of it is exposed to their skin, the warming effect should still be there right? Depending on how thick the coat, they could also probably wear the crystal necklace underneath a full coat. Last idea on that front, could they be painted like with a thin layer of car paint or something without it diminishing the warming effects? Not sure, just throwing around some ideas on that front. Feel free to use any of these if you want by the way! Trust me, nothing would please me more than Jay suggesting one of these simple ideas and Don going straight to banging his head on the desk because while he was debating the properties and capabilities of how the crystal works in his mind, he maybe possibly forgot simpler solutions?

Anyway, thank you again and great chapter! Ta ta for now!
Sparkles of Youthfulness chapter 37 . 6/4
Great chapter! I love having chapters where we can watch the guys bond with Jay, and I really loved that they were helping her take steps to get over her fears. Just a quick note, instead of "mon cher" it would be "ma chere." "Mon cher" is the masculine form of that phrase, and would imply that Jay is a dude. The French version of "my" follows the noun rather than the person speaking, so for example "mon chien" would be my (male) dog, while "ma chien" would be my (female) dog.
babypanda468 chapter 37 . 6/4
Your story is absolutely FANTASTIC! I love how Jay just seems to get the four brothers. Though I am curious is Don/Jay the set pairing? At this point she has good chemistry will all the brothers.
oxCuteKataraox chapter 37 . 6/3
Awwww, Donnie's falling in love! It is so adorable! I cannot wait to read more of your work, it's so cute I think I have diabetes right now from all that sweetness. It's so cute omg I can't speak words no more! Fjidjsbwkf!
mysteryred chapter 37 . 6/3
*girly squeals* I love it! I listened to both songs, and recommend other readers to do the same they fit the scenes beautifully. I absolutely love Donnie's POV. You write him beautifully. Really enjoyed this chapter. :D
ZabuzasGirl chapter 1 . 6/3
Update immediately, please!
SupernovaWolf chapter 37 . 6/3
This was a really good chapter, it has a nice warm fuzzy feeling. I love seeing everyone having fun and relaxing, especially after the stress they've had lately. It's great the way they interact, and how they feel about her.

Aww, her and Donnie dancing was super adorable. She just wanted to dance with him, didn't she? This way noone gets teased after, hopefully, lol.

I was already going to check out the songs, I like music recommendations. :) Maybe put the names of the songs into the authors note if you decide to edit the chapter, that way people don't have to re-look for them. Maybe more people will check them out then. Just a friendly suggestion. :)
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