Reviews for Bitter Sweet Symphony
Rese chapter 35 . 7/19
Please finish this! I love the story so much :(
missouriangel chapter 1 . 6/28
great chapter!
AleR94 chapter 35 . 4/20
The first time I read this story it was in spanish. I remember that it wasn't fully translated so I came here and "read" it in english. I didn't understand some things but I just loved it. Now, I have been studying english for a while and I've been re-reading this story once at year... I really enjoy the plot and the characters. Everything I finish this cap I can't help but thinking about what will happen with Bella and Edward. I have thought about it but I will love to read it. So if you read this I want to say thank you for this amazing story. I hope you finish it someday but if you dont, I just will come here and read the 35 chapters all over again.
Simsabob chapter 35 . 4/15
Please finish the story! I just read the whole thing in a day and am dying for the ending!
Nicoconsd chapter 35 . 4/6
Oh man I know you haven't updated this story in forever but man I am just soooo curious will Bella end up with Edward? Gosh I hope so! I've really enjoyed this fun adventure :)
niamhzoe chapter 1 . 4/1
Here's some advice, writer to writer, there's a mantra that goes: Show, don't tell. Your plot line has potential: People are clearly eager, evident by the response you've had. However, I have discontinued reading a few chapters in, something that I rarely do, because it irks me that the character's are childish. The tone used is your choice, but it is very childish.
Rosalie would have, in reality, just deadpanned with something like, "We f***ed," and not launched into this long ass description of why, when and where.
Okay, and there is a common misunderstanding that all 'sluts' are stupid. Not true. Some of my friends, and some people I just know, are definitely on the more experienced side of things, and they are far from dumb. However, this Edward has literally every girl 'worthy' of being on that completely ridiculous list, falling at his feet. When, in reality, if the girl's worthiness was being judged by anything aside from tit size and butt perkiness, they would surely fall short.
Whatever. You've got potential, so don't feel disheartened. I'm just a strong believer in constructive criticism and am strongly against overused, annoying stereotypes such as the 'dumb whore'.
Anyway. Well done on your thousands of reviews, favourites and followers, though!
Itzrenaynay chapter 25 . 3/8
Three years. Three years since you wrote that in your bio... welp here's to rereading for the fifth time. This fic is fantastic. I honestly would even like it without the steamy parts lol. The characters in general are great and the relationships are perfect. Bella developes so much and I truly love how she brings Edward back to the light. Even if this ends with them not together it would not ruin the greatness of this fic. I hope beyond hope you read these wonderful reviews you are gettingi I hope they inspire you to continue this amazing story. I also hope you actually didn't lose your drive to write because of your schooling.
crudeladevil chapter 10 . 3/4
Definitely nay! And it is certenly not because i am a prude (just look at my favourites). It is just the fact that woman on woman action appears as a bucket of cold water. I am very disaponted that her first not self induced O did not go with Edward. I mean, what is the point of him teaching her if the most important things was doing by Rosalie or Alice. You alone set the course of this story in the begining - he was supose to teach her the art of seduction, it was his side opf bet, not Rosalies. I understand that he could not her teach how to dance, but this was exclusively his domain.
I have to agry with MartaSwan, with every word of hers. Women explained it perfectly with just a few sentences: "load of trash" that "doesn't fit"... Edwards thing "cold and ...empty", Rosalies thing "sick. and so not hot"..."apart from that this story is good".
And I am sorry you did not finished it (I am rereading it third or fourth time now, and it is realy one of my favourite). I assume it has happy ending , but the fact stands that one tiny thing make great stories the gratist - having the closure, or
"The End"
Miss This chapter 35 . 2/25
I just read thru this story for like the millionth time in the past few years! It's one of my favorite twifics! I would really love to see how this story ends even though it's been a few years since you've updated I'm still holding out hope!
jessicatb9936 chapter 35 . 1/6
I have to admit that I'm pretty devastated right now. And to be honest pretty mad. I have no idea how I missed the fact that this story is unfinished but I sure wish I had realized it before I started reading. I've read this story over the past two days and I am so heartbroken that I get no ending. At this point and after this many years I'm pretty sure that you're provably not going to finish it. That's absolutely depressing because this story is awesome and needs to be finished.
Robsten87 chapter 1 . 12/14/2015
Love your story, hope all is well with you. Please update soon:)
Guest chapter 24 . 11/30/2015
For all those people who sent a review just to complain about the absence of an ending; there's no need to. Read the authors note in her bio and I hope u understand
hi chapter 35 . 11/9/2015
missy-mae chapter 35 . 10/26/2015
I'm a few years late joining the party but WOW! Please say this will be finished? Absolutely amazing! Honestly the best I've ever read and I hope I get to see what happens, to see if Edward can be fixed
Itzrenaynay chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
Its been five long years. And I'm back to reread. I know I shouldn't do it to myself but its such a good story and I still would love for you to finish. Can you hear me, are you still there? Please come back. We would all love to read an ending.
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