Reviews for The Human Condition
Rhi-Rhi chapter 1 . 6/17/2010
I agree absolutely with 'Experimental' (whose awesome fanfiction I have just commented on, coincidentally!).

''It's deep, it's in keeping with Gilgamesh but also transcending it, adding to it philosophically'' - I couldn't have said it better myself.

You've retained the dark, apocalyptic feel of Gilgamesh, but have transformed it into so much more. I admire how you've explored the characters' innermost feelings and raw emotions, making them very believable and their plight even more moving. I also believe that the philosophical talk of 'spirits living on' etc. enhanced it, creating an almost hopeful feeling (something which I think the anime lacked; though I loved the series, I felt it focused too much on futility; I found it too depressing and craved more of a balance).

Truly, I love the way you write! I know this review is a couple of years too late, but having only just seen the Gilgamesh series I am delighted to read such a convincing, thought-provoking fanfic!
Experimental chapter 1 . 11/2/2008
Oh, this is wonderful. I love your style of writing here, how it really captures the world of Gilgamesh and the darkness that the characters are facing. Very visual and poetic. And what a great structure, the contrast of three different perspectives between three different couples, how their backgrounds make them take the coming of the "end of the world" differently, yet the heart of their feelings and their conditions is all pretty much the same. Human, like you wrote, even though half of them are also half god.

I keep coming back to the word "beautiful" in my mind, but that describes this perfectly. Plus, your story makes me think, and that's what I crave from a Gilgamesh fic because that's what about the show appeals to me. Novem and Kiyoko, Isamu and Fuko, Sex and Uno are being deepened as characters in your story, which is wonderful in its own right, but it's also what they're talking about that tickles me. It's deep, it's in keeping with Gilgamesh but also transcending it, adding to it philosophically, and it also leaves me with the sad feeling of time running out. The moment all these characters grasp what's most important, it's already gone (or on its way to being gone, the knowledge of which makes it pretty much the same thing), and I can totally relate at once to Fuko's sense of unfairness and fear of dying, as well as Sex's peace. This is really, really great, and-dare I get my hopes up, I don't see a "complete" on this?-I do sincerely hope you continue it.