Reviews for Rebirth
inuyasha16451 chapter 29 . 1/10
Love ️ the story. Please update soon. This one is one of my favorite stories.
ddentler21 chapter 29 . 12/31/2016
Hey hope you pick it up again one day
ddentler21 chapter 17 . 12/31/2016
ooh great chapter
Guest chapter 29 . 10/31/2016
Iloved it, just read through all the chapters , know its been a few years but still good :) will favorite it
Guest chapter 7 . 10/12/2016
Kagome is like a second Naruto and is so fricking annoying. I can't stand her.
mikamigg chapter 29 . 9/9/2016
I love this story please post more.
animecutylover chapter 29 . 6/24/2016
Aw man. This is too emotional. I feel bad for both of them.

Sasuke's being a baka, and Kagome just can't decide, can she?
animecutylover chapter 28 . 6/24/2016

They fight too much.
animecutylover chapter 27 . 6/24/2016

Poor Naru.

Omg! She's talking to the Demi-Goddess!
animecutylover chapter 26 . 6/24/2016
Tengus always have to be such arrogant bastards, don't they?

I mean, look at Kurama, the Tengu, from Kamisama Hajimemashite!
animecutylover chapter 25 . 6/24/2016

That was weird.

I really didn't think Hiruzen would flirt at his age.
animecutylover chapter 24 . 6/24/2016
Is Kirara gonna be back any time soon?


Awww... Poor 'Tachi.
animecutylover chapter 23 . 6/24/2016
Lol. Anko is right. They are funny.


Sasuke just got his ASS burned! Haha!
animecutylover chapter 22 . 6/24/2016

Sasuke's a pervert~



And he's a Tengu too~ So Miko ki hurts him~

animecutylover chapter 21 . 6/24/2016
I hope they don't get separated because of the impending aftermath, or I think all hell will break loose again.
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