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tinkermist99 chapter 29 . 10/5
lara5170 chapter 29 . 7/4
This is where I feel as if I want to cry because this is the end & it's been 3 years since it's been updated again. So, unfortunately I can only be upset because it's appears this has been abandoned,
lara5170 chapter 28 . 7/4
The last chapter is next & I'm really down about it
lara5170 chapter 27 . 7/4
I'm getting sadder just knowing that this is going to be over in 2 chapters.
lara5170 chapter 25 . 7/4
Now I'm getting really sad because it sounds like it's about to get exiting, but there are very few chapters left
lara5170 chapter 23 . 7/4
This was the best, I'm with that lunatic Anko. While I was reading this, I actually choked & had coffee coming out of my nose...If I'd known it was going to get so hilarious so quickly, I certainly wouldn't have taken a sip of my coffee because I got it all over my laptop.
It wasn't until I got myself under control & cleaned up the mess I'd made, that I'd finally read the part about Anko & the 4 Anbu. This was the best, I can't help but now feel completely upset knowing that this is an incomplete story that has been left abandoned...
lara5170 chapter 16 . 7/4
I'm really enjoying this story and I can't help but feel excited about what's going on but then I read the A.N. at the end of chapter about the update schedule & I'm completely shocked. While I understand the importance of reviews for a writer, I can only be upset that I'm 1st reading this story now in 2015 (from what I saw, I believe this story was last updated in 2012) so I'm aware that my reviews are most likely meaningless to the writer, but it's odd for me because I see 2,201 reviews listed for this story. There are very few stories, even some of the best & most intense, that usually get (at most)500-900 for completed stories.
It's sad, I'd leave a PM to the author but I've no idea if the writer even checks for reviews, is still writing FF, & if so, is even still writing on this site anymore. Sadly, over the years I've learned that both readers & writer's become finicky over time & switch to other sites.
lara5170 chapter 15 . 7/3
I've really been enjoying this story & just started reading it again, picking up exactly from where I'd left off last night.(Because) Unfortunately, while I was so completely engrossed in the story, I hadn't realized I'd been reading it non-stop until almost 3a.m.. I'd completely forgotten to stop long enough to eat or drink & had actually fallen asleep while reading this. I'm still hoping that this won't end up being completely a Kagome/Naruto romance, I'm quite fond of the whole Naruto/Hinata pairing.
lara5170 chapter 12 . 7/2
I was really sad to read the AN at the top of the story that mentioned Sasuke was at the bottom of the poll (that I missed because I'm only reading this years after it was written) because the fact that it had listed Kagome/Sasuke (with the other males, of course) was the only reason I chose to originally read this in the 1st place. I hope that the 'vote' isn't, or should I say wasn't ) final & that there is still a chance that there will be at least some Kagome/Sasuke in this. I'll keep reading this because it is a very well written story and I'm really enjoying it & since there are still many chapters left, I remain hopeful
lara5170 chapter 11 . 7/2
I know they are still young at this time but I must admit that I think I might try to see if I can find some Kagome/Gaara FF too. I hope that, at the very least, Gaara doesn't ending up hating Kagome in this story (since it appears that if Gaara is having headaches from dealing with his biju perhaps Kagome can help ease them for him with her power? I must read on & see what happens next
lara5170 chapter 10 . 7/2
I just started this story & while I'm aware that it's old & while I didn't take the time to check to see if it was completed or not, I can't help but say that I'm actually enjoying it very much. I should add that while I've always been a complete fan Sessh/Kagome FF, I just started reading Kagome/Sasuke FF the other day & I only stumbled upon this 1 earlier. I noticed it was listed as Kagome/Itachi/Naruto/Sasuke but I'm really hoping that it isn't a Kagome/Naruto romance. While I'm admittedly a pervert I have no qualms with the all males being with Kagome but as I'm knew to the Inuyasha/Naruto X-over, I'm still hoping that it won't be K/N FF. I guess at this point I'll just have to keep reading to find out which direction it's going. In case I didn't already mention this I'd like to say that I'm really enjoying it at this point (plus, I can't stand any of the I love Kagome's constant torture of Sakura)
Guest chapter 29 . 6/23
I just wanna say, that I love your story.
I hope, that you continue sometime.
Guest chapter 29 . 6/1
You should continue... It has been thee years... That should be enough time to write 10-15 pages
FlowingSakura chapter 16 . 6/1
The plot growing and growing is really entertaining. And Naruto admitting his feelings for Kags! Priceless! But, where is Sakura? Where is the compassion Kagome should have?! It's driving me nuts that everyone is mean to Sakura! She's had enough bullying on her life and Kagome isn't the kind of character to be all bratty. It's sickening that she treats Sakura that way. Kagome even got Sasuke-Teme and Naruto to hate Sakura! Give Sakura a break! Ok, now that's off my chest it's safe to say I enjoy the story (though the character development of Kags is very slow) and I can't wait to see what happens next chappie.
Aru Leonhart-Strife chapter 29 . 5/21
Whenever be get the chance to pick this story back up again, I will be eagerly waiting! It's been a joy to, read and hope that you are not going to discontinue it.
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