Reviews for 50 Shades of Awkward
Guest chapter 2 . 4/17/2015
emmett as fairy godmother.i wanna see it very very much.
ScarlettLovesRhett chapter 13 . 2/21/2011
Yeah! You updated. I was wondering when you would do that:) Keep up the amazing work.
xXJade-RoseXx chapter 1 . 1/4/2011
I look forward to bella waking up :P
BrownEyedBeauty17 chapter 12 . 7/28/2010
Hi i love this story its so sweet um i didnt know if you had an idea for one of the last chapters but if not i had one you could use but you dont have to. You could do one where she wakes up and all the cullens are there looking at her and because she sleep talks they kind of know what she dreamt of but they want to know the whole thing cause they onlt got glimpses so she tells them the story. So um yeah i just thought i'd give you an idea but you dont have to use it if you don't want so yeah im rambling i think i'll go check out some of your other stories now so um yeah...BYE:)
Xxheartbroken54xX chapter 12 . 7/10/2010
MissGeorgia96 chapter 12 . 2/15/2010

I love the story!~!~!~!~!~!
daniellesantos711 chapter 12 . 11/1/2009
i loved it!

yay! Bella finally got Edward, yay i just can't stop saying that lol

please continue.
SofieSeth4everTwilightGf chapter 12 . 10/19/2009
OMG! I LOVE EMMETT! HE IS SO ADORABLE! HE'D MAKE A WONDERFUL FAIRY PRINCESS! really good! please, if you have anymore to write, i would LOVE to read it! thanks for such a great story!
Romance and Musicals chapter 12 . 10/18/2009
AW! So cute!
ScarlettLovesRhett chapter 12 . 10/18/2009
Nice chapter I loved it keep it up:) Can't wait until u update again:D
WhyWasISoDumb chapter 12 . 10/18/2009
I like it so far, update soon please! Thanks! ~BellaCullen2312 (Megan)
read-a-holic545 chapter 11 . 8/18/2009
Update soon please! i love this story! It's really cute.
WhyWasISoDumb chapter 11 . 8/11/2009
Update soon please! Thank you!
daniellesantos711 chapter 11 . 5/5/2009
yay yay yay!

i love it it's so good!

please keep updating.
Orangefoodrocks chapter 11 . 5/2/2009
Thank you so much for updating! Yea I haven't updated mine for about that long... No worries
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