Reviews for Beauty Blooms
loulou.k chapter 1 . 9/8/2008
Hi Manna!

Not much to say here, ha? You've said every thing indeed, you summarized the whole 20 year or more of misery in one shot, and it was perfect …you've actually cursed hard this time, as if you were at the same situation before so you know how hard it was…

How love could turns our life into miserable and then make us hate ourselves, everyone around us, and then the life itself?

I'm saying that cuz I've been there, at those dark times…good I didn't turn to be like Fersen in his last years

I like how you put their thoughts of both of them in a frequency (And he wishes and hopes and prays that he does…) then (So she wishes and hopes and prays to God not to).

(This is war of a different sort, one that requires more than strength and courage. It requires heart.) That was so epic line.

(She’s heard rumors of her favorite Royal Guard getting into a bar fight, telling Fersen to go to hell, and it hurts her to think about it.) Wow! How …well, I think you should write a 'fic about that!

I tried to find excuses for Fersen and Mary's love, but I couldn't, really! They caused damage to the whole country because of there selfishness, which they called it "love"…

But I feel sorry for Fersen cuz he is the one how had to see every one died and he himself had to stay a life and watch that…it's a curse…may be that's why he turned to be another man hoping that one day God will take his life and free him from his misery and curses.


WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 9/7/2008
A wonderful insight as to why Fersen becomes so evil later in life. Great pov's too!

YAY! you remember me! lol. I still remember aim convo's! And yes you are my fav writer! I definately keep coming back for more. I mean I watch ROV just soi could read your fanfiction! Haha :)

I am going to try to find it on ebay in spanish. I can at least understand spanish. Rov is in so many languages and the US or britain never caught on. How sad. Now I just need to see what it's called in spanish.