Reviews for Heads and Tails
Equal-Opportunity-Reader chapter 3 . 1/15/2013
That's an exaggeration of Ron? I didn't notice. I'm being utterly serious here. I really didn't notice it was an exaggeration till I read the Author's Note. Obviously, I don't like Ron very much.
LingeringLuminosity chapter 5 . 2/28/2011
Just because you say you're exaggerating Ron in an authors note doesn't make it okay- of course it's easy to spin humor out of writing the characters ott but it would be more interesting to see how you do it without. I get the impression that this is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun as you reduce the chapters down to the most basic forms with little more than a few snaps of dialogue and little to no description at all. I wouldn't comment on it but then I read all of your little 'excuses don't cut its' on your bio page and rather felt like you were hiding behind this humor/parody tag to excuse how little in the way of substance there is in this fic.

Your summary needs needs NEEDS to be rewritten, its a cliche not a clique- a clique is an exclusive circle of friends and a cliche is an over done idea. I can't work out if english is your first language or not because sometimes your sentence structures are frankly very stiff, in the summary the term 'make humor of' doesn't sound right to me and the dialogue you use is about as natural as a latex jumpsuit.

It's very basic and I get the impression that there hasn't been an awful lot of time spent on this.
blossomgirl94 chapter 5 . 9/11/2008
haha! yay for colors then...update soon!