Reviews for My Heart Burns for You
PrincessTYC15 chapter 7 . 12/20/2021
The tension is killing me! But...I love it!
Romantic Bite chapter 78 . 9/1/2021
I already want to read it again
Romantic Bite chapter 78 . 9/1/2021
This was the best story I have read in my life.
Romantic Bite chapter 14 . 7/15/2021
This is now my fav story. I was just waiting for a Jet scene and then it would be complete. I have to say that this is one of the best story that I have read so far, and I am a frequent Zutara reader, I hope there will be more of Jet to come. Thank you!
aikihiro chapter 41 . 5/6/2021
Maaannnn ! Stank Yin-Min I don’t feel right with that skank...I had to check and my skank radar is hardly wrong. Ugh
aikihiro chapter 40 . 5/6/2021
Maaannn I don’t trust Yin-Min!
Lapis Love chapter 70 . 4/8/2021
Hello, I've been reading this story for the last few weeks after searching for a long and completed Zutara fic to satisfy my shipper needs. Just wanted to thank you so much for writing this fic! Now on to business *clears to throat*

I KNEW it was the physician! My spidey sense went off a little when he came in to examine Katara after her fall. The way he worded his questions seemed off, almost like he was anticipating hearing that she was close to miscarrying. It niggled me but I let it go. Then my suspicions came roaring back when Jianguo met up with his "inside man" who talked about how he was able to frame Kang. Wei seemed like the obvious choice but it was too on the nose. The man was too impertinent to try to plan to overthrow Zuko behind his back, he'd want Zuko to know he was going to find a way to get rid of him and Katara etc. Plus I'm sure Wei is too much of a snob to even think about consorting with criminals or disgraced former Fire Nation soldiers to circumvent the royal succession. Or I could be giving him too much credit, lol. In any case, I'm worried and anxious about what's about to go down at this wedding. And Mai, lord girl get some self-respect. Guess it's way too late for that.
DamyDark chapter 1 . 3/10/2021
Bueno, acabo de toparme con esta historia y creo que desde ahora ya muestran todo lo que vendrá, anhelos por estar con el otro, culpas, tira y afloja con los deseos, etc. Creo que no hay mucho de nuevo, espero equivocarme. Se planteó desde el inicio que están interesados por el otro y que Katara se siente inclinada por Zuko que por Aang, así que...bueno, veremos
Orca1994 chapter 1 . 2/7/2021
So, I finished this story a little over a week ago. It took me a little less than 3 months to read all the way through. I have NEVER read a story so good. I took a hiatus from reading fan fiction for about 8 years because undergrad and grad school, then watched ATLA for the first time in August/September 2020. Naturally, because the cartoon was so good, I had to go find out more about the fandom. I honestly don't remember how I got to this story, but it was fate. Girl! This story hit me in my chest. I don't know if I'll EVER find a story (fan fiction or original published work) that I'll find as satisfying. This story *changed* me. I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of mad that it was so long sometimes, but then getting to the end and seeing that it took you TEN YEARS, I took it all back. It was worth every last day of procrastination and late night followed by instant regret. THANK YOU.
DeziJean94 chapter 11 . 2/2/2021
I appreciate the fact that this story has a plot and it's a slow burn kinda story, but c'mon can't I at least get a kiss.
LittleMargarita chapter 78 . 1/31/2021
wow that was perfect! Im glad I was part of the journey of this story...thank you for your dedication! and I just love how intense the love between Zuko and Katara is felt throughout the whole series. Love prevails! thanks again!
LittleMargarita chapter 75 . 1/30/2021
Toshiro, you idiot! how did it not cross his mind to ask Zuko for a title of nobility when Zuko has proved to be a generous and fair Fire Lord?!
LittleMargarita chapter 74 . 1/30/2021
omg I was so worried Jet had been killed! Im glad he made it!
LittleMargarita chapter 68 . 1/25/2021
Would the rebels really be ok with Ozai as their kind again as a non bender? I feel like they would not accept it because it would make the nation look weak. Maybe at the beginning they would be ok with it, but as time passed, they would not like a non bending Fire Lord.
AegisOfRime chapter 78 . 1/18/2021
Wow. That was a journey. Absolutely massive and absolutely worth it. Fantastic storytelling. Love Zuko and Katara so much, and I enjoyed the other pairings in this as well, even the OC (and I usually dislike OC.) 10/10
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