Reviews for Poison Power Play
Mary7Magdalene chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
Wow! Incredibly well written. You have the psychology of the antagonist down so well, I can't imagine you didn't pursue a career in social sciences.

Write On!
Masked Revolt chapter 1 . 5/13/2011
This is so well done and thought out! Yet even though he is still the bad guy, you managed to give him a bit of heart, a bit of goodness, no matter how small. I really enjoyed it!
Piratechief chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
Wow! This situation is written very well, love how you really put empasis on the high points of Jafar's feelings. :)
Dolphinfootballover95 chapter 1 . 9/14/2010
Thank u Soooo much for this story. I have been so sick of people trying to alter jafar into this "lovey-dovey" guy, which we all kno he isn't. This rly captured jafar's views on love and power. Well done!
angelvan105 chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
how interesting story you put that way! about... what if! jafar win in very end!
The Maine Coon Cat chapter 1 . 2/19/2010
Ah, finally, a GOOD Jafar/Jasmine fic. While I naturally support Al/Jas, I also like this "what-if" couple as well...because it's just so wrong. XD

Great job!
ladyleahrbloom chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
Fantastic! I was really eating this up. I wish there had been more though.
dizzynetbookgirl chapter 1 . 9/6/2009
You perfectly captured here what it is I love about this pairing and all other pairings like it. It's sexy and perceptive. Major props especially since most of the Jasmine/Jafar stories on this website are throwaways.
Broadwaypoetess chapter 1 . 5/20/2009
That was delightfully sexy and twisted and one of the best portrayals of this pairing. Thank you, it was a pleasure to read.
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 1 . 3/23/2009
Oh, wow. Very brilliant, dark and inspiring...

You kept everyone in character so well. And you used excellent word choices and details too. Keep up your awesome, great writing!
RedHobbit chapter 1 . 3/19/2009
This is one of the most articulate and carefully crafted pieces of fiction I've read on this site, well done! I thought that I'd be hard pressed to find a decent Jafar/Jasmine shipper (I've only just started looking, getting back into my old Disney films) but this is definitely now one of my favourites. You obviously must have worked really hard on this, and it really pays off. The relationship between them sounds so apt, and very alluring. I think after I've posted this, I'll read it again... write some more, please!

The Mad Maiden chapter 1 . 3/18/2009
That was...twisted and yet..very good. I love the way you portrayed them. It seemed really in character.
Alexxis T. Swan chapter 1 . 3/16/2009
The ship drives me wild too.
BroadwayDisneyFan chapter 1 . 1/31/2009
that was one of the most amazing fan fics i've ever read on this site. Actually it was the best. YOu are an amazing writer. Please keep this pairing up
Kristen of the Opera chapter 1 . 12/14/2008
I can tell you worked extremely hard on this. It's a beautiful piece, and I enjoyed it. A lot.
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