Reviews for White Out
Guest chapter 11 . 1/2/2015
Can you at least spell Morgan's name correctly instead of just guessing? That is an easy thing to do. Try it. It's Derek. When I come back to this story, I expect it to have been corrected. No excuse for this carelessness.
white tiger freak chapter 13 . 6/28/2014
I LOVE IT! (x a million)
Caitlynn Sidhe chapter 2 . 9/2/2012
do you hate Spencer or something, why must you always torture him, he's a Puppy.
I mean the writing quality is good and all, but leave the poor Koinu alone.
Ilovejj chapter 13 . 2/7/2012
His name is Derek! Not Derrick ok! All go other than that love da story
Hi chapter 1 . 12/19/2011
Hi! Great story!

zannabanana chapter 13 . 7/16/2010
The girl kissing Reid was funny.

Good thing she didn't have oral herpes.

Good story. :-)
zannabanana chapter 12 . 7/16/2010
omg. Its like when Superman got Mr. Myxlpltktll (or however the hell it's spelled) to say his name backward!

zannabanana chapter 11 . 7/16/2010
LOL. It would be funny if the chick stopped by to thank Reid.
zannabanana chapter 10 . 7/16/2010
This chapter inspired me to listen to Fever by Peggy Lee.
zannabanana chapter 9 . 7/16/2010
I just had a sudden thought that it would've been funny if someone tried to convince Reid that he had been an exotic dancer and tried to get him to dance...

No idea why that came to me all of a sudden.

Garcia is awesome.

So the unsub is a cop?
zannabanana chapter 8 . 7/16/2010
Some plaster walls are weak. They break if you just lean on them. :D

I think Reid is stronger than he looks. I think its funny that on the show, the most Reid ever did in terms of anger (other than snap at people and raise his voice) was to throw a folder full of paperwork on the floor.
zannabanana chapter 7 . 7/16/2010
The ConFrance room thing cracks me up.

Poor Reid. I know in Elephant's Memory he didn't say anything more about what happened when he was tied to the goalpost but I got the impression they beat him up a bit.

For some reason I got it into my head that maybe the captain of the football team ended up as a child molester.

The Deaton guy sounds like a real peach.
zannabanana chapter 6 . 7/16/2010
I do like the memory of how he perceived what happened with Lila.

Poor Reid needs more hugs.
zannabanana chapter 5 . 7/16/2010
Really, irresponsible of a doctor to leave a patient after giving him medicine. He should have been in a hospital under observation.

He could hit his head if he gets woozy and falls in the bathroom.

Would he need to keep taking the Amytol to keep getting memory back?
zannabanana chapter 4 . 7/16/2010
Hmm. I would think it would be better for them to tell Reid ahead of time so he wouldn't be so shocked by the memories of what happened.

But I'm still enjoying the story.
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