Reviews for Alchemy in the Digital World
Shadow fang the black wolf chapter 38 . 10/7/2008
interestin use of diffrent angels instead of ophanimon seraphimon and cherubimon you have magnaangemon angewomon and slashangemon. i noticed that only one is mega and the other two are ultimates. will any of the three show up later in the story or to help or will they no longer be a part of it?

another question is concerning the spirits. are the beast spirits going to appear in this story or will there only be human spirits? also in regaurds to the spirit that was absorbed into Raitos was that the coruption or the actual spirit that was absorbed or was it something else?

anyway i cant wait to read the next arc. keep up the good work
Shadow fang the black wolf chapter 28 . 9/13/2008
this next arc in the story is interesting as tommy's older brother comes into play. will any of the other warriors or family of the warriors also make appearances and what happens to a spirit when it is defeated. such as the AlkiWizarmon vs. Duskmon battle coming up does tommy's older brother gain ot or what?.

p.s. love how mystimon was sarcastic about hte paper digivice
Shadow fang the black wolf chapter 1 . 9/10/2008
im not all that good with reviewing but anyway the start of this story up to the end of arc 1 is interesting with aspects that i havent seen before (at least none that i have read) such as the infuence of alchemy. i beleive this sotry has great potential as a great read and i look forward to the next arc. would it be possiable at all for someone to create a picture of AlkiWizarmon?

i also love how you have added Witchelny as well as MedievalGallantmon (my fav x-antibody character and evolution line)

keep up the good work