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Honkytonkangel chapter 62 . 7/17
Welcome back.
Pierre totally ROCKS here. I LOVE how loving and supportive he is to both his parents while they attempt to sort things out, but I feel bad for him being stuck in the middle too.
It still makes me so sad to see the distance and discomfort between C&J.
I was wishing they'd be able to set some time aside and talk so YAY for 'security' meetings.
I can't wait to find out what happens.
Loved the Mia and Nick moments too. I can totally see why Mia is frustrated but at least she's allowed to do some things LOL. I can't wait to meet their babies.
bluegirl-783 chapter 62 . 7/17
Hi! Sorry to hear that you lost all your documents in an update- that's really annoying, isn't it-but glad that you managed to post anyway.
Good on Pierre for dancing with his mother- what is wrong with Joseph?!
The security meeting... hmm, could that really be about security or something else?
Waiting in anticipation for more!
Wem chapter 62 . 7/16
This story is so amazing! Please, keep going! I cant wait to see what J wants with that meeting!

Thank you
ALLBAD chapter 62 . 7/16
Hey there, so happy to see an update. Really enjoying this. Looking forward to more.
Thank you.
zuka4one chapter 62 . 7/16
Wow, just wow
WildMeiLing chapter 62 . 7/16
The only thing I was going to throw was a party, so no worries there. :) I love how compassionate and chivalrous Pierre is, that he can make Clarisse laugh when she's feeling bleak. Speaking of feelings, I was strangely comforted by her confusion at the end; and I am *so* looking forward to their meeting on Wednesday. It would be awesome if it really were on actual Wednesday, or if she (you) could find time to work him in a little earlier in the week, but you just keep writing and get us there as soon as you can.
Sakurapanda18 chapter 62 . 7/16
After sooooo long finally an update thanks and I really liked the chapter
ALLBAD chapter 61 . 5/26

More please - sooooooon.

Thank you.
bluegirl-783 chapter 61 . 4/21
Please update soon, I can't wait to read more and hope that things are on an upswing! Glad that Mia is okay... and hopefully those laws will be changed!
Marjorie Nescio chapter 61 . 4/19
I look forward to see the Queen triumphant in parliament.
riaam chapter 61 . 4/19
Oh my... I love this! I look forward to the next chapter...
I look forward to have C/J together again!

Thank you so much!
zuka4one chapter 61 . 4/19
Nice job! A boy and a girl! Woo hoo!
Diva4life chapter 60 . 3/10
I want the awkwardness between them to go away... but i completely understand the situation they are in. I love where you are going with the plot. I would really like her brother and his partner to come to the palace. i definitely feel they would help sort some things out!
Sakurapanda18 chapter 60 . 3/4
Thanks for the chapter update I can't wait to read more and as always amazing story
bluegirl-783 chapter 60 . 3/4
Ooh, can't wait to read more... and so glad that Pierre insisted Joe be part of the family Christmas celebrations- OF COURSE he had to be!
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