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Gwyn chapter 71 . 4/11
I started reading this fanfiction YEARS ago, keeping up to date until, sadly, I stopped reading fanfictions and reading in general. But recently I was like, 'I need to start reading again and best way to go about that is revisiting my fav fanfics!' and immediately I remembered my all time favourite KH's ff. To see how many new chapters there were got me so excited I had to start from the very beginning again. BUT OH WOW I NEVER EXPECTED IT TO BE COMPLETED. My heart has been crushed, in the best way possible. This story, your amazing n well thought out oc's, their interactions with the characters and how genuine it all felt, I'm 4am and I'm crying at the club. I'm honestly so excited for you to continue the story, I was so happy to see you were going to do a sequel ! Thank you for working so hard on this fanfiction and showing us the fantastic world of KH from a whole new, unique perspective 3
bubblegum bxtch chapter 71 . 3/29
four years. in june i will have been following this fic for four years. as aila grew i did too. i’ve gotten to know her character so well these past few years that she almost feels real, her story feels real.
i don’t really know how to put into words how much i adore this fic, and how glad i am that i have managed to keep up the past couple years. and honestly i’d love to talk about every single thing i’ve loved about this whole story but i’d definitely need more than the character limit (i’m pretty sure reviews have one don’t they?) but anyway, fade, i just really wanted to thank you for this amazing journey i’ve been able to take part in through aila. i’ve read literally hundreds of fan fictions of numerous genres and fandoms since i discovered this site and ones like it, but eclipse of the heart is by far my favorite. i’ve never gotten so into the storyline of a fan work as much as i have with this one. and i really just want to thank you for that.
i will be excitedly waiting for the sequel. i have so many questions that i can’t wait to have answered. i really hope celina isn’t gone for good. but i guess all will be revealed as you begin telling yet another journey following aila, sora, and the rest of the gang!
once again, i just want to let you know how much i adore your writing and how much i adore aila, and how i almost feel like i’ve grown with her. i really appreciate the dedication you have put into eclipse of the heart. and if it takes another ten years for another fic to be completed, then so be it!
until next time!
Anon chapter 71 . 3/26
It's over... all I can say is, it was a good story, and I can't wait for the sequel!
Guest chapter 71 . 3/24
I really wanted Kairi's typo to be mentioned here. Sure, it wouldn't fit with the tone, but it'd still be really funny.
TwilightSky15 chapter 71 . 3/24
It's 6 am and I'm crying my eyes out! This was such a great story and I really really appreciate you for sticking with it for so long and doing what other authors never do. You deserve a trophy for achieving the impossible task of actually finishing a story with more then then like 3 or 4 chapters and not giving up, losing interest/insperation or being too lazy to write. *applause*
silverr.wings chapter 71 . 3/24
I'm with you all the way! Thanks for this amazing story
Nightshade07 chapter 71 . 3/23
Damn! I found this story a few days ago and fell in love! This is the best Kingdom Hearts story I've ever read! On the sequel shouldn't it be Dream Drop Distance first and then KH3? Anyway thank you for this awesome story, it made me laugh and cry and rage, rage, rage! Especially at Luxord! I can't wait for what's next, until next time!
V01dSw0rd chapter 71 . 3/22
I REALLY expected a reference to the song, due to the chapter title...
V01dSw0rd chapter 70 . 3/22
I feel like it would be nice if the chunk describing the dress was broken up a little... its a little Large...
V01dSw0rd chapter 69 . 3/22
Will this have a Sequel? Maybe KH3, when it comes out, will help inspire one!
V01dSw0rd chapter 68 . 3/22
Why didn't they Name it as Final form? It did get called that after the confrontation in the heart... (that would've been a good time/way to have Alla help with Roxas...)

Also, I don't think Mickey ever saw Roxas... or he would note the similarities to Ventus...

(have you seen the new trailers for KH3?!)
ricojonathan23 chapter 1 . 3/22
Ugh, I just hate it when awesome stories end…
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 71 . 3/20
I have an exam coming up tomorrow and instead of studying I was reading this. It's alright it was worthy. I cried up with the Celina part. I wasn't expecting her to sacrifice herself for Aila, it showed me she is a selfless being but I don't think she is dead. I also tear up at the farewell with Sora, I felt like I was going to miss them together. I am sad yet I am not because you will write a sequel however long it takes I don't care as long as I get to see the siblings interacting with the trio once again. I was bumped down that Aila didn't get to see Roxas but it does makes sense as in the game only Sora and Kairi are able to see Roxas and Namine so it wouldn't be cannon if Aila was able to see them too. But I loved that she was able to tell him how much Axel cared for him. The fight with Xemnas put me at edge as I thought for a moment he was going to kill Aila. All in all I thought this was an amazing chapter.

Like many other people already pointed out, I like that you didn't make the KH characters OCC. There wasn't a moment I doubt I was reading a KH story because you kept the elements of the game. The moments you made the original characters in another light like when Sora got mad at Aila it didn't feel out of place because you set them up well. I usually get tired of OC after awhile but yours weren't aggravating or annoying to me. I feel like others authors tried to make their characters especially females seem too cool just by writing them better than everybody else or making them snarky. You didn't have to resolve to such cheap tactics. You took the time to build real people and making them charismatic and relatable to the audience.

I started reading this story in 2014 when I was about to graduate from high school. Now I am on my fourth year of university. I'm going to admit this story grew up with me through time. A couple of years back I was discovering things about myself and I remember a line from the Beast Castle story which is the one about letting kids enjoy themselves as one day those carefree moments will only become a memory. I couldn't help but feel so relatable and realized I wasn't a kid anymore as I had responsibilities and my world wasn't as safe as it once was.
During this time I was also taking a communication class and I was assigned to make an speech. It wasn't originally my intention but your line inspire my speech and my professor told me my speech was really good because it felt relatable and touch something in everyone in the classroom.

In conclusion you are an amazing author and I know you will write a great sequel. Just keep doing what you are doing taking your time to build the characters.

Thank you for this amazing story and I am waiting patiently for the sequel.
Fairyhaven13 chapter 71 . 3/20
I teared up a little. "Everything's Alright" was a perfect fit for that moment and it was kind of impossible not to have wet eyes. Out of all outcomes, I can honestly say I never expected Celina to go comatose, or whatever her current state is. She can't be dead, if she was, she'd have done whatever she did a long, long time ago, or Cyrus would have found a way to do it to her or something. Cyrus is going to be ticked off. This is both exactly what he wanted and what he didn't want to happen. I hope that doesn't damage Aila rebuilding her relationship with Danny.

This story was so, so good. It was very well done, and everyone was in character, which is a huge thing for me. I get really sick of other stories where the characters all just sink into stereotype-dynamics, where no one is having any actual conversations and they're just kind of acting like sitcom characters rather than being fully fleshed out people with different perspectives and goals in mind. You did very well with that, and I'm so glad you did.

With the time you spent on this (a decade, holy crap) I completely understand you needing a break. Please take as long as you need, and we'll all be waiting excitedly for the update (probably a good while after Three finally comes out so you can both deal with exhaustion and plotholes if we're realistic).

Also, there was one brief typo-Aila closed her "eyed" instead of "eyes." Other than that, the chapter was perfect. Have a good break, get lost of rest and eat lots of ice cream!
Paxixx chapter 71 . 3/20
Holy. Smokes. It’s been a wild ride. This story is awesome! I can’t believe this fic is finally completed. I remember when I first stumbled across this fic several months ago, and binge reading it in like a week. And I liked it so much, that I read through it a second time. Thank you for writing this amazing story, and I look forward to reading the sequel! Also, fun fact: according to the word count, this story is longer than the bible!
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