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Fairyhaven13 chapter 62 . 2/25
I wonder what happens to Aila after all this? Does she stay with everyone in this realm and join in the games later? I would love to see her progression with Axel/Lea and whatever happens to Demyx. On the other hand,, I know how much she says she wants to go home. Will she actually though, in the end? And Terra acted like he knew her, which could be a timey-wimey thing, so I'm thinking she stays for at least a little while. This is really good so far, and that keyblade sounded beautiful.
NuncaNiem chapter 62 . 2/23
Great story you have here. I love how you included scenes that weren't in the original game and the fact that you've brought the whole cast into life again. You've got a plot here, the elements, the suspense... Oh... This is priceless. I'm talking about feeling like they're really THERE, you know? Like, living and breathing in the world of Kingdom Hearts. Anyway, I totally ship Sora and Aila together, even though I can see that you're not planning to make that a canon ship hahaha Their friendship is really something else. Thank you so much for writing up to here. It feels wonderful to be able to read your work.
Have a wonderful day :D
Samantha chapter 62 . 2/21
I can't what for v the next capther
ShadowDragon07 chapter 62 . 2/20
PHEW! Finally finished re-reading the whole story. Seeing as it's getting close to the end, i just had to 'refresh' my memory on the story to this point. I'm so excited to see how this will end, seeing as not EVERYTHING has been going according to the plan. Things are about to get really interesting. Re-reading all the sad/heartbreaking moments made me tear up just like before. Ugh, stahp being so awesome at making great scenes. XP JK.

Since this has bits of 'Final Mix' I wonder if the Limit Form will make an appearance? Then of course there's Final Form and the ominously mentioned Anti Form. Or if we'll get to see Sora and Aila Master Form again. I'm also curious to see the moment where they meet Ansem, or find out if Axel keeps his promise or sacrifices himself for the group.

So many possibilities, so many ways things can go wrong. I can barely stand it! XD
Guest chapter 62 . 2/13
Why am I getting this foreboding feeling when sora said he'd return the heart? Its kairi all over again so I'm just gonna assume that and by the way great chappie and can't wait till next time :3. I was here since u updated after a few years, no mo' waitin
silverr.wings chapter 62 . 2/11
Sequel? Sign me the fudge up! This chapter was great. The Terra feels...Can't wait to see how you wrap this up!
Flakeblood chapter 62 . 2/10
I think I may have said this before, but I always get so excited when you update. Aaaahhhhh so close to the last world! I think I just about DIED when you mentioned a sequel. BY JOVE IF THAT REALLY HAPPENS AFKJBEG{I

Ahem. Anyways, glad to see my poor baby Terra in here. And hints of Celina's interactions! Excite!
I never played the lingering will battle, even though I have the 2.5 remix. Guess I got lazy, ehehe. I never fought Marluxia's extra battle either, even though I did the others.
But I guess my point was that I was excited to read it. w

So, I'll wish you good luck! You've been working super hard on this story for years now, and though I'm happy to read it over and over, I'm even happier to watch it progress. Good luck good luck good luck! And have fun with it!
bubblegum bxtch chapter 62 . 2/9
I can't believe we're getting closer and closer to the end. I started reading this fic about 2 years ago, and while there was already a lot of the story posted by then, it's still amazing to watch the story grow, and seeing Aila grow stronger and more confident, etc etc.
It's been a wild ride of a story and I know these upcoming chapters will definitely not disappoint! I am so excited to see what else you can throw at us, considering you've tossed in so many plot twists already. Like, words can't describe what I'm feeling right now that we are closer and closer to the end game.
So can we please talk about the encounter with Terra?! Like eep! He recognized Aila! I'm not sure if that's going to be good or bad in the end...I can't quite decide which one. The way it was written seemed it could be either or. And when he recognised Sora? It took me a minute into reading the fight scene that he probably thought he was Vanitas. I don't have any idea how it took me so long to connect that.
AND THE KEYBLADE. I think it is so sweet that Aila used the heart to make Sora a keychain. I would kill to see a drawing of it, I hope someone makes a fan art of it. The way you described how it looks, I'm sure it would be such a beautiful keyblade. It must be pretty powerful, too, considering it has Aila's light!
I was smiling pretty much the whole time I was reading this chapter. You blew me away with your writing, like always. I am so excited for what is to come.
Samantha chapter 62 . 2/9
Grain chapter can't what tell the next chapter and I'm wandered how she nows Eraqus
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 62 . 2/9
I wonder if Terra met Celina before she chose Aila or maybe he knows Aila from when she was a child before being send to the Land of Knowledge. Yeah we are reaching the end of the game, I am excited to see how would all of this play out. Happy to hear you would write a sequel!
TwilightSky15 chapter 62 . 2/8
Yay, I finally caught up! I've been putting off finishing reading this for I think a year or two. I'd always been meaning to come back to it because normally if it's a great fic like this then I end up thinking about it a lot, but I just got so busy and then I graduated Highschool and now I'm in college so I FINALLY found time to actually lay around getting caught up. But now I'm kind of bummed because I have to actually WAIT for chapters now instead of saying glued to my iPod every night excitedly scrolling through the awesomely long chapters you made. :)

Thank you so much for doing consistent updates with this story! This literally the ONLY story in my favorites list the actually gets regular updates. Other then that, out of the thousands of stories I've favorited during my time on this site, I'm lucky if I at see MAYBE two stories a month get updated now, so you at least give me the development to ACTUALLY look at my favorites list on here.

Keep up the good work! ;)
Zero1313 chapter 62 . 2/8
Okay I figured that if you included the Lingering Will that it would hint at something, but man that was intense. Also very sad too though.

Lucidum Melody, that is a beautiful name for a beautiful keyblade. I love how you incorporated not only Aila's moon but also added the water for Demyx.

Things are going to be kicking off big time here and I cannot wait.

Till next time!

P.S. When Terra grabbed Aila did you mean for it to seem like when Xehanort grabbed Aqua at the end of BBS?
Goldspark1 chapter 62 . 2/8
Thanks for including teasing from Celina. She isn't contempt to just shut up and be quiet anymore. She actually talks and teases Aila now. She even isn't afraid to take control of Aila as shown when she explained the situation about the Cornerstone to the gang.

Love the little extra of the Cornerstone providing power to Aila. She has a spirit who draws power from light. It would make sense she would get a power boost and a great way of providing a reason she is able to handle the next fight.

Like the buildup to when they finally went into the room. While Disney Castle still had life, it was muted. Half the lights were on and no one was around. You could feel the tension and while their is nothing bad going on, you just know something is about to happen. Then even when they cross the portal, they take a moment to simply look around. Seeing nothing but desert and rock formations. Even like the part where Aila watched the secret movie and recognized Roxas and Terra's armor. That was an awesome animation and it just got you psyched for combat.

The fight itself felt great. As soon as the fight was on, you knew that this enemy is fast. .25 seconds to do a spell and unable to stop him. That is the only window you have to know what his attack is and how to dodge/block. It took me 25 tries and memorizing all his moves before I was able to beat him. You do a great job of showing at their current power level, they didn't stand a chance. It was only the soldiers ignorance of the other threat that they were able to pull out a victory. The binding attack was scary when I was fighting him. Unable to use my magic meant I could not heal myself, meaning I have nothing to fall back on if I make a mistake. Like the part where if you got hit by his vehicle, it would be the equivalent of getting hit by a car. Like how Donald and Goofy, despite being great characters, were at most nuances to him. It was only Aila and her magic that they were able to do any real damage. I was a bit disappointed to not see Terra's armor do a limit break. Where the very earth was rising out of the ground and the sun just got a little darker because of just how much power was in the air. But understandably, if he pulled that out, he probably would have instantly crushed them. Completely invulnerable, able to teleport, and two moves. One for still targets and another for chasing.

Like the ending. Sora got a new keyblade to show he beat the Lingering Will. A new mystery is unlocked about how Aila might be more important than any of them think. Its a great tease.

I honestly wish you didn't buy Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Their not going to stop giving us reused games if we don't say no. Its like their lazy, giving us a new game with only one world for Birth By Sleep. A remix of DDD. And a HD movie about Kingdom Hearts X. We will never get Kingdom Hearts 3 or anything worth buying a new game for. Your probably going to finish this story and be done with your next story by the time the new one roles around.

This is a request, but can you please have Aila fight Roxas at Memory Skyscraper? It seems fitting the two e-members of the organization should have a fight over the death of a comrade. I know, rationally its not Aila's fault but that is not how grief works. First its denial, then anger.
NatNicole chapter 62 . 2/8
*grins like Sora* Real AWESOME idea, having Aila make the coral heart into a Key Chain!
...U-oh. Something's wrong at Disney Castle, isn't it?
HOLY CHIZ! The Cornerstone of Light affects Aila that strongly?! ...I shoulda seen that comin', but didn't. Kudos to ya! *grins again*
*snickers at the game conversation* Both what Sora & co. say an' how Aila is wrong (that bit of Darkness wasn't there in canon, right? I dunno, actually... It's why I'm asking.) but also a fairly accurate representation of an average-ish K.H. fan are amusing to read.
Sora's positive attitude always cheers me up! *pumps fist, cheering the quartet on*
*jumps up & down in excitement* Aila knew the BbS trio! An' she remembers a bit about 'em! WOOHOO!
OH CRAP! *panics as Terra's armor gets mad*
This story's fight scenes are all EPIC! *gives a Cheshire Cat grin*
I utterly adore every interaction Aila has with Sora in this fic! *glomps them*
Clever way to get the Twilight Town info to Sora & co.!
WHOA! Now that's a gorgeous Keyblade!
*does a happy jig as the quartet sets off again*
Freya Heart chapter 62 . 2/8


I love your story so much... thank you for taking the time to write us this chapter! It's just as amazing as ever! Well, I arrived late to the party. Still, you can count on me to be here until the end!
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