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sailorsenshi13 chapter 60 . 11/26
I wonder who Aila's real parents are.
Zero1313 chapter 60 . 11/25
Filler yes, but the kinda filler one needs after a bunch of stress, especially when it came to trying to figure out what was on those videos.

My only concern with them is that if Cyrus and Celina had agreed to work together then what happened to make him suddenly go back to trying to kill her. Maybe outside interference?

Regardless I really liked those videos with Ansem it showed a different take on him and I loved it.

It was nice for Aila to head into 100 Acre Woods it was a much needed break she needed.

Till next time!
NatNicole chapter 60 . 11/25
*grins like a maniac* LOVE this update!
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 60 . 11/25
I loved this chapter it was so sweet and adorable. Aila is right Kairi would have die of adorableness if she saw how cute Sora is with the Acre Woods gang. I was smiling ear to ear until the end. It was really nice of the Resistance to throw a party for Aila.
The beginning did throw me off. I am wondering if Ansem the Wise was trying to protect the kids from Xehanort or something else entirely. I think he might since the report said 'vessels' but I'm not sure. It would be pretty cool though. Aila was pretty happy with the reports since that might help her bring Danny back, but honestly I can't share her excitement. I just feel something is off, and the report also said they could die or maybe I read wrong. Either way I am skeptical.
Aila talking to the spot where Demyx die made me tear up. When she said "love you" did she mean in a romantic way or just someone she cares about like when she says she loves the boys?
I hope you had a great thanksgiving, mine was since you updated. Actually last week I was wondering when you will update.
See ya ~
Night chapter 60 . 11/25
Wow! Great chapter as always! I wonder how Sora (and perhaps the others) would react to fanfiction. Sora would freak knowing that the Sora x Kairi ship is a thing in our world xD
relena soulheart chapter 60 . 11/24
OH this chapter made me smile alright! :D awesome work as always! Keep it up!
silverr.wings chapter 60 . 11/24
A very very sweet chap. Seriously you can give someone diabetes with this. Thank you for, all this time, never giving up such an awesome story. I appreciate it.
TheyAllStartOutOrdinary chapter 60 . 11/24
TASOO: ( Gets on knees, cupping hands together) Oh, mighty author. PLEASE DO SEPHIROTH! I'm begging you! Aila's birthday! Yaaaaaay! I was always curious when her birthday was. So she's December 2nd... that means her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius! Which kinda makes sense, I mean, Sagittarius is pretty focused and intense, something that Celina defiantly is. Also, this chapter was really cute and happy, nice to have a decent break from all Grrrr and the Arrrrrg and the sobby sob sob sob. That Pooh part really raised my spirits. I honestly hated The Hundred Acre Woods when I was playing KH2, but you made me love it. That Demyx scene actually made me cry... and right when she said 'By Dem... Love you.' My heart instantly broke, its nice to finally have Aila confess her love to Demyx aloud, even if it was hinted in her actions. I hope you update soon and somehow find a way to work Sephiroth in there...
V01dSw0rd chapter 60 . 11/24
Perfect Thanksgiving update!
LaserLightCannon chapter 60 . 11/24
Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for this great chapter today! That's an awesome birthday! Uncovering hidden secrets and lost memories, visiting Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends, and a birthday party with presents to top it all off?! This chapter made me feel so warm and fluffy...
Goldspark1 chapter 60 . 11/24
Love the chapter.

The beginning really threw me off. Not in a bad way, it was just surprising, and I like it. I have no clue how that will hint on what comes next but thanks for pulling a Kingdom Hearts and hinting at us their is more to the story.

Love the trip to Hundred Acre wood. Who could hate that world completely devoid of evil? Even in kingdom hearts 1, when it was swallowed in the darkness, their were no heartless in it.
Guest chapter 60 . 11/24
Are you seriously asking if this chapter made me smile? I was grinning so much I'm surprised I didn't split my face in half. That was so fantastic ad I loved the entire thing. The original plot info you gave us was interesting in showing that they all came from Radiant Garden and were sent to Earth. Can't wait to see how Alex and Danny react to this news and the whole birthday party was priceless. It was nice seeing her get to meet Pooh and the rest and how well everyone knows her to make her completely forget about her 'surprise' birthday party. I think everything went together perfectly and I can't wait for what will happen next chapter. I loved all the heartwarming moments and adorable fluffiness you gave us here so can't wait for next chapter.
bubblegum bxtch chapter 60 . 11/24
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too Fade!
This was the sweetest chapter. I absolutely adored it. I'm glad we've got a little insight on Aila, Danny, and Alex's past, no matter how cryptic it had been! Also, Celina remembered, so hopefully that's a sign of good things to come.
Aila visiting where Demyx died was like a stab in the heart. It was so bittersweet but I'm glad Aila is healing over that. No matter how much I wish he could've stayed in the story, haha.
And that little cuddling on the couch and sleeping melted my heart. This chapter was wonderful. Have a great holiday, hope to read more soon! xxxx
grapejuice101 chapter 60 . 11/24
I love it! Happy Birthday Alia! Please update ASAP
Kat chapter 59 . 11/13
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