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Hero Of The Hazard chapter 26 . 11/19
Ooh, I didn't expect Celina to be a Spirit, I totally expected her to be a past life of Aila or something. xD
Nice plot twist.
(And history is going to repeat itself with Danny and Aila, isn't it?)
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 22 . 11/18
Aila isn't whole? Interesting...I wonder if she's like Ventus (that voice in the woods that was trying to lure her with Alex's voice...wonder if they are like Vanitas then)?
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 9 . 11/17
Pfft, kidnapped before she could follow Sora and the gang. Alia, you aren't allowed to adventure with them, fate won't allow it! xD
Hero Of The Hazard chapter 5 . 11/16
Yeah, that's the thing about Nobodies, they can seem very genuine but are actually tricking you preeeeeeetty easily.

I would settle for being extremely cautious around any of them, haha.
bubblegum bxtch chapter 53 . 10/27
HOLY. NUTELLA. this chapter was fantastic! I don't remember how long exactly you were gone, but wow! - doesn't matter how long or short the wait was, this chapter length made up for it for sure!
I felt really bad for my daughter, haha. Aila is like the most badass but cute character and I love her so much and she's not even my character.
DANNY, WHAT?! I as wondering when we'd see him again..and wow, what logic he had or Cyrus drilled into his brain. Either way, he needs a little help...
The fight scenes we're actually really good! At least I could follow what was happening. And I totally don't mind you skipping writing the whole Jafar's a nice break from an intense battle and instead delving into character relationships and development, and of course, plot development as well~!
I'm glad Aila had that breakdown, as weird as it sounds. She really honestly needed it, let's be real. But still, the poor thing /cri.
Anyways, what a well written chapter in my opinion. You did well, and I know you thought it was bad and all over the place, but I enjoyed it.
rip me, especially from the ending scene. Sora and Aila are the best, I love how he treats her like his little sister...and just everyone in all. It really bad me happy.
NatNicole chapter 53 . 10/26
Holy cheesecake...
I think I'm gonna marry this story! OK, that's taking my love for it too far, I guess.
Still, this is beautiful.
Summertime Suika chapter 53 . 10/24
Oh. My. God. What do you have Axel doing to me? But seriously, I'm so glad to see his random popping up behind again. And jeez Danny...chillllllll. I would love to see inside his head though. Crazies and their mentalities are always interesting. Gotta admit, teared up on the bonding. So happy the gang trapped Aila. It was killing me to see her holding all that in. I figured her powers would wild too but it was a good thing she didn't hurt Axel badly in that state bc Aila would've felt so much regret and guilt.
Flakeblood chapter 53 . 10/23
I seriously think I scare my roommate when I read this. I'll just be looking through my bookmarked fanfiction and this one will come up, and I'll look at the date it was updated, and actually scream in excitement. I can't help myself! It's toooo good.
I'm completely with you on the interactions. Nothing ever seems rushed. I feel like Aila is able to work out her feelings throughout the journey in a natural way, alongside the other characters, and I can really appreciate that. All the friendship! And crap.
Honestly, I think there's only one other fanfic sporting a main OC that I've ever loved this much, and it's in a different fandom. I hope you know you've inspired me to finally start on my own fanfic, even if it'll take me forever to edit it into something remotely readable, aha.
So, keep it up! This fic makes me the happiest every time I read it (and I have read from the beginning multiple times). I hope you enjoy writing it just as much!
And don't worry so much about getting it out for the 31st. I'll be excited for whenever it comes out. Plus, November 1st and 2nd are when Dia de los Muertos is celebrated, so it's all good, right?
Have some fantastic holiday time!
Aria chapter 53 . 10/22
LOVE IT. Gosh I cant wait for the next chapter!
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 53 . 10/21
Danny is completely gone isn't him? I'm hoping is just Cyrus's influence on him, what makes him think killing his sisters is a noble act? BTW that took my surprise. I couldn't believe it. I was hoping Sora or genie just kicked his ass to leave Aila alone. When Axel's chakrams appear I was "OH YEAH! NOW YOU ARE DONE DANNY" I didn't expect Axel to make an appearance so soon. I'm not complaining though. However, I'm afraid that his constant appearance would make it harder for me to accept his death... or maybe you could change that *wink* *wink*...
I loved Axel flirting with Aila, but my favorite quote was "...We could see what you think about my body with the coat off…" my mouth literally dropped. I thought the gang was going to kill him. I chuckled slightly. I'm kind of starting to shipping them :) I wonder what is going to happen in the next chapter. I hope is not Axel dying or something tragic like that :(
Thank you for updating
See ya~
TheyAllStartOutOrdinary chapter 53 . 10/19
TASOO: ( stumbles in, bruises everywhere, cuts, scratches and clothes torn up.) Arg... Okay couch-patato-Luxord-that-exists-in-my-story is nothing like your Luxord. That guys a maniac! I think I need a nap. ( faints and falls to the floor )

Sora:( comes in ) do I need to call an ambulance?

TASOO: You have a keyblade, idiot. Use it.

Sora: Oh yeah... ( summons ) I forgot I had this thing, Cure ( cures me as I get up )

TASOO: You forgot...? You know what? I dont wanna know how you forgot that you have the most powerful weapon in the universe. Alright then, on this chapter, amazing awesome extraordinary! Is it bad that I found Aila dangling off of the magic carpet more dangerous than the fight with Danny?

Sora: Yes, yes it is.

TASOO: ( Summons knives ) Quiet fool, I never asked you! ( blasts electricity at him and yes, I stole them from Larxene. THAT was a tough battle )

Sora: Owww... you did not deserve that cure. I am leaving. ( leaves )

TASOO: Good riddance. Hey hold up! You usually dont take them, but I like to give suggestions. First of all, they need to go to the timeless river, its like Maleficent never invaded the Disney Castle! ( did I miss that chapter?) Then, when they restore the Conorstone, the giant dark corridor will form and they will leap into the, you guessed it, lingering will battle! The battle is legendary and voted the hardest battle in the kingdom hearts games so far. Also, what happened to Sephiroth? When they return to Hallow Bastion, they should engage in that battle, a great story line plays at the end too. Also, perhaps two bonus chapters, one on Alex and how she is getting treated in casta le Yen Sid, and maybe some hilarious ( cough cough ) "problems" They will get into with stitch there. The other bonus chapter would be of Danny, and how Cyrus is manipulating him. A chapter like that would make people stop and think, maybe Danny isn't the bad guy here, CYRUS is. Also, see a good, soft side of Danny and maybe a little backstory of him. We see Danny as Aila's sister, but what else is there? Something else we should know about? Let us get to know Danny better with this chapter!

Sora: (comes back in) She's never gonna take your suggestions.

TASOO: Be quiet, let her decide on that. Don't you have a fort to get back to?

Sora: I told them that I had to go to the bathroom 20 minutes ago.

TASOO ( Stares ) Don't you think they might wonder why your in the bathroom for twenty minutes?

Sora: ( sweatdrops) Yeah... awkward questions, here I come. (runs out back to the fort)

Luxord: ( comes in using corridor) Wanna play a game of cards to settle for your life?

TASOO: Aw yeah! I'm so lucky! I'll totally beat you.

Luxord: ( shuffles deck, deals out cards and give seven to me, seven to him.)

TASOO: I'm all in ( I show my cards, its a full house, he does the same and all his cards match. I loose )

TASOO: On second thought, I hate poker... Bye! ( runs out ) Sorry I didn't review in a while, I took a vacation off of fanfiction.
xXChaoticOrderXx chapter 53 . 10/18
What do you mean a 'WHAAAAT ON NOOOO' worse than this?! And Port Royal?! I wait in anticipation...and fear. Holy shit that Aila and Danny fight was so good though. And omg Axel, STOP. O/O I know you're joking and trying to make Aila feel better while getting kicks by pissing off the guys but STOP. AGE DIFFERENCE that is a ten year age gap and she is NOT LEGAL. Also damn my shipper feels, they've made me a hypocrite. Stop ship-teasing so bad Fade, it's not fair thank you very much. (But seriously though, that is wrooooooooong. Wrong Fade's Axel, wrong. But I was wondering when he was going to step in and save her again, I was actually waiting for it this time instead of it catching me off guard like at Beast's Castle. But honestly, he's such a great friend though and this only reinforces why he can wield a Keyblade now.) BY THE WAY will they, mainly Aila, find out early that human-form Nobodies actually DO have hearts? Since DDD or it's trailer hadn't even been spoken of, much less released before she left? OMG I can't wait to find that out.

And this review was super-long. Anyway, thanks for writing this too-amazing-for-words-just-WOW monster-long fic for yourself, and everyone especially since you don't have to. You rock so hard. As always, I look forward to your next update!

- Chaotic
The Moon Illusion chapter 52 . 10/18
You always astound me with how in character you make everything seem, despite slipping in multiple non-canon characters of your own. Also, the way you describe things is very powerful. I enjoy reading new scenes and canon scenes that I've played through time and time again because the descriptions you use always draw me in. After each chapter I always feel more convinced that this is my favorite fanfiction and my day is always a bit brighter. Keep up the great work!
Harry Potter MASTER OF DEATH chapter 53 . 10/18
...OH MY GOD. MY POOR FEELS. I DON'T THINK THEY CAN TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS...I'm crying so freaking much...Aila...Celina...I feel terrible for them...UGH. WHAT THE HECK DANNY. AND YOU! CYRUS! ARGH...MY FEELS.






。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。





‧º·( ̣̣̥̣̣̥᷄᷅ )‧º·



Guest chapter 53 . 10/18
I love the bonding scenes! I wouldn't have minded if you didn't cut it short :D
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