Reviews for I Still Can't Believe We're Doing This
CoffeeRanger chapter 16 . 9/15/2017
Yes! *fist pump* He finally asked you! Though one question, why was Abu Dhabi included in the list of languages? That's a city...well island/Emirate... but mostly just a city. It's actually in the country I live in at the moment!
CoffeeRanger chapter 13 . 9/15/2017
LOL! Okay, why do I have the feeling that Shaw would be like insanely secretly pleased at the idea of being an "uncle?"
CoffeeRanger chapter 12 . 9/15/2017
Finally. Good grief, took you guys long enough. *eye roll*
CoffeeRanger chapter 11 . 9/15/2017
AWWWWW! Oh, just so you know, I told Marshmallow about this story today when we went out for coffee. She was effectively a puddle of fluff feels by the time I was done. :D She completely ships you and Riley, and Haley and Phil.
CoffeeRanger chapter 6 . 9/15/2017
Ahhh! I love how protective Shaw seemed in this chapter. And Powell... I'm incredibly biased towards Powell :D Still waiting on Riley to ask you that important question you interrupted him on though... ;) SO glad I don't have to wait for this to be updated.
CoffeeRanger chapter 1 . 9/15/2017
NOOOOOOOO! Grrrr... TORI! Why. Like two more seconds, you couldn't have waited two more seconds? *Glares at computer screen in hopes words will change*

I hope Ian and Co. get out soon. Poor Haley needs her Phil. :(

And if you wouldn't mind, I am interested in the whole Mike thing... mind explaining?
GreenLightsaberGirl chapter 15 . 1/1/2011
I just watched National Treasure over break, and then decided to go read fanfiction...starting with you two's OC-insert. I really enjoyed spending my last bit of break doing nothing but reading this again and laughing. Thanks for brightening my day!

And of course, now my NT obsession has resurfaced...*sigh*
GreenLightsaberGirl chapter 16 . 3/8/2009
Wonderful ending! If it is the ending...
Dimonah Tralon chapter 16 . 3/6/2009
Yay! I'm so happy for everyone! I loved Riley's proposal! I can so see him doing something like that. You did a wonderful job with this story. I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks for being willing to share it with everyone. Best of luck to you both in all that you do!
Dimonah Tralon chapter 13 . 2/24/2009
Gotta love Riley's timing! I loved these two chapters! Actually, I just love this whole series. Keep up the great work; I look forward to reading more!
daisyduke80 chapter 11 . 1/31/2009
i loved it! and of course i'll stick with this story! i love it! update soon!
daisyduke80 chapter 10 . 1/24/2009
loved it! update soon!
daisyduke80 chapter 8 . 1/3/2009
loved it! update soon! poor Phil!
Miss Fenway chapter 8 . 1/2/2009
Hey, I was wathing National Treasure last night and I just noticed that Phil is pretty darn good looking. But don't worry. I love Riley. Now and forever! :) Update soon!
Kat chapter 7 . 12/26/2008
I love this story, as I loved the first one (I'm sorry, I didn't actually review that one, because i was so anxious to get onto this one...). I also hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Poor Riley thinks there's a chance in hell that Tori likes Powell, doesn't he? And I love how Ian and the gang broke out of jail, and yet they aren't actually the bad guys here.

I hope you don't get writer's block on this!
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