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ASAP Rocky chapter 27 . 1/19
Plz write other chaps asap! P.s., I loved it!

Bakura: Bakura's a bunny. A big fluffy bunny!

Yami: A. Do you like wearing leather all the time?
B. I dare you to make out with Mana in front of everybody.
C. Would you Mind Crush Bakura? (i'll pay for the damage)
Revenge77 chapter 27 . 1/17/2013
Keep going please!
Revenge77 chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
Whole Crew
Question:Hey, question do you guys remember me and what do you think of me?

Revenge:Hey, you guys! Anyway how's your face Seto,because I know I did knock you out with my Yami's frying pan...Hey, Chii-kun can you keep Bakura from killing me...Please. Anyway here's the video of what happened straight from the prolem.


Revenge:Shut up it's my story!
Seto:Cry baby.
Revenge:I'll get you for that.*Storms off in anger.*
(Oc)Cara:Hi guys!
Joey:How did she...when did she...where did she,uh you know what never mind.*Walks off.*

Revenge:*Bumps into Bakura while walking to the park.* Sorry. *Continues walking.*
Bakura:You better be you little pest.
Revenge:*Stops,turns, and walks straight up to Bakura.*What did you call me Snow White?
Bakura:You're quite a brave pest,for a mortal child. I'll let you live for now,but you wont get off for calling me Snow White.*Walks off.*
Revenge:What's the matter, you un-royal pain? Do you not like the nickname your hair gave you for it mocks your face unlike Ryou's.*Runs.*

Revenge:*Bumps into Yami and the others and falls to the ground.*
Yami:*Laughs,helps her up, and tells her to be careful.*

Revenge:*Blast Bakura with her Black Rose Dragon and runs.*

Revenge:What's your deal bumping into people Seto? Oh, wait I don't care because you're a Rich Selfish Jerk!
Seto:*Points his finger in her face and tells her to watch what she does and say.*
Revenge:*Bites his finger and runs.*

Revenge:*Hops on top of Seto's car and wacks him with her Yami's frying pan and runs leaving Seto Knocked out on the side walk.*

Revenge:*Shoots Bakura in the foot with her bow and arrow and runs.*

*Video ends.*
(A/N:Go to my profile and click on the story Cara Moto if you want the whole story.)
changeofheart505 chapter 26 . 11/24/2012
Hi! I'm Sakura Yami! I have some questions.
Yugioh crew
Yami: if you were ever in a position which meant life or death, how would you like to die?
Jou: how much food can you eat in an hour?
Anzu: how do you feel about anzu bashing?
Kaiba: how tall is kaibacorp really?
Gx crew:
Judai: do you really like fried shrimp that much?
Chazz: do the ojamas still bug ya?
Sho: how does it feel to be short like yugi?
Zane: what is it with your goth looks? Seriously man! Whatu happened to the king of obelisk blue?
Edo:*stares at Edo as her eyes turn into hearts.* EDO!* jumps in the air ready to glomp her bishie when a hand pulls her back*
Yami Sakura: Sorry. She just got up at like 6 in the morning, so she's out of it. Anyways, Edo, how's it like to be one of the orphans in yugioh? As for my lights behavior, she has crushes on certain characters because they're her pefect guy, Bakura because he's a bad boy, Edo because of his eyes and personality, and Yusei because he's smart. She also thinks you're sexier than the others.
Yusei: how did you learn to skate?
Aki: is your dad that bad, or should I blame you know who?
Jack: why is your d wheel in the shape of a circle?
All characters: have you seen the abridged series of your show? :-) Sakura andYami Sakura
Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 25 . 6/25/2011
(Frankly sulking in one corner.)

Sora: "Is she... okay?"

Rockman: "I don't think so, Sora-chan. Oh and welcome to hawaii."

Sora: "Thanks... Oh I'm Sora, by the way, Enzan's fiancee and sister to Rockman and Axl... and yes I'm human... please read her fic Connected Hearts if you don't believe... Moving on with the questions and dares:"

Yami, Yugi, Judai and Yusei: Will you welcome the new protagonist: Yuma into the group?

Seto: A. I dare you at least to spend an entire day outside, and take a break with your brother... it's not like the company will fall for a day.

B. as for the meeting with Enzan, I'm sure he did not mind having discuss it with you while you and your brother are having fun.

Original YUGIOH cast: What do you think of YUGIOH R?

Chii-kun: So you know... Silver is a YAOI FANGIRL... 1827 anyone? XD!

Sora: "I think that's all of it."

Rockman: "Wow... so she's running out of something to ask."

Sora: "Yeah... Oh and please read the latest chapter of connected hearts, it has now the yugioh crossover in it. And I say, the story will be quite good. Till then me, by brothers and my boyfriend will be looking after Silver-chan."

Another year... (grumbles something)

Axl: "It's official, she has gone emo." ( as the rest of his siblings laughs sheepishly and Enzan just shakes his head.)
Anastasia Damon chapter 23 . 1/29/2011
ok i dare bakura to go die in 5 holes.i just hate bakura. and to misty-you remember anything of being a dark signer? kalin same question you too carly. aki and misty are you two friends now? yusei i dare you to make out with akiza and here chii-kun *gives death note*keep them in line. seigried im your long lost sister. go deatroy kaiba corp with this...*hands 6 pounds og dynomite*tata

Alexis Von Schroder
Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 23 . 1/5/2011
Padme: "Am I seeing this right?"

Axl: "Yeah, you guys do."

Lavi: "I-Impossible... In all her nature and personality, this is nuts!"

Rockman: "Nope, you guys are seeing this right..."

Everyone: "You mean that Plata-Azul Firebird has matured!"

Axl: "It's amazing what happens in three years being on hiatus."

Thanks, I guess... and I still blame you on the sugar rush you gave me.

Axl: "I know, bad idea..."

... Anyway... The Earl is in one of the islands of Hawaii, I think it's in Ni'ihau or Kaho'olawe, ZEXAL is going to come on and I haven't finish watching 5D yet (Yes I was lagging behind thanks to Kuroshitsuji and Hitman reborn.) Ugh...right now, i'm asking questions.

To everyone: OI, you still didn't told me of your new year resolution!

Yami, Yugi and Yusei: What's with the protagonist having multicolored hair? It kinda gotten worse in ZEXAL (seriously, his hair looks like twin blades you can ram on or headbutt on people.)

Judai: Thank god you have a near-normal hair.

Seto: A. Ow... Yeah I forgot, Enzan wants to meet you for a business thing...

Enzan: "I think you might have forgotten that it was my father's idea."

Yeah, that- QUACK! You're here! (Enzan giving her a DUH look.) Right, He's Ijuin Enzan, the vices president of IPC and a Net Savior agent, and his net navi is Blues. Make fun with his egg-like hairstyle, he make sure you'll be skin alive. And moving on with the question.

B. Someone wants to ask... how was life in the orphanage and how many more Kaibalands are you going to build?

C. Also they wanted to know how's your family life (Mokuba) and when will you spen quality time with him outside the company?

For everyone (again): I started noticing something... are all adults are useless or villains? (aside from Solomon, Yugi's Granpa, he's probably the only great supporting charater there.)

Anzu, Aki , Alexis: Why does the female's (Love interest?) name starts with an A?

Bakura: A. YOu are perfect! Today is the yar of the Rabbit and we definitely need one! YOu fit the bill! Yami! Get the bunny costume from the store while I'll hold him down! XD!

B. I watched a rabbit do tricks... can you do tricks?

Enzan: "Well, for one thing, it's not the Black Silver..."

Rockman: "Yeah, she matured... except when Bakura's around, she's back in her immature self."

Honda: "Holy crap!"

Axl, Rockman, Enzan and Blues: "What?"

Duke: "She-she's wearing glasses?"

Blues: "Oh that, that's a reading glasses, she has been having trouble on reading, that's all."

-Plata-Azul Firebird.
Yami Amethyst Rose chapter 23 . 1/5/2011
Amy: Well, well..haven't heard from you in quite awhile, huh? It's a shame that you didn't get to doing any holiday specials with the gang. I totally wanted to see Leo/Rua in a diaper for New Year's. xD

Anyway, towards the questions!

The Fairy Bunny(Bakura):

1. You still haven't caught me! (in a sing-song voice) Bakura's a sissy thief, who always spares his enemies' lives. He can't never attack, because he's always held back!

2. If Ryou and you switched lives for a day(not personalities, you bunny twit), who has the worst life experience? and yes, answer this too.

3. I got another Bunny skit coming up, and you can't stop me from making it. 8D Muahahahaha!

Girls(DM, 5Ds, and GX)

1. What was the best present that you have ever gotten in any holidays?(birthdays don't count)

2. How would you deal with the men of your group, if they're acting like children under some crazy spell unleashed by one of them?

Joey, Tristan and Duke:

1. Did you know that any story that involves you three results in comedic results?

2. I had to ask this, Duke...but most people say that you cross-dress because of the ponytail in your hair. How do you feel about this accusation?

3. Joey, Tristan...I have to ask. Since you two are like, the biggest eaters of all of the series combined, I wonder what happens to all that weight behind the scenes. Maybe the producers pumped your stomaches to get rid of the food...or what?


1. Have you ever caught your brother doing something completely out of his character?

2. Okay, I know your brother's a softie. We all know that. But, has he ever done something normal besides all the rich stuff he's good at? Family outings, maybe?

3. Get me a picture of your brother when he's sleeping(drug him if you have too). The fan-girls demands cuteness from him! ;P


You know, maybe you should cosplay Cupid on Valentine's Day, along with Yusei and Jaden. It'll be totally awesome, plus bonus points with the girls and fans! D

That's all for now!

Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 22 . 1/4/2011
Axl: (from Megaman X) "Hey!" (Comes out of the locker... wait when did he went there?)

Rae and Padme: "Axl! (Runs up to him) Hey, it's been a long time. How's your sister?"

Axl: "Being herself, a daring and cheery self... still, I manage to make Silver okay... although..."

(runs out and glomps on Yami and Yusei) "OMG! I love you guys! Weshouldputyouonabutlercafe or cosplaycafe or akissiingbooth!"

Axl: "... Yeah... I think the sugar would wear down... for a long time."

(Still clinging on the two) "HI AXL! HOW IS X, ZERO, ENZAN, LAIKA AND YOUR SISTER!"

Axl: "Ow... I think my receptors are ringing now (suddenly sees Silver juggling Yami, Yusei and Allen) Err... (Picks out his PET) I think we should get our sister here now Rockman."

Rockman: (Rockman EXE) "Yeah, I think we should... (Ding!) Oh email... the question list."

For everyone: What's your new year resolution?

Seto: A. Now you met Axl and Rockman, considering you would ignore magic, what do you think of reploids and net navis?

B. Now I wonder what will you do if you met Enzan? He's a vice president of his father's company at... a extremely young age and still going at 13. What kind of a father who would push his own child into that position?

Yami, Yusei and Judai: There's gonna be a new Yugioh series! ZEXAL! Are you guys going to welcome the new protagonist?

Bakura: Bunny guy is a funny guy, although he can kill, he still got his long fluffy ear... obviously, you're still a bunny.

"QUACK!" (Then picks up Ryou and Bakura and adds them in the juggling.)

Rockman: "Well... there's not much question and sorry for the long delay... her fanfiction just died for 3 year then it came back this 2010. Anyway..." (watches Siolver juggle.)How long will she be like that?

Axl: "I think for 2-3 hours, if she doesn't stop we need to distract her with something." (and Rockman nodded)

- Plata-Azul Firebird (Is back!)
Anastasia Damon chapter 16 . 1/9/2010

and a question to sartprius:you still light obsessed?


Yami Amethyst Rose chapter 20 . 7/12/2009
I can't believe that you guys really like my skit! Maybe I should make another one just so I can make a DVD out of it.

Anyways, question time!

The Fairy Bunny (Bakura):

1) Like your permenant nickname? I'm calling you that from now on. XD

2) Ever considering community service?

3) What death wish? You haven't even caught me! Some theif you turned out to be.


1) Admit it! You have a sweet tooth! You can't lie about it!

2) What are the chances that you trying to kill me?

3) Who do you hate? Really?

4) If me and some other fan girls took over Kaiba Corp., would you really try to sue us? I doubt it.


1) I know you're not allergic to those in the last question. I was just curious.

2) What are your favorite sweets?

3) Did you know that you, Jaden, and Yusei are going to duel in a special episode sometime in the future?


1) How does it feel to have two different spirits in your soul? Do they bicker sometimes?

2) Sometimes I think that you and Joey and somewhat related in personality.


You can't hit a girl! Specially when you still have that crush on Alexis!

Now I'm going to type some random things:

Hooray for TeaxRaphael! (sorry, huge fan of this crack pairing)

Seto Kaiba, the sweet puppy of love!

Bakura, The oh so adorable Easter Bunny!

Joey Wheeler doesn't even know about his own cousin.

See ya!

Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 15 . 6/1/2009
Rae: "Hey"

Lavi: (who arrived with Allen and Kanda, who's now fighting one another again, a few minutes ago) "M...? Where's Silver?"

Rae: "Um... she's doing something else... um... dimensional related."

Lavi: (Looks at her) "Righhtt... I bet she's hiding in THAT locker." (and this cause Rae to flinch.)

(True enough, the locker opens revealing Silver sitting down with her back facing them and has a somewhat a foreboding aura emitting from her. When some of the Yugioh cast (either from the original, GX or 5D) went to check on her, they run screaming their aibous/big brothers/friends when Silver turns to them with a dark, murderous look. Rae then shuts the locker and laughs sheepishly.)

Rae: "Ehehe..."

Padme: "Can you pray tell what happened to her?"

Rae: "Well... From what I heard from her... she and her sister had a fight."

Lavi: "That's all?"

Rae: "You wouldn't believe how emotionally hurt her words are... especially when your sister happens to be a very smart aleck fire dragon who's smarter and much more dominating than Kaiba."

Allen: (Who now ignore Kanda's threat.) "Wait... she got a dragon for a sister?"

Padme: "From what I heard, she was an orphan and was found by a dragon clan thousands of years later... Silver kinda consider them as a family before meeting other mystical creatures."

(Allen, now feeling sympathy for our reviewer, Chaud came with the questions.)

Chaud: "Okay... since Silver is still... brooding in the locker, we'll be asking questions."

(Question Time!)

Yami: A. Right... and who, somehow, gets his friends in trouble because of his history and his past enemies? And introduces spirit worlds in the future? (stares at you)

B. Have you ever fight in a real fight once? (not Duel monsters, but crossing swords.)

C. Got any scars from it?

D. Have you met Moses back at Egypt (Chaud: "Uh... That was my question, not hers.)

Yusei: You look so adorable when you're a baby! (shows the baby pictures Silver found in some ruins of some houses in Satellite.)

Chaud: "I think she found your parents' house... and the baby album... pft!." (Shows a picture where babyYusei poop on his dad.) "Ah... you threw your dad a stinky... Haha!"

Joey: How are you and your dragon side? Let's hope you never meet with Silver's sister, Charm, her training regiments are harsh like her words.

Kaiba, Kaiser, Jack: A. You can stop with fighting each other now... really.

B. Come on, switch clothes, we already saw Yami, Yusei and Judai switch in deviantart (Thanks to Malindachan!).

Rae: "Um... Chaud... her gloominess is leaking out." (pointing at a dark gray substance leaking out of he locker and dark clouds are forming... inside the house!)

Chaud: ... "Right... I'll read the rest of the question fast."

C. I saw a threesome of you guys in a random site, what do you guys think of it? (Lavi: "Gods... when will she ever stop using google to find things?")

Mokuba and Serenity: Are there times you guys want to whack your brothers just to get them to stop fighting?

Malik: Have you tried riding and dueling on a D-wheel? Since you know you like motorcycle and all.

Bakura: ... Bunny... Bunny Princess...

Padme: "Come to think of it, I remember Silver made a truth or dare fic about the original Yugioh cast. In that story, she and Yami tossed Bakura in the spring of the drowned girl like in Ranma 1/2, and now he has a curse like Ranma does and his girl form is being stalk by random men... I wonder..." (stares at Bakura.) "only if you agree, Chii-kun."

Rae: "Guys... it's spreading out!" (running out of the room, which is now black and white.)

Lola: (came bursting in.) "Don't worry I have an idea!" (saw Chaud and Lavi) "Hi big brothers... anyway, will one of the protagonists give her a huggle for 1 hour?" (everybody looks at Judai.) "No, not him, he's too obvious!" (Now everybody looks at Yusei and Yami who's now looking at each other.) "This is gonna take a while..."

Padme: "By the time we decide... the whole island will be in black and white. For now... that's all, folks"
zeldafan3 chapter 8 . 5/19/2009
*reads for 3rd time*

i read this before, but it's good :P

i guess this is the first time leaving an actual review for it though XD.
Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 13 . 5/16/2009
Chaud: "I forgot the song Rae and Padme sang is called 'Hare Hare Yukai' from Melancholy of Haruhi Sumemiya."

Lenalee: "Which Silver doesn't own along with (us) the -man characters, except for her OCs."
Plata-Azul Firebird chapter 14 . 5/15/2009
Padme: "Dang it!" (races over to stop the akumas when...)

A new voice: (sings) "nazonazo mitai ni chikyuugi wo tokiakashitara

minna de doko made mo ikeru ne"

Padme: "About time SHE came!" (with a wave of her hand she places each shards on each people, after that she joins the newcomer and sings.)"jikan no hate made Bon!"

"*WARP de LOOP na kono omoi wa

nani mo kamo wo makikonda souzou de asobou"

Both Padme and the newcomer: (sings and dances)"aru hareta hi no koto

mahou ijou no yukai ga

kagirinaku furisosogu fukanou janai wa

ashita mata au toki warainagara HUMMING

ureshisa wo atsumeyou

kantan nanda yo konna no

oikakete ne tsukamaete mite

ooki na yume & yume suki deshou?"

(The Akumas: The level ones exploded by themselves after hearing the song, while the level 3's wailed in pain and the newcomer grabs her innocence and whacks it on the lvl 3s like a mallet.)

Newcomer: "I hope you find your way to the afterlife properly this time." (while looking at the sky.)

Padme: "Rae!"

Rae: "Huh?" (remembered something.) "Oh! I'm sorry I'm late, Padme! I encountered a level 4 on the way!"

Padme: "That must be the akuma these two idiots leveled up." (glares at Marik and Jack.) "... did you beat it?"

Rae: "No, it's ran off."

Padme: "Weird... still, guards up and where's the others?"

Rae: "Allen, Kanda and Lavi are on their way here now, Lenalee and Chaud are scanning the island if there's any more akumas. Lola is currently stuck in Paris, apparently a Noah appeared there too and she has to assist inexperience exorcists on escaping."

Padme: "I see..." (then notices he group.) "Oh... guys, this is Rachel but call her Rae, she too is an exorcist, general level and she does a widespread damage to the akumas with her innocence. (points at the microphone) Also, her innocence can turn into a rapier.

Rae: "Right... Anyway, we'll be staying here for a while will we find what's the Earl planning. Did something happened?" (looks at the group, who later confessed that their deck were stolen... all of it.) "... That is bad..."

Padme: "How so?"

Rae: "Don't tell Lavi about this but I went into the Bookman's room and I found some documents... according to these, Shadow magic and the Akuma's Dark matter are nearly the same, same energy and similar structure, the only difference between them on how they are made. Shadow magic is like, how should I compare this... Like... mako from FF7, raw and can turn one person's mind into a vegtable, although the shadow magic is more on taking life of the loser... Meanwhile the Dark matter, is more of a compressed material, like the materia, and is much more deadly than Shadow magic."

(Then Lenalee and Chaud came.)

Chaud:"That explains it... since Shadow magic is a raw material, all the Dark matter have to do is to absorb and compress it... wait does absorbing Shadow magic actually level ups the akumas?"

Lenalee: "If it does so... we have to destroy the Shadow Magic!"

Padme: "Whoa! Lenalee, calm down... yes the shadow magic is made from the same thing, but there is some people uses its to protect other. (Looks at Yami.)

Lenalee: "... Are you sure...?"

Rae: "Yea, Tsubame-sempai said that Yami is the only ones who uses Shadow magic for his friends safety. You can trust him."

Chaud: "But if Yami can use Shadow Magic, doesn't that mean that the Earl will try to get him so to level up his akumas?" (All four exorcists looks at the former pharoah.) Not to mention at the other two psychos... (stares at Bakura and Marik.)

Padme: "Great, bodyguard duties... well, on the bright side the millenium items are still with Sephiroth, talk about he stole those on the right time. And the rod is in Malik's/Marik's hands, so that's what we'll only worry about but what about the cards?"

Rae: "I think the Earl will try to transfer it's energies to the akumas till they run dry." (playing on her microphone, then a letter appeared in mid-air, she took it and read.) It's from Silver... and these are her questions...


A. (had a teary puppy eye sketch near the question.) Apparently, Cosmo and Chaos have stopped their jobs on balancing the dimensions and assigns me and other bunch of people on balancing it. And I admit we're doing quite a mess of it... COSMO! CHAOS! GET BACK AND DO YOUR JOBS! I'M JUST A FLIPPIN' PHOENIX!

Chaud: "A crossover phoenix." (he corrected)

Padme: "You're not enlightening the situation, Chaud."

B. By the way, back in egypt, have you ever gone in a date or had a crush on some egyptian girl or anything in your love life in that timeline? I mean, you're once a 16 year old prince/pharoah and had a normal royal life, I was like thinking "Do Yami have a crush when he was once a pharoah?"

C. Are you sensitive when Kuriboh is petted? I read somewhere that Kuriboh is your Ka, and I was thinking that you might feel what Kuriboh is feeling.


A. OMGKDISDJNDKY? I'm definitely looking forward on your duel with Jack and the results! DON'T KILL HER KONAMI! Please! At least give this show an actual couple!

Padme, Lenalee and Chaud: (stares at Rae.)

Rae: "What? I'm just reading the letter!"

B. What do you feel when you get possessed by the Earthbound... whatchamacallit?

Rae: "She forgot..."

Padme: "Wait... I just remembered, the 5 dragons are not made by the Shadow magic."

Chaud: "So... The 5 dragons are somewhat safe."

Rae: "YUP! I'm glad to know that!"

Padme: "The problem is if the Earl finds them not related to it, he'll destroy it."

Rae: "That's bad..." (reads the rest of the questions)

Seto, Zane and Jack:

A. There's nothing wrong with dragons actually... I only just noticed that while the protagonists have different monsters: Yami has a magician, Jaden has a hero and Yusei... well... got a dragon, the rival will get the same monsters only in different design and abilities.

B. Stop with the fighting already! And stop calling each others wannabes!


... Wow... for once you're actually scary as a Dark Signer in episode 58... you still that prideful self but a with the I'm-gonna-rule-you-all-attitude... or something, which freaked me out. Save Carly! (P.S. Can I glomp you?)(P.S.S. You move move right above Zane and Kaiba from my favorite list! Congrats! :D!)


Holy crap... Am I seeing this right... okay... Apparently, I found an Innocence and it reacted to you. You're compatible to it and it official... you're an exorcist, bunny. Expect the Dark Order to try and take you away, but I'll try to pull some strings... Why? It will be sad because I have nobody to torture on... Marik is way too demented, Pegasus is a fag, Crowler is a creepy prof. and reminds me of Hojo from FF7 and the list goes on.

Rae: "Well... that's all and here's your Innocence." (Giving Bakura the Innocence which took form of (insert whatever weapon you like.)) "You'll start your exorcist training with Chaud tomorrow afternoon. Anyway Silver is not here and we're left in charge, so while Allen, Kanda and Lavi are still not here, we'll stay in the house, also if we're going out it will be best to limit the group into two... so we got Chaud and Padme in one group while Lenalee, Bakura and I are in the other."

Chaud: "Right and like Silver said: that's all!"
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