Reviews for IkexMarth: Connected
light of chocolate chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
I love your fanfiction, it is you who have given me want to write me also my first fanfiction, so thank you for everything!
Pk Love Omega chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
I freaking love this. This is so sexy. And so amazing.
Ohhh, Marth, don't resist it. You know you love it.
Good job. :D
-PK Love
Cerulean Gaze chapter 3 . 6/23/2009
OMG! PLEASE update! I loved it! XD
Zenaku-Yoi chapter 3 . 3/22/2009
So what exactly did happen to Pit?

Please update soon. I keep re-reading the first two chapters over and over again. I really want to know what happens.

This a really good story, keep it up!

Love Rachi

honeybow chapter 3 . 3/5/2009
Wow, hot stuff right there! Hope you continue!

Oh, yeah, at least you told us about the glitch. I knew I wasn't going crazy!
King Sparky chapter 3 . 2/1/2009
Very interesting... Ike's behaviour is a little disturbing to say the least, but let's see where this goes. Enjoyable two chapters, dear!
Solowinged chapter 2 . 12/19/2008
*hands back wet tissue* thanks . oh dear, pit is...very nosy? XP anyways, that was SmEXY! XD have anymore tissues? keep on writing!
Hearii chapter 3 . 12/8/2008
Ahh, about the editing chapters - have you tried just replacing it/backing it up?
ShimmeringAlseif chapter 2 . 12/7/2008

You and your cliffhangers

You're killing me!


Great job

I was waiting for this update, it definatly is getting interesting

Don't worry, their personalities are working wonderfully!

Keep up the good work and update soon!

Hearii chapter 2 . 12/7/2008
-dies from happiness?-

Nothing better than a little Marth-rape, huh? (I'm going to hell.)

But I'm kinda wondering what happened to Pit? Either a part was missing (that happens to me when I post all the time) or I'm just noob and need it clarified. -.-;
iChocoLove chapter 2 . 12/7/2008
We have no self control. xD Ah well.


At least, I think he was still in there. O_o"

Update soon! :D
Solowinged chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
*drool* O,O XD cant wait for next chappie! XD *poor marth* .
Savvy Recluse chapter 1 . 11/26/2008
THAT WAS SEXY! You written it so well(and really like how you describe things!)! I can clearly see the whole picture in my head!

Please continue it! I am indeed expecting more of this! 8D~
KikiKrisis chapter 1 . 11/23/2008
I've been looking for a good IkeXMarth story and I can happily say that I love this one~

Good job and I hope you update soon!
IkeLover429 chapter 1 . 10/6/2008
aww, poor Marth~! (lol NOT!) xD this is very well written~! keep it up! The Toko can't wait for the next one ;)
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