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CelineEverdeen chapter 31 . 11/24/2016
Just finished this fanfiction and i LOVED IT! congrats you made me so emotional. You respect each character's personnality very well. Gonna read the sequel now. Xx
CelineEverdeen98 chapter 12 . 11/10/2016
You can cut the sexual tension with a knife
CelineEverdeen98 chapter 11 . 11/10/2016
Im really enjoying reading this story and things are getting pretty interesting hehe. I love the fact that they're going slowly. Xx
CelineEverdeen98 chapter 5 . 11/8/2016
Hey! I started reading your fanfic and i really love it!
Gaby Amorinha chapter 16 . 10/13/2016
Well, friendly date with Yamcha? I have a feeling that hiding her situation with Vegeta is not going to last very much longer...

Well Bulma, you could have run do the toilet. I guess. Maybe not. That's fine, you're gonna be okay. I guess.

Geez, aparentlly a sayian baby really draws your energy out. Bulma is completelly tired, poor thing...

Susprise surprise, Bulma! Lil' baby Trunks on the way! OMG, what's Vegeta gonna say! I'm curious!
Gaby Amorinha chapter 15 . 10/13/2016
Bulma dear, as Ed Sheeran would say: "Loving can hurt sometimes". But raise up your head, darling. You're so powerfull and intelligent. You are so better than that!

Haaa I just love how Vegeta is feeling awesome and Bulma is feeling like crap. Poor girl. But, yeah, can't say he didn't warn you.

Wait, what the hell? Did Vegeta became a freaking vampire now? Whaaaat? o.o Well... Ok... I'll just go with it, I guess...

And now we see Vegeta going away... I'm sooo gona laugh when he finds out he's gonna be a father ahahahahahah

"There would never be any proof." Noooo, of course not... Expeciall not purple haired and named Trunks. No way. hahahahahaha
Gaby Amorinha chapter 14 . 10/10/2016
My house, my money, my chips. HAHAHAHAHAHA Well done, Bulma! It'd be so funny if she started doind it with everything! My chips, my TV, my GR HAHAHAHA MY SHIP HAHAHAHA But then he'd just go away, wich would be very sad. But, well, a girl can laugh can't I?

I just loves how Vegeta had an answer for everything, and, let's face it, he's right kkkkkkkkkk Bulma Bulma Bulma, you just can't be away from him, let's face it.

Wow, this was nearly perfect! Exactly how I pictured: he just wanted a good fuck, and so did she. And, well, they got it. I was just wandering, as it was the first for Vegeta, how he would feel (phisically, 'cause sayians do not feel, right?). Like, part of me wandered if he had urges to be faster os stronger. Maybe leave some bruises on her as he is soooooo strong. I don't know. I got curious about his point of view. But, yes, it was exactly as it shoud be!
Gaby Amorinha chapter 13 . 10/10/2016
Oh she really DID sleep in there. I imagined Vegeta wouldn't be able to rest whit her in there, and, well we wasn't. That's nice. Keep the tension growing, it'll be awesome when you guys release it hahaha

Haaahaha noooooooo... No more contact. Right. You guys haven't made Trunks yet, so yes, there'll be more contact. You just wait and see.

And there Vegeta goes, try to give orders in the relationship, and surprise surprise! Bulma just doesn't give a damn! OMG I love this woman hahaha

Mrs. Briefs, best mother-in-law. Vegeta must be seriously holding himself back about killing her. So lovely and so annoying hahahaha

Well, we got a glimpse at Yamcha, and sorry dear, but Bulma really isn't comming back to you. She has a future with Vegeta, as creepy as it may sound.

Dammit Bulma, you should have entered the room. You were right, he would have let you in! Try again later, and next time, DO COME IN, ok?
Gaby Amorinha chapter 12 . 10/10/2016
Bulma, dear, you can't be disgusted by kissing Vegeta. I mean, is Vegeta. Jerk, angry, displeasant but riddiculously hot. And Vegeta what the hell, you want her already, go and get it! o/

Oh my, this is SO AWESOME! If Vegeta wants someone to release tension, I volunteer. Like, really, that was a great make out. Sooooo adorably hot!

Yeah, right Vegeta, let's pretend that nothing happened and then get lost starring at Bulma again. Well done hahahaha But, hey, now that he knows that making out with her releases tension, I can forsee a lot of that coming next!

Omg I loved that she went to his bed. Such a nice scene! At least she got a excelent pillow, didn't she? hahaha
Gaby Amorinha chapter 11 . 10/9/2016
OMG Vegeta, really, go take a cold shower, jack off a bit, I don't know, but seriously, you need to relax this tension hahahaha

And now is Bulma losing herself in lust too. These two... As more you guys hold it, better it'll be when you let it out hahaha

I was goddamn sure they would kiss, and then, YAMCHA. Really, even after breaking up he still messes things up? It's getting harder to defend him, really. But it was a coincidence, ok, and he is cool and fun and I like him, but couldn't he be like 10 minutes late?

Yeah, it will pass Vegeta, as soon as you stop fighting it. Stop fighting iiiit! hahahahaha It's being funny to see he getting crazy like this hahaha

Yamcha could get him a girlfriend someday in the future. He deserves one. I guess. He's a cool guy.

Oooh the classic getting-out-of-the-bathroom scene. And, finally, a kiss. A KISS, OMG, I NEED TO GO TO NEXT CHAPTER. I should go to bed, but what the hell, I want to READ
Gaby Amorinha chapter 10 . 10/9/2016
And now Vegeta is avoiding her because of the lust HAHAHAHA poor man, has no idea of what's going on

Bulma dear, you like addrenaline, that's why you feel good in the arms of a murderer and why you used to feel good in the arms of a dangerous thief.

I have the feeling that something might happen with Goku comming over. I mean, he knows about Trunks being Vegeta and Bulma's kid, and he knows that he can't tell them, but, whatever, is Goku. He's dumb. Maybe if he say something he'll actually make things happen HAHAHA

I really thought Vegeta was going to ruin everything, but sparring only, really? No big deal. They could do it all day and no one gets hurt. (Well, not in a big level, at least)

HAAAAAAAAAA VEGETA IS JEALOUS! Well, I mean, not really jealous 'cause he doesn't feel shit for her, but I guess envy is a better word. He wants to get laid. Kakarot has Chichi to have sex with and now Vegeta is experiencing lust. But he's to proud to admit it. And then Bulma hugs Goku friendly and he's pissed 'cause HE wants to hug Bulma, and more. Well, just go and do it stupid sayian, she won't run away from you. I guess.

That's a good question: had Vegeta been with a female before?

Ok, I guess he had not. He's so clueless. Totally understandable, as he grew up with soldiers, fights and armys. No females. No sex. Geez he's really gonna go crazy when he gets a taste at it
Gaby Amorinha chapter 9 . 10/9/2016
God, Bulma really is looking for distractions if she's considering learning how to cook. Like, seriously, imagine if Vegeta finds out about this new talent of hers? She won't have a second of peace even if she wants to.

That's ok Bulma, you're not crazy. Is Vegeta after all. We know how hot and sexy and attractive he can be :D It's perfectly normal that he's living in your thoughts.

Cut the crap Vegeta, everyone feels something, Saiyan or not. Bulma will eventually get to the bottom of it. Or your son. Yeah, you'll have a son. And you'll love him. Who'd know, han? :v

OMG BUNNY HAHAHAHA I'm pretty sure Vegeta does NOT need a hug, ok? Geez, Bunny is sooooo funny hahahahaha

HAHAHAHAHAHA NO VEGETA, SHE WON'T CRUSH YOU HAHAHAHA He has absolutely no ideia of how cute was that, does he? 'Cause it was VERY CUTE. ADORABLE.

"Saiyans don't hug." Shut the fuck up Vegeta, you didn't even know what a hug is HAHAHAHAHA

Vegeta's feelings: either is rage, either is tiredness. So if he's frustraded, anxious, happy, sad or whatever the heck, is always rage. So primitive. Those monkeys HAHAHA This new feeling, Vegeta, is called lust. You'll get used to it, eventually HAHAHA
Gaby Amorinha chapter 8 . 10/9/2016
Oh, that was a well written break-up scene, congrats. Made me feel sorry for what they lost, but we all no it's for the best. Things will eventually suit up, for both of you.

I love how Vegeta uses reason to decide pepople's value. Weakling: can't fight, can't fuck, can't, can't... Useless. Woman: can't cook, can fix the GR. Quite useful. Woman's mother: can cook. Quite useful. Yeah, keep up with this math Vegeta HAHAHAHAHA

Poor Bulma, desperate enough to go after VEGETA for company. Bad idea girl, it'll be good for nothing. But anyway, she gotta give it time so that things will find a healthy pace again. Everything will work out just fine Bulma, keep holding on, ok?
Gaby Amorinha chapter 7 . 10/9/2016
And there Bulma is, jumping into conclusions. Yes, the circumstances are suspicious, but, yah know, maybe Yamcha didn't do anything wrong at all. Maybe he did, but maybe he didn't.

Vegeta, soft as a diamond rock. "Of course he is.". Seriously, no consideration AT ALL. But, as I said, maybe he isn't. If he is, whatever, your relationship is no good for either anyway, it's just a matter of who'll cheat first.

Yeah Bulma, go give the grumpy saiyan a massage, and consider yourself lucky if you still have your hands after attempting to do so.

One thing that I love about Bulma and Vegeta is when she threatens him with technology. "GET OUT OR I'LL EXPLODE THE GR". Like, seriously, Vegeta probably doesn't understand 10% of the tech shit she works on, and thats a power she can use to control and/or attack him. You go girl!
Gaby Amorinha chapter 6 . 10/8/2016
"Aren't you excited that Vegeta is coming back today?" YES, YES I AM, I AAAAAAAAAAAM!

Well, Yamcha seems nervous. I guess this is not a good thing. Not at all. Really not. Did you do something wrong, Yamcha? Or you're just nervous 'cause Vegeta is comming back?

And once again, Bunny being Bunny HAHAHAHA I love this woman. Best mother-in-law EVER!

Oh well, I really did think he was breaking up. Bulma, don't even start. It's nothing to do with sex. The only thing that's going to happen if you sleep with Yamcha is that neither of you will really like it. Save my words.

What a cute (or almost cute) moment at the kitchen! This tipe of scene makes me wonder how lonely Vegeta feels, and that's so sad. It's even sadder because he just doesn't seem to care.

You know things are back to normal when Vegeta wakes Bulma up at 4 AM to work on the stupid GR machine HAHAHAHAHAHA
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