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NinaChiery chapter 15 . 5/25
my sasucake dear. that is what we call karma. you heart people's feeling. you'll feel it too. as for karin. you did abortion to the innocent baby's of kiki. now you lost the one you tried to protect the most. and for hurting sakura as well. I'm not sorry... you get what you did. and I also half love and half hate this story due to less sasusaku moment.
Lara chapter 17 . 4/27
Type your review story was one of the most amazing love slash romance story I have ever writing more stories because I am a billion percent sure that it is gonna be amazing ya know.
Kuierararara chapter 17 . 4/11
Hola...! You are an amazing author! I dont how many fucking times i am reading this..but still lovin it. I am speechless and amazed and the feeling is still there no matter how long has it passed. Kudos for you~!
Xuilen chapter 3 . 4/3
Wow! A applause to this author who wrote this fanfic .It's amazing .
EmeraldBlossom17 chapter 17 . 3/28
Guest chapter 10 . 9/4/2016
Sweet sweet sweet revenge
Guest chapter 8 . 9/4/2016
Oh God why is the story so good
Natsuki Scarlet chapter 17 . 8/8/2016
Hi! I just wanted to say this is one of the BEST stories I ever read! :) I went on an emotional roller coaster ride really! Can't even count anymore how many times I cried... SO MUCH DRAMAAAA... The plot is very interesting and I rarely get to read maid stories...Its sad cause there's not a lot of AUs that is as good as this...Its mostly ninja stories.. *sighs*

Dang! The romance was so good! Slow burn... ;) Almost the whole story, Sasuke and Sakura weren't paired to each other but to the other characters..
Ya know...I almost considered dropping the story because of how many times he had hurt Sakura... That's why when Sakura left and became a whole new person, I was happy and giddy! Her comeback was so bad ass! XD Kissing Sasuke and pouring champagne on Karin!? Coming back with Kiki(I really thought that Kiki had feelings for Sakura...To team up with Karin was awful..)?! YOU GO GIRL! I am so relieved I didn't drop this story..or I would have regretted it...
Karin is such a offence... Leaving Sasuke on the altar and going off with Kiki..then coming back to Sasuke again..I was SO angry at Sasuke that time... Grrr! Sakura was with him and helped him unlike Karin...who just fucked with Sasuke all the time... :( I felt so bad for Sakura... :'( The pregnancy plan was so despicable! Makes me wanna choke Karin..even Sasuke! I can't believe he didn't believe Sakura...I mean I do understand that he lost his only child but still..the least he could do was let her explain..But I guess that just made the story much more interesting.. ;) After all the times Sasuke had hurt Sakura, I don't think I can forgive him completely...In my mind, I guess I would say he didn't deserve Sakura... He really must make up for it in the future... In the end, Sakura would have probably better with least he was considerate to her in the beginning to the end...he didn't immediately that Sakura pushed Karin on the stairs... *sad smile* Still, I guess this IS a sasusaku fic so they should end up together.. Nevertheless, I still love this story with my whole heart! Keep up with the good work and Take care! :D

PS: Can you recommend me some good Sasuskau fics? :o
sinnerscup chapter 10 . 7/5/2016
chapter 10 want to bet:OKAY! NOW YOU FUCKING CARED SASUKE!?
sinnerscup chapter 10 . 7/5/2016
chapter 10 want to bet:OKAY! NOW YOU FUCKING CARED SASUKE!?
IBennet chapter 4 . 6/20/2016
This story is incredible and well organized. In this chapter I like how Sasuke is turning towards Sakura kinda like a rebound to forget Karin. Marina sucks in her personality, but she is a perfect portrait of how obsessive girls are over Sasuke. As for Sasuke, his character is well developed in regards to his normal personality. I see Sasuke acting like this character if his family were to still be alive.

This story is amazing and I hope the author continues to write more. I'm more of a yaoi fan with Naruto and Sasuke but that won't stop me from reading this
FaithfulPoison chapter 17 . 6/12/2016
Seriously this is the BEEESSSTT STTORRY EVERRRR!
never has a story got me so hooked..i wanted to stop reading this story initially bcoz osf sasukarin shit ewwww..cos like why wud sasuke even want her? Why? But then ur words of sasusaku at the end made me stay annddd the last two chapters were like finallyyy! They get together and when i read that corny happily ever after..i was i dunno on the verge of dying and going to heaven maybe cos the story was so damn beautiful..thank u for this wonderful beautiful writing...keep going gal! Love ya...and if u bothered to read the review till the end there was one thing i felt was missing...HOT STEAMY WEDDING why didnt u give it to us closet perverts? PLEASE A BONUS WEDDING NIGHT CHAPTER just so we can see sakura enjoying sasuke to her fullest?
ItslikethatUknw chapter 17 . 4/21/2016
I remember reading only up to chapter 5 years ago and then forgetting the title and plot and not being able to find this again. I just happened to come across it by chance and I'm so glad it was completed and with a happy ending. Thank you!
Yunjae chapter 16 . 4/20/2016
Okay, some of the writing has been confusing due to the changing of perspective, like with Karin asking the doctor and then switch: Sex scene with Sakura. Overall it was great writing...But I dislike the fact that Sakura went back to the man who has blamed her for literally everything. You don't fucking expect someone to forgive you after you tore them down to the point of death. I can't believe after all this, He slept with another girl, he then blames her for killing the baby (Well DUDE YOU MARRIED HER AND THEN YOU CHEATED ON HER, SO I DON'T BLAME HER) You really can't expect someone to go back to you when you say, "But I love you,"
It was good writing, but I would really dislike it if Sakura ends up with Sasuke. He just abused her and his freaking family isn't any better as well.
I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I found this good writing but not cute at all.
Anon chapter 17 . 3/26/2016
I really did like the plot of the story, but for the love of God, why does Sakura always have to be a virgin?

Newsflash: Women have hormones too, and virginity is the most ridiculous socially constructed concept out there.
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