Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
Guest chapter 7 . 12/6
So far this is nothing more than a repeat of canon. Only that since this Harry actually knows about everything, the fact that he isn't changing anything screems of how uterly useless he is... For god's sake man, he doesn't even try to catch Petigrew even though that's what Sirius needs to clear his name. And the excuse he used for that (not knowing how to undo the transformation) has so many holes that it's just pathetic...
tawnya.penner chapter 28 . 12/7
I ALMOST feel sorry for Snape, but no sympathy for Remus. He's forgiven, but no sympathy
tawnya.penner chapter 27 . 12/7
Hehehehe! Oh, to be a 7th year at Hogwarts with Moony and Padfoot for Professors!
Once again, brilliant, fantastic,excellent story!
tawnya.penner chapter 19 . 12/7
Fan-freaking-tastic! It just gets better every chapter!
tawnya.penner chapter 9 . 12/7
I can't emphasize enough how much I'm loving this story! Love it, it's brilliant!
Gdog chapter 16 . 12/4
Love the small bit about Harry wanting to leave Zacharias Smith petrified. Absolutely brilliant
JediMaxedNinja chapter 36 . 12/5
you should totally do a fic where Harry gets fed up and creates a counter paper called The Daily Planet
Guest chapter 50 . 12/2
I haven't been reading much the last few years, but this was so wonderful that I binged it in a day. Loved it! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into making this
Guest chapter 50 . 12/2
Thank you so much for this.
This was wonderfully told and you are an amazing writer.
I loved every twist and turn throughout, while still being completely memorable and having full quotes from the books made it so much fun to hear a new version of the familiar events.
I wish we could know if Harry ever made it back to bis original timeline/ Ginny/ family, ghough hed have to desl with the lossof loved ones again, or if he had to live out the new timeline, where he bets the happy life with Sirius he should have had, and whether or not he still ends up with (alternate) Ginny.
But just like this story its great to have a new avenue of thought to imagine. Thank you for bringing ths fic into existence and im glad i got to read it, even though im 15 years late, im happy i got to go through it all in one go 3
Guest chapter 23 . 12/2
incredible chapter 1 . 12/1
I saw this particular fiction mentioned in a TikTok video made of old tumblr posts; I gave the overall summary and I FLEW here to start reading.
I’m here 15 years later and this is bringing me the same joy asreading through the Harry Potter books as a kid. This is an amazing retelling and it’s only chapter one, I cannot wait to see what happens next.
THANK YOUfor bringing this into existence 3
Snargleblax chapter 50 . 11/30
I heard about this story from a TikTok of a Tumblr post, and, boy, does that not sum up the average internet user's experience?

I could not be happier that I found out about this story, though, because it is funny as all get-out while still being wholesome and uncontrived.

I loved it
Theif Lupin chapter 5 . 11/26
Oh shit
Theif Lupin chapter 5 . 11/26
Did he escape during the first year?
Touhoufanatic chapter 50 . 11/25
Sp I found out about this story by a pintrrwt screenshot of a reddit conversation, and I'm so happy I've binged it over these last few days because it was damn fun all through the whole thing!
Bravo on such a lovely work.
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