Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
Faniel chapter 15 . 19m
Omg I'm in love with how you write Luna she's wonderful :D
Percabeth2k1 chapter 50 . 1h
Very gud story. Had a lot of laughs
J flood chapter 27 . 16h
Dear Professor Snape Run Run for the hills and don't look back the Marauders are coming for you oh my God the Marauders are coming for you run professor
J flood chapter 26 . 16h
I would not have cried if you actually made up a story about what happened with narcissists and the Marauders I would have loved to hear that story I'm sure you would make it hilarious
J flood chapter 23 . 18h
I am seriously enjoying the story, you have done a excellent job on it!
Theodosia chapter 50 . 9/29
I LOVED this SO SO SO much. It's great to see new takes on the HP series, even though the works were anonymous (nudge nudge). Honestly, an overconfident Neville (and honestly Harry) did wonders for my view on the HP series as a whole. I also love how Sirius came back. I missed him so much. I really like how you gave more flesh to characters not often visited in the earlier books (i.e. Luna, Ginny, the twins, e.t.c). I also like how you didn't keep all the relationships the same, like making Draco almost amiable. You also called out some of the things that adult readers find odd about the HP series, particularly Dumbledore, his blatant favoritism, and his reckless carelessness and almost apathy. You're a great writer and creator, and you should continued to add your light to the world! This was AWESOME.
Guest chapter 50 . 9/29
That was truly a wonderful book
J flood chapter 19 . 19h
my advice is if you want to avoid people telling you about your intentional Miss phrasing of The Descendants issue move the note at the end of this chapter to the beginning and that will alleviate the problem
J flood chapter 19 . 19h
I didn't know Harry Potter was Salazar Slytherin ancestor I think you have it mixed up
J flood chapter 11 . 23h
where do you come up with these wonderful jokes I love it
Guest chapter 45 . 9/28
Just for the record... No one who went to school in any version of Britain, magical or otherwise is going to treat a Hershey Bar as anything other than a bad joke. American chocolate is, on the whole of poor quality, containing very little actual chocolate. British chocolate has about twice the amount of actual cocoa solids in it, while European generally runs to another third better again. Otherwise, stupid good fun as usual!
akshutalankar chapter 19 . 9/30
this fanfiction is lit... my whole family is looking at me like I lost my marbles Bcoz I keep laughing at any random point.. n not secretive smiles.. full belly laugh...
J flood chapter 6 . 9/30
you know you're really good at this you're able to throw comedy into a story and make it funny at the same time entertaining it's not your story isn't slapstick funny but it's hilarious in a way that's better than the slapstick I don't know how to describe it correctly there's two different types of stories in yours is a better type when it comes to Comedy stories I don't know I just it's better than some of the others I've seen maybe it's because your comedy makes sense something The Wizarding World is lacking hahaha
Faniel chapter 11 . 9/29
"Wizards did love their hyphens"
I just LOVE this epic trollness! At it's funny and quite interesting how it starts to change :)
KarisTasogare chapter 26 . 9/28
well, Lockheart could have memory charmed Ginny. you know so there would be no chance of her 'giving things away'. ("oh clearly the trauma of being kidnaped has caused her to repress everything from when it happened, to the moment of rescue")
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