Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
Demi-Wizard48 chapter 5 . 18m
Accessory to Murder is a crime, I think. Which Peter has committed.
cheese12345 chapter 50 . 9/22
loved this story! so sad it's over now though!
cheese12345 chapter 40 . 9/21
lmao at Ollivander calling Harry a menace to society! Love it!
Raven chapter 1 . 9/18
This is so funny. Yes, it's gonna be long seven years, but i'll enjoy them.
'till soon!
LG Raven

(Sorry for possibly bad English in my reviews XD)
cheese12345 chapter 17 . 9/19
omg I love Dobby! also love that Lockhart is mentoring Harry on fame lol
cheese12345 chapter 10 . 9/19
Oh no, I guess Harry adopting Sirius as a pet scared Scabbers into escaping! Great chapter! Love that Harry threatened to buy the Weasleys brooms if they didnt let him buy them a set of books!
DJArla chapter 50 . 9/19
I can see why so many people have favourites this story. It is excellent. I can’t believe you had so many complaints aloneness the way… clearly people don’t understand what crack fic or AU mean. But I for one thought this was fantastic and would even be invested in reading a sequel.
Also I’m not sure if Luna’s dress was a nod to the hunger games but I took it that way. All the little quotes and things from other stories really added to my enjoyment along the way. Thanks for taking the time to write and share and not giving up
cheese12345 chapter 8 . 9/19
I like how perceptive and observant Neville is in your story! He's so much more perceptive than the others, aside from Harry of course since Harry is bound to be more observant the second time around. I like that Harry solves Hagrid's dragon problem easily by going to Dumbledore immediately since it's obvious to him that Dumbledore is more likely to help Hagrid and cover up the situation than to let Hagrid get into trouble or fire him lol. Hermione's line "You have problems" and Peeves in this chapter especially cracked me up! I really liked Percy's scene with the mirror in chapter 7 as well! Love that Neville was the one who moved forward with Harry to face Quirrel instead of Hermione!
cheese12345 chapter 6 . 9/19
I love so many things about your story! I love that Sirius contacted earlier this time because he also fell through the Veil, though at first I had guessed that maybe somehow Sirius had found out about that rumor about Malfoy being Snape's love child and found it so hilarious that it made him lucid enough in Azkaban to remember Harry and contact him lol. I love that Percy and the Weasley twins and Neville were involved with the troll incident this time, and that Percy is one of the few that can tell the twins apart and that he's more liked by his family this time (hopefully this will gradually make it so Percy doesn't end up siding with the Ministry temporarilythis time around and doesn't lose out time with his family during the war), and that Neville is so much closer to the trio and more confident this time around. I love that Harry is constantly always questioning things this time around while living his life the second time like questioning Ron about his Squib cousin and why even the Weasleys seem to be ashamed of Squibs, and how he points out how to Neville how wrong it was that his relatives didn't care about endangering him as much as they cared about him not being a Squib, or how he questioned Percy and others when they seemed to imply certain houses were superior or better, and how Harry gives Draco a chance to be his friend while questioning his bigoted beliefs and also making him look and feel silly at times like him asking him if he's a kleptomaniac lol. I love the little observations and funny comments that Harry makes, and also how logical he is pointing out obvious things he missed out the first time around like how obvious Quirrel was with his disguise and stunts such as the troll incident and broom incident, and how lacking Hogwarts' security is! And I love that Harry still finds it fun to antagonize Snape a little bit since he knows that Snape is going to be a bit of a jerk to him no matter what because of his resemblance to James. I absolutely love that Harry does things like pay the twins a hefty sum to throw snowballs at Quirrel's head lol and gifts Ron an expensive broom! I love that Harry diffuses possible arguments and conflicts between his friends, especially when it involves Draco, with his funny but logical quips that make Draco look silly with his prejudices, and the pureblood inbreeding jokes Harry makes, and that he gifted Deaco hair care products lol. It would have been even funnier if he gifted hair care products to Snape anonymously or something too lolI love that Harry plans to be reconcile with Dudley and Petunia sooner and give them a chance to be better even if it's only for having more comfortable summers with the Dursleys. Overall, I just love this light-hearted time travel re-write story, and it doesn't even feel like a silly parody, because everything just feels so in character the way you've written it and the funny, light-hearted things Harry does and says to make his repeated life less tedious and more interesting and comfortable for himself. I just love your writing and how funny this story is!
cheese12345 chapter 2 . 9/19
already love this story so much! so funny! love that harry tricked fred and george and started that rumor about malfoy!
Guest chapter 50 . 9/15
Five stars! Worth the read
Guest chapter 50 . 9/15
Best fanfic I have ever read.
PheonixBJB chapter 50 . 9/16
Sabrus chapter 50 . 9/14
I am so happy that I waited until now to read this book! Just the right amount of well written humour that was so much needed this year! Thank you
Zumzu chapter 50 . 9/10
Holistically very good! Harry's over-analytical nature kind of seeped into the other characters, but it was very solid! Well done!
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