Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
Protos Heis chapter 18 . 21h
What's up with Neville and Ginny being close? I hope it is not more than friends! haha!
Protos Heis chapter 17 . 7/16
Maybe it's about time I should know what's Snape's reaction to this lovechild-scandal already! lol
Protos Heis chapter 16 . 7/16
That was too bad. I expected there would be more things to happen with Kreacher. Perhaps if Sirius learned so much about everything that happened to Regulus, then he would be more understanding.
Protos Heis chapter 15 . 7/15
I've been wondering about this before. How come Dumbledore never asked Myrtle who killed her? That would be an easy lead for him to investigate the Chamber of Secrets, you know!
Protos Heis chapter 14 . 7/14
Now Harry is as business-minded as the Weasley twins! I'm relieved about this! I was worried he would run out of money. lol

A very fun chapter!
Protos Heis chapter 13 . 7/14
Harry is so carefree! I worried about what's left of his money in his vault than he does!

Everyone seems to love him in this story. Who wouldn't love a boy who bought expensive brooms for opposing teams?
Protos Heis chapter 12 . 7/14
Lockhart is still ridiculously amusing! haha, I look forward to the dueling club!
Protos Heis chapter 11 . 7/13
Ugh! How could Harry and Sirius not anticipate that using "Padfoot" would get Wormtail to suspect something? Also, I'm sure the moment Sirius appears, Wormtail would have fled because Sirius knows what Wormtail looks like as a rat! Remember how Sirius found him just by looking at a newspaper?
Protos Heis chapter 10 . 7/11
I've gotten so used to how things had gone smoothly that I groaned when I found out Scabbers and the diary were gone. Ugh! We need Scabbers to clear out Sirius' name!
Protos Heis chapter 9 . 7/11
The end of the chapter was awesome! If I was reading this on ongoing status, I would be too hyped, waiting for the next chapter! Good Job! I can't wait to see what happens next! I love Sirius Black!
Protos Heis chapter 8 . 7/10
So in this story, Harry wasn't able to meet Firenze because he didn't have detention for sneaking out of the castle to deliver Norbert to Charlie's friends. I'm fine with that because I don't think that meeting is important. Plus, at least this time, Harry and his friends would avoid a 150-point reduction on Gryffindor.
Protos Heis chapter 7 . 7/9
Hopefully, after Neville managed to dodge Malfoy's curse, he'd be able to appreciate Neville.
Protos Heis chapter 6 . 7/9
You make Snape a likable person even though there was little interaction with him in this chapter. I wasn't that fond of his character in the HP series, you know!

I wish Dumbledore knew it was Harry who gave him that socks. lol
Protos Heis chapter 5 . 7/8
I knew it! When Sirius' letter arrived, I knew he also returned in time. I hope they see each other soon. Sirius is one of my favorite characters.

It's a good thing Snape didn't notice the Sectumsempra spell on the Troll's wounds.
Protos Heis chapter 4 . 7/8
Every chapter gets even better!

In case you've forgotten, Madam Hooch used a spell to stop George and Harry from beating Malfoy. It was back in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
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