Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
SnowFlecked chapter 50 . 6/5
Lol. This was hilarious and I'm so glad you're a writer. I really don't have much to say. The ending was sweet and funny. I've also never been happier to have Harry Potter as a crazy eccentric.
Kelsey chapter 5 . 6/5
Hey, I just finished 'When in Doubt Obliviate' and really loved it. I like this one too so far except for one thing that seems rather jarring, despite willing suspension of disbelief. Harry's frequent use of evoking his parents death or anything related to their deaths as a way to get out of trouble. He uses his parents sacrifice and his tragic story to garner sympathy so he can avoid or lessen any punishment. Very Slytherin, if I do say so myself.

I understand that this is a parody and Harry has had time to cope with their deaths and come to terms with a lot of hang ups that his younger canon self had. Like how he understands now that a lot of the trusted adults in his childhood had failed him or used him. Of course he would have no more illusions of Dumbledore, nor any authority figure, being infallible or having his best interest at heart.

So it's not so much what he's doing, as it is how blatantly/frequently he does it and other people's responses to it. He doesn't use it very tactfully at all and it's seems very obvious what he's doing. I find it kinda strange that the adults, at least, wouldn't catch on. I would expect them to question it pretty quickly.

It was especially jarring at the end of chapter 5 in the exchange between Harry and McGonagall.
"Potter you foolish boy, how could you think of tackling a mountain troll on your own?"
"I wasn't really thinking of that so much as how one of my father's closet friends could have been a Voldemort supporter and mass murderer."
That line in particular just seemed to come out of nowhere in the context of that scene and really had nothing to do with chasing down the troll. That 23 year old Harry would actually think such a heavy handed reference to his parents sad story would work to his favor in that situation, seems odd to me. What seems even stranger is that it actually did work.

Of course I'm totally nit-picking and I haven't finished the story yet. I just enjoy this kind of in depth discussion about fictional characters. *shrugs*
SnowFlecked chapter 49 . 6/4
Haha! WHOO! CEDRIC AND FRED LIVED! I'm really glad that Cedric became such an integral friend.
SnowFlecked chapter 47 . 6/4
Wait... Fred and Cedric both died in the original timeline. It's highly suspicious that you are now delivering them to the sight of Cedric's old death... Please, don't kill them. Have mercy T.T
SnowFlecked chapter 42 . 6/4
I may or may not be rooting for a newfound HarryXLuna romance...

An ha, you tell 'em Sirius.
SnowFlecked chapter 41 . 6/4
When Harry said "Draco and the Hufflepuffs" I immediately thought 'boy band'. That is hilarious, yet kind of mortifying to even imagine...
SnowFlecked chapter 40 . 6/4
Ha. Ollivander XD
SnowFlecked chapter 39 . 6/4
*Another* lawsuit? Seems Harry is having trouble with the law...
SnowFlecked chapter 35 . 6/4
Oh shiiiiiiit...
Cyberchao X chapter 50 . 6/4
It leaves so many questions...does Harry ever get back to the alpha timeline? How does this timeline fare with no Voldemort?
Cyberchao X chapter 49 . 6/4
Yeah, that does it. And that figures; Crouch Jr. using Crouch Sr. for his disguise. Even the Marauder's Map wouldn't be able to reveal that one.
SnowFlecked chapter 34 . 6/4
Lol. Quite the pep talk for Remus, aye?
Cyberchao X chapter 48 . 6/4
I can see why this should be the end; Voldemort lacks Horcruxes.
Cyberchao X chapter 47 . 6/4
Knew it. I just knew it. This is getting good...and a fair explanation for the cup's Portkey status.
Cyberchao X chapter 46 . 6/4
Oh, right, the love triangle! Gotta admit I squeed when Ginny volunteered to be Harry's treasure.
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