Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
Fugacity chapter 50 . 5/25
Lurved the Pinky & the Brain quote...

Fugacity chapter 30 . 5/25
Oh boy! Draco having fun at Harry's expense. What are friends for after all...
Fugacity chapter 27 . 5/25
I'm on chapter 27 and it just keeps getting more and more funny. It's not quite a crack-fic, but it's approaching that in terms of how outrageous it is. It's better than a crack-fic though because it all actually makes sense rather than requiring massive OOC behavior. Keep up the good work.
YokaiAngel chapter 50 . 5/27
MMax chapter 46 . 5/26
I wonder if Lockhart is Barty Crouch, Jr.
Lumiellie chapter 50 . 5/26
I'm really sad that I finished this. I laughed so hard at so many parts and I never expected that I would love it this much.
MMax chapter 37 . 5/26
Instead of Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, how about society trumping for Elf Wellbeing... STEW
Dragonwarrior16 chapter 50 . 5/26
This story had me breaking into laughter that I cant't control and so many times I couldn't possibly count them all. It's also a nice long 50 chapters, longer than most fanfics and that is one of the reasons I love it. I love the way you kept it pretty true to what the characters would have done (I think) I love the characters of new/old Harry, Luna and Sirius, but, most of all I love your sarcastic humor. Good job, and Thank you!
Katzztar chapter 4 . 5/25
Hmmm Harry decides never to look up how closely he's related to Ginny ... lol
If it was fandom, they usually go with Dorea (Black) & Charlus Potter as James parents. Thankfully, Rowling has in recent years revealed that James' parents names were Fleamont & Euphimeria (sp?). A good thing for Harry as Dorea is 1st cousin to Cedrella, Arthur Weasley's mother. So in those fandoms of Dorea being Harry's gran, that would make Ron & Ginny his 3rd cousins.

With the revelation of Fleamont being James dad, that leaves the question, just how is Charlus & Dorea related to Harry? I'd guess that Charlus was a younger brother or cousin to Fleamont. We know that James' parents were old when they finally had him, and this was a the 'disqualifying' factor to Charlus & Dorea being his parents even before Fleamont's revelation. After all, Dorea was only 55 at time of death in 1977, which is young, barely middle age for magical folk who can live between 100 -200 (or more, Dippit was said to be over 300!)
MMax chapter 25 . 5/25
just finished an interesting Chap 25.
Lumiellie chapter 9 . 5/25
I read this in class. All nine chapters so far. I have been told to stop laughing 4 times, glared at 14 times and this is amazing.
babblebox chapter 19 . 5/22
to sprite or not to sprite... hm.
MMax chapter 9 . 5/23
I thought Harry was going to ask Uncle Vernon ' Oh, I didn't know that you bought a pet dog '
Guest chapter 43 . 5/21
This ball will turn out okay if the Patil twins do not have to wear those horrible excuses for Indian dresses like they did in the movie.
14animefan chapter 1 . 5/22
This is actually the best thing I have ever read
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