Reviews for Oh God Not Again!
AnnElfwind chapter 1 . 10/26
Do I smell Harry/Ginny? Why do all the good plots end up with those two together?! NO offence to you or anyone else, but I just can't stand her... (And I'm also an avid slash fan...)
I'm gonna give this story a try, like the writing style and the plot, but if there's gonna be Harry/Ginny, I might switch to something else...
Honestly, there are so many better Weasleys than that bint...
I do apologize for my (probably offensive) rant, it was not ment to offend, but I can't help it when it comes to Ginny...
deathtobarbies chapter 50 . 10/26
passcod chapter 32 . 10/24
Reading this story, I am mentally replacing every instance of God with Merlin (in interjections, I do not credit Merlin for creating humanity), because that makes more sense in-universe. Apart from that, great story! Masterfully executed.
sfjoellen chapter 24 . 10/22
ahh, that is some prime voldy bashing right there.. 'distinctly NOT fabulous' had me giggling pretty good. thanks!
Trelevona chapter 14 . 10/19
When it's been several years since the story in question has been published I don't usually review before the end, however, I think you must be brilliant so I had to say something. Luna is one of my favorite characters, and I love how you have Harry interact with her. This is one the best parodies I've read, it's quite entertaining. Very nicely done, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this.
ichbinnureinnutzer chapter 19 . 10/18
I freakin' love your story! It's hilarious. Expecially the part with Draco being the lovechild of Snape...
knightessjg chapter 1 . 10/17
Took me a while to re-find this fic (I had to go through flipping tvtropes), it's now going on my favorites to prevent losing it AGAIN.
KarlaMarie chapter 50 . 10/16
this is quite simply my favorite story right now!

I love Luna and Harry! they made me laugh every time you had them talk to each other.

I know for a fact I will read and reread the hell out of this fiction for the rest of my life!

THANK YOU for writing it!
Advent of Shadows chapter 50 . 10/16
I can't believe you neglected to give an epilogue. There was no closure at all.
doubledamn chapter 2 . 10/16
Harry's going to have some fun by exploiting Wizard's First Rule, isn't he?
DiamondQueen03 chapter 49 . 10/14
Nearly done and the best
RykOakwine chapter 43 . 10/13
The author's note about people reading for the pairing in a story without any pairing (known as a "gen fic" which I didn't know until recently, so huh, okay!) touches on the *worst* aspect of Harry Potter Fandom and fanfic: Shippers.

Shippers are more prevalent among both authors and readers in the HP Fandom than any other. And they are more fanatical about their prefered Ship and fanatical in hatred of their non-prefered Ship.

This stupidity, this adolescent wankery which affects Harry Potter fans aged 10-80, does a great deal of actual harm to the Fandom and especially to HP fanfic. Whether it's readers who's reviews have to focus on potential Ships ("I sure hope this isn't Harry/Ginny! I won't read those, she's a total slut, because she dated a couple of other guys in school before data Harry! And she was a fangirl when she was 11 so she's completely wrong for Harry no matter how this fanfic may develop her character differently than what Rowling laughably called Ginny's character development! I hate her!") or authors who refuse to write anything except the Ship they are advocates for ("Everyone who argues for Harry/Hermione is so irritating that I am committed to the canon Ships as though they are written by the flaming finger of God onto stone tablets and anyone who deviates from canon is a heretic who should be burned at the stake, except my fanfic which is 100% canon in its Ships but not in anything else but the Ships are the most important part of canon and messing with that means you aren't even a real Harry Potter fan!") these people detract from the Fandom for EVERYONE, detracting from excellent stories that use ships they themselves aren't advocates for or denying the rest of the Fandom their writing talents for stories in favour of thinly disguised advocacy propaganda.

It really makes you wonder what is wrong with people . The first time I encountered a writer who was an utterly committed Shipper for the One True Ship I thought the author must be a teenage girl. Instead it turned out to be a 50 year old man with grown kids of his own and baby grandkids. And I'm thinking wtf is wrong with you that you are acting like a 6th grade girl who's got a vendetta against a classmate for stealing your boyfriend?

This story, like every other story in the HP Fandom, has to deal with readers who are religiously sold on the One True Ship or who will scream bloody murder at a HINT of their hated imaginary rival for Harry Potter's imaginary affections.

I wish there were some way for these idiots to see how much actual harm they actually do to the Fandom that brings them so much great fanfic.
RykOakwine chapter 38 . 10/13
Ah, yes, SPEW. Or, SHOE, in this case. I feel badly for the character of Hermoine as she was portrayed in canon, especially in the books (the screenwriters toned her down a bit in the movies, just like they toned down several characters, like Snape).

SPEW was not the first example but one of the most obvious of Hermoine's phenominal arrogance and her utter contempt for everyone else around her, including (hypocritical though it is) the adults and authority figures. But Rowling never worried terribly about being consistent in how she presented her characters.

Hermoine's insistence that she knows anything at all about house elf needs and problems, when she's never so much as interviewed any of the Hogwarts elves about their treatment, desires, lives ambitions, values, is so unbelievably over the top that it's difficult to believe anyone actually acting like such an utter a ss . She's not just wrong, she's wallowing in ignorance and practically proud of it. She's so wrong that no matter, how much you zoom in or zoom out she's equally wrong in every conceivable scale. She's FRACTALLY wrong.

And won't listen to anyone. And the worst part is that her ideas for SPEW are not just wrong headed, they are DUMB. The painfully obvious problems with her plan to free the elves via giving them knitted hats reveals aa mind that is mediocre at best. A smart person would not come up with that plan. That's the sort of plan a Ron Weasley would come up with. So why does Hermoine do it?

Because Hermoine, from Day 1 on the Hogwarts Express where she reveals she's read all these Wizarding history books far beyond 11 year old reading level through the Deathly Hallows, acts like how stupid people think smart people act.

I don't know if Rowling is a stupid person who thinks smart people are really like Hermoine or if she was writing for a stupid audience and so wrote the "smart character" to act like her stupid readers think smart people act, but it doesn't really matter.

Smart people don't act like Hermoine Granger. And a trick memory isn't the defining characteristic of someone with an exceptionally high IQ. Where for Hermoine her trick memory for remembering her Textbooks is almost 100% of the demonstrated "smart" characteristics she has.

My conservative relatives, the ones who watch a lot of Fox News and who use terms like "ivory tower intellectuals" as insults, think smart people are like what Hermoine Granger is shown to be like.

It's too bad Hermoine wasn't written like a smart person. If she was, we'd have been spared the ridiculousness of SPEW.
RykOakwine chapter 33 . 10/13
Hermione's contempt for the elective, OWL and NEWT accredited course of Divination, and for the Professor of that course, is never contrasted against her sheep like following of Dumbledore's every utterance.

How can she have so much blind faith in Dumbledore as to do things like abandon her Harry after Sirius's death on Dumbledore's orders, yet blow off Divination and belittle the professor, when Dumbledore is the person who put Trelawny in the job and as headmaster it is assumed he approves the class materials and subject matter?

Everyone just let's this contradiction just go by without anyone really holding her accountable for the gross hypocrisy she demonstrates here.

Not that this fic is the appropriate place for such a conflict but still. Everyone just completely ignores it, or at most they bring it up and let it drop without insisting on Hermoine either explaining her thinking or admitting that she's not nearly all about authority figures when they inconvenience HER.
RykOakwine chapter 31 . 10/13
Oh my lord, it's been 3 months and Ginny is still going on about how disappointed she was with Harry's cock? She's even going so far as to (dare I say it) belittle Harry's cock and all that it did for her!

Is Luna as disappointed with Harry's cock as Ginny is? Because it seemed like Luna was far more appreciative of Harry's cock and how he whipped it out just in time!

(I don't see this EVER getting old!)

Maybe Ginny just hates the cock in general? Maybe it's not that it's Harry's cock but she just hates all cocks?

Though I'm sure we all remember that in canon Ginny choked the chickens herself with her bare hands. Or, at least the cocks. Though I wonder how many cocks Hagrid had. Surely he just had one cock that Ginny choked?

I feel badly for Hagrid's cock, but at least it's not enduring Ginny's ongoing cock-hate like Harry's cock.

Did Lockhart take Harry's cock after he was done in the Chamber? We never did get clear on that. I wonder if that confusion is part of Ginny's bitterness towards Harry's cock? Might she, in the darkness of the chamber, mistaken it for Lockhart's cock? Does she feel like Harry is trying to take credit for what Lockhart's cock did for her and Luna?
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