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Echodust20299 chapter 38 . 8h
I started reading this at the beginning of the Summer (Summer 2017), and I just finished it. And WOW! WOWOWOWOWOW! There was so much detail, and everyone's personality was on point, and the psychological detail that went into this. Props to you.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/22
only 8 chapters left ;-; so sad...

im loving the whole 'Envy has a kid' thing, hes so evil to it though :'C i hope Rage kills Envy in the end xD it would be karma!

they meet up tomorrow? all curious how Ed is going to react to Al this time.

Guest chapter 25 . 9/20
Ed seemed to regain alot more of himself in this chapter, im very curious how Ed-like he's going to be by the end.

BTW...pinning someones eyes open, so they have to watch as you eat their flesh, then feed it to truly disturbing, so bravo! :D im sure your goal was to be as disturbing as possible, and it really puts Eds messed up mind in prospective, pretty sure anyone would be crazy after that...

absolutely LOVING this fic, full of H/C, great conversations, and interesting plot.
i do wish there was more parental!Roy though x3

Guest chapter 8 . 9/18
im frickin in love with this fic :O

i think i connect with it alot because im actually currently writing one with Ed having split personalitys, so iv been reading up on alot of stuff about how trama can effect people.
and really made Ed have some horrible stuff happen to him :O BUT I LOVE IT!

your conversations are AMAZING by the way, people aren't just treating him like a little kid (like most fics do when Ed is having trouble with something), they are listening, and actually trying to help and understand him, only treating him as a kid when there are no other options. very realistic in that way, and i absolute LOVE that.

Guest chapter 5 . 9/18
im loving this so far :O

love the H/C and the parental stuff!

Zuzanny chapter 38 . 9/14
I cried over the doctor.
bestlance chapter 38 . 8/29
Wow, i'm so shocked by how amazing this story was! I truly enjoyed the read!
Marie Darkholme chapter 38 . 8/27
This must be one of the most disturbing and compelling fics I've read. I had high hopes Ed would die in the end. Death would have been such a sweet surrender compared to half-living with guilt and everything else about what he did. Nice insight into mental illness as well - must have taken some research or first hand experience to write this. I'm of mixed feelings - happy it's over and yet it's not actually over. A happy ending would not suit this fic but one still longs for something at least peaceful which is not given to either of the brothers. Thank you for writing this.
Guest chapter 38 . 7/29
I've been reading this beyond amazing fanfic for months now and finally finished it. I have to say, the ending left me a bit puzzled, I was expecting something a bit more dramatic and not so abrupt, however a part of me is glad it ended the way it did. Now I can safely assume everyone hopefully recovered and lived happily ever after.
Anyway, first off I'd like to say that I am so glad to be reading this in 2017. If I had discovered this fanfic earlier it would've killed me having to wait for every chapter to come out!
Second of all, I applaud you on your perseverance. I have written many fanfics, many of which have been abandoned due to lack of interest, lack of time and the fact that I ran out of ideas and they just got much too long. Reading this masterpiece of a fanfic, I never got that vibe from you. Your writing was flawless despite a few grammatical errors, which are understandably hard to edit, especially with such lengthy chapters. Also, your characterization was phenomenal. I almost forgot Gansworth was your own character for a while.
Overall, each chapter was so compelling and the emotions the characters felt and especially what Ed and Al were experiencing at times did induce stress in me, but this fanfic was just so darn addicting for a multitude of reasons.
Once again thank you so much for creating this masterpiece. I learned a lot about psychological disorders and although some parts were an emotional roller coaster, it was totally worth the ride.
I've read many fanfics, and this is by far the most realistic, captivating one I've read. And that's out of all fanfics, not just Fullmetal Alchemist ones. Like seriously dude, for a while I almost forgot I was reading a fanfic and instead a novel.
Anyways I'm gonna wrap up my rambling now! I hope you have a great day and please keep writing! You have such an amazing talent!
Also ps: Envy and Mitchell's death gave me so much satisfaction -v-
kixlepixle chapter 38 . 5/5
honestly i am so shook right now? i stayed up so late every night for a week reading this after having to stop a few months back and i... have no idea how to feel about this ending except that it's been a long, long ride with these two, and they had my support all the way

regardless i know this is a realistic one, painfully realistic, and i'm glad that at least this time there is hope, knowledge, and more understanding. i can't say that i loved this beyond belief, but if i'm being honest i am proud i got through all 460k of that, and its remarkable you could write this story so well. i felt and understand their pain, i understood ed's logical train of thought and his inability to accurately act or represent them, i understood al's anger disorder and how he struggles to love and care for ed the way ed needs to, i just, if i stood here any longer i don't think i could possibly give a review this fic deserves no matter how long this review gets

by the way, i wanted to drop a note that i loved your oc development and build and the roundness of them all. enfield is a favorite of mine, and spoilers for those reading the review section when the doc died, a part of my soul did too.

i understand that, after 3 years of finishing this monster of a fic, i'm dying to know if you have any idea what happened afterwards. do they all recover for real, this time? not 100%, of course, but a content life? what about rage? if i'm being honest, i was 100% down for ed meeting his kid, but obviously that couldn't happen for a few reasons.

honestly, i don't think i'll ever read a fic as long, painfully realistic, and unique as this one. it'll definitely stay in my mind for years to come. i can't believe how well planned and written so much of this is!

(and, guilty pleasure, if you read this or have the time, could you mayyybe send a pm saying how it all turned out to be? of course, i'm dying to know. but i suppose that would ruin the beauty and purpose of an open ending!)
YAJJ chapter 31 . 5/2
I'm glad I'm not the only one who is /reeeeaaaally/ starting to dislike Gansworth. Riza and I are one. I'm gonna punch him in the face. No respect.
I hope there's more paparoy near the end :)))) there was some very good stuff in the beginning but as soon as Envy-mustang dragged Ed out, it's all but disappeared (with good reason ofc).
Also, Let Roy Sleep. He's only a man. He's no god. Much as he may like to pretend... let my son rest. Let his sons be well enough that he can rest easy for 8 hours. Please.
And /please/ let my boys get better. They're fighting so hard and they deserve so much...
Guest chapter 38 . 4/30
Amazing! Took a little while to read, but definitely my favorite fanfic! I loved it!
Leradomi chapter 7 . 4/16
This is just incredible, I love how you start with one question (what happened?) but once one question is answered five thousand more pop up! It expands the story beautifully and keeps me interested chapter to chapter. It's like a tree that starts with a strong solid trunk and expands into tons of branches. Really well done I'm only on chapter 7 but I am reading this all the way through, what a great Easter present!
Guest chapter 38 . 4/3
This was amazing, funny, sad, interesting and joke st amazing. I had an amazing time reading this, I think you should be an author, that was the best story I have ever read.

Please, please keep writing, it's so fun to read and I hope it's fun for you to make to.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/16
Okay - Edward is so cool in this, mustang is like a dad to him, Hawkeye is like the Mum and envy is like that one annoying sibling you want to hit with a bus.
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