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Anne Onymus chapter 1 . 3/23/2016
MY SYMPATHETIC MST3K of "A Week in the Life of a Simian Bibliophile" (calling it that because my review ended up ridiculously long and ridiculously positive):

Haven't even read anything yet, just have to say that the title is amazing and perfect of its kind.

"... the unlimited realm of all books ever written or still to be written or very nearly written or quite deliberately not written ..." - Was this one of the lines you said you took from canon? I can't tell at all.

Oh, and this fills me with ridiculous longing for L-space just like that long passage in Guards! Guards! I never particularly wanted Narnia, but I've wanted L-space. There's this place in Champaign, Illinois, called Jane Addam's Bookshop (just in case you ever happen to be in that part of America) where you can just TELL the "employees only" door is a portal to L-space, unless the portal is in one of those weirdly turning hallways that make the place much bigger than any other building of the same size (I can't figure out how that happens). And um ... this paragraph isn't reviewing your story, sorry. But just ... L-space is amazing and there should be TITANIC-LOADS of fics of it, but there aren't.

(Reading "Monday") The Librarian's "little lost lamb" is a book, right? Unless it's a banana? Oh well, I'll see.

"He soon disappeared into strangely curving aisles." I JUST MENTIONED THOSE. He obviously just passed through Jane Addam's Bookshop. So tragic I wasn't there that day. :(

And he meets an old man who only speaks in consonants. No idea who this is, BUT I WOULD RISK MEETING HIM FOR THE SAKE OF L-SPACE.

Shambolic. New word for me.

"...a stream of incomprehensible words..." The Librarian can't understand the old man either? I thought since he has the power of all his Ooks being magically understood, maybe he'd have the power of understanding other people's own forms of gibberish. Oh well.

Earworms?! Now that is a Discian-sounding creature. ... Ah no, it's a Babel fish! Handy.

This guy sounds very urbane. Though since I haven't read Hitchhiker's Guide, I wonder what he means about "prize for the coast of Norway" and "fiddly bits".

(Reading Tuesday) ROGUE METAPHORS. I would VOLUNTEER to be attacked by those, any day.

Another crossover with a thing I haven't read yet. Is this The Neverending Story? Aw, the Librarian's really not having a good time here. "What could an orang-utang possibly know about books?" Speciesist!

(Reading Wednesday) Thursday Next! Which I ... *also* haven't read. Wait, she's taking him on a mission? That could be a real published book all by itself (if we only had PTerry) unless the Librarian walks out of it.

"Heathcliffe is on the loose again." Infecting perfectly good lighthearted books with melodrama and exaggerated psychotropic landscapes! Oh man oh man this is perfect.

... Well, that escalated quickly.

(Reading Thursday) "...old gilded chairs strategically placed where people were most likely to trip over them." In halls and the middle of doorways? Oh man.

Can't recognize this crossover at all, but the characters already sound interesting. (It does seem to take the route of "feminist women are agressive and foul-mouthed" but if Shaz has a whole book about her, then she probably has some interesting characteristics besides that.)

Those sound exactly like real book-blurbs. Are they?

Aw, the Librarian being sympathetic instead of embarrassed or derisive about that RATHER AWKWARD absent-minded question.

"Singletons are an oppressed minority" - at first I thought she meant "people who aren't twins", which would mean this is in a cool alternate world where twins are normal. XD Then I figured out.

"Bridget, that's an orang-utang you're talking to." Oh I just love double-takes ...

They're all so casual about the orangutang in the room, it's beautiful!

First I felt kind of angry for Shaz's sake that whatever book this is seems to have made her a fake straw feminist. Now she's insulted the Librarian and I don't mind AT ALL him making her say ouch.

(Reading Friday) "Miriam from Caesarea"? Sounds familiar ...

"I have promised my friend Theophilus ..." OH! I would say, "Hi Luke!" but I'm Catholic so I got too distracted wondering whether that would technically count as a prayer to the Evangelist or not. XD Yeah, I'm (or I used to be) the stereotypical minutiae-obsessed Catholic.

Marcos! Yes! (Yay for Greek names!)

"Q? What kind of a name for a scroll is that?" You know, when I was scrolling down the story to write earlier parts of my review, I saw the letter Q standing by itself and thought there would be a Star Trek: TNG crossover. Instead: Biblical scholarship? I think? I remember once reading an argument over when various books of the New Testament were written, and a manuscript called Q might have figured in the story? MAYBE? Wow, you've really *studied* ...

"He was glad to have been of service ..." The Librarian amiably gives some indirect help to the Gospel of Luke. I'm seriously not offended by this at all. :-)

(Reading Saturday) "Not of anything in particular, just a steady flow of generic boding." GENIUS.

Pointy blue hat - so much thanks for the bookverse! It's Middle-earth, I know it is ... Is this when Gandalf was doing his seventeen years of ring research?

"But a harmless beast of the Southern lands." I had never considered Middle-earth orangutangs in my life before this, and that's sad. (And of course since it's supposed to be our own planet there WOULD be orangutangs.)

HE EXAMINED THE PEANUT CRITICALLY AND HELD IT TO HIS EAR AND okay, I'm using a lot of capitals but that's because my night/early morning is being improved immeasurably. HE HELD IT TO HIS EAR AND SHOOK IT oh my gash.

"My heart warns me against ..." So so deadly serious. I so dang much love this. Gandalf is my hero and I like making fun of him.

Librarian! *You've* been a wizard! You should *know* about wizards and their hats! Rude.

(Reading Sunday) AGKH IT"S RIKER AND DATA, AM I RIGHT? So there *was* a TNG crossover hiding in here? I uh I just wow.

Are they in the holodeck, and if so, does L-space treat holodeck books as real ones? I never thought of this before ...

"But why do you run this program? It doesn't have any perceivable plot and it doesn't allow for interaction." So *that's* why the Librarian intuited that the Egyptian people were "just background". So much detail in this fic.

Orangutangs are extinct? Thank you, you just made the Star Trek universe so much worse. (Unless that was already canon and I didn't know it.)

"Little monkey" - no no no NO, Riker ...

Not that I support gratuitous beating-up of Riker, but it'd be funny (though Data'd be uncharacteristically heartless) if the Librarian took his customary revenge and THEN this: " 'Orang-utangs," said the pale one, 'are not classed as monkeys, but apes.' "

"... and gave the entity a banana." What a mix of words - "entity" and "banana". Vetinari should read this, this is some real "tincture of night suffusing the soup of the afternoon" stuff.

(Reading Octeday) You know, I'd forgotten Discworld's eight-day week. Most things introduced in the first two books are a vague hazy memory for me because I read them both as typo-riddled e-books (I decided not to ask my dad whether those e-books were a breach of copyright) and not only couldn't read it but couldn't find any character likeable. Maybe I should try again with print.

I'm adding "Moebius band" to my List of Things I've Got To Look Up, along with the meaning of the word "cryptogam" (just one R - I think it might have to do with biology).

So *that's* what "walking up and down the stairs" means in L-space. XD

"Life holds few distinctions, Lizzy, but I think we can safely boast ..." Hilarious! The people talk nice - they remind me of an Aubrey & Maturin book.

THE LIBRARIAN BEING CUTE ON PURPOSE TO agh I tried so hard not to make embarrassing noises with my mouth.

The Librarian: father to all books. This whole story was genius and I've probably just given the longest review on . Twas awesome. :-)
SomeKindOfFan chapter 1 . 11/9/2014
Loved it!
Ikurus chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
I'd forgotten about Octeday, and was starting to wonder by Friday.
Loved it.
Thank you for writing and sharing this.
UnseenLibrarian chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
This was a great fanfic, I loved it. :) Nice incorporation of all the various fandoms!
The Wakka Man chapter 1 . 1/19/2010
Good work on the book & movie references, I got most of them. I also liked how you remembered that a Discworld week has twice-four days :)
Brendan Rizzo chapter 1 . 12/4/2009
That was pretty good and humorous. I just have one question. What was the Librarian looking for?
Anova chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
I know I am a year too late, but I must tell you how much I enjoyed reading this crazy little tale. The librarian encountering Bridget Jones was simply hilarious (I can imagine him writing a "skirt-missing message" ;)). Overall, great selection of diverse characters to meet for the poor ape -apart from Star Trek (never watched it) and these Ffrode books I’m not familiar with (but I loved the nod the Northanger Abbey in there!), I believe they were all portrayed fittingly, especially the Bennets. This part features my favourite lines:

“What a funny little fellow. How do you think it got here, Papa?”

“I wouldn’t put it past one of your silly sisters to have bought it as a pet.”

Well, thinking about it, I’m not that familiar with the bible to judge the portrayal of Luke, but still, it was a nice insight to meet an evangelist /Christian religion from a Discworld ape’s point of view.

I’m glad you continued humorous writing in this tradition with the equally great “Ladies Guide” for Lord of the Rings. : )

Thanks for writing,

SilverInkblot chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
I did manage to recognize most of the fandoms, though most of the characters seemed to accept the presence of an orangutan a bit too easily.

And I would have thrown in the library from Beauty and the Beast X3
Clodia chapter 1 . 5/12/2009
I really should have commented the last time I read this story and liked it; but I didn't. Ho hum. In any case, having been reminded of its existence and returned to it, I still like it very much. The range of universes is wonderful and the varied reactions to the appearance of an orang-utan is delightfully done. Nice closure as the True Shepherd finds his lost little lamb. Thank you!
Charli800 chapter 1 . 3/23/2009
This was fun. I enjoyed the way you handled the librarian; I think there was some character development beyond canon, but little enough that it wasn't a focal point. He remained very much the librarian throughout, but thinking back the reason for his attraction to the different characters (or lack thereof) is an interesting exploration of his character. The introduction was also good and I enjoyed the way that you pointed out that the librarian is not a simple as he seems.

I also enjoyed seeing the different universes, almost like a recommended reading list! Luke and Gandalf I enjoyed, though I might not have written either quite like that, I don't think anyone can be certain how they might have reacted to meeting an orangutan; you were certainly plausible. I liked the Pride & Prejudice scene very much. Thursday Next I would like to get to know better, from what I saw here, and I am excited to find that The Never Ending Story is a book!

This line - "narrowly escaped from an attack by rogue metaphors" - is fun and reminds me of some of your other work, as well as of canon.

One typo:

"Heathcliff is on the lose again" - loose

I didn't know that Möbius could be spelt Moebius, but apparently it can, so I have learned something (other than the dangers of L-space).
Grummel chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
Nice idea to use the L-space for a wild cross-over.

I don't know all about the sources, but as far as I know them, you got them nicely, safe perhaps Gandalf. I somehow think the real Mitharandir would follow the Libarian and find out about the L-Space. Perhaps he will then find a copy of the LotR, which would make up a story of its own :)

PS: Thank you, I finally got the ape/monkey thing. Having read most of the books in German, this escaped me so far.
ThePip6 chapter 1 . 12/1/2008
Hmm interesting. Strange to have included so many different books but they do kind of fit.
chrisfardell chapter 1 . 11/19/2008

I like the 'picking up' of the Bablefish here, as well as the other Hitchhiker's Guide references.


I like the Librarian's interaction with Bastian here, or more accurately Bastian's response to the Librarian being in Mr Coreander's shop. I also like Mr Coreander's response to the ape being in his shop.


I am not sure what this fiction this is crossing over with, though I do like the Shakespeare reference.


? Bridget Jones ? I have only seen parts of the first movie...


Luke! And he is researching for the Gospel that will be written by him. I liked the reference to Mark as well.


Gandalf is definitely suspicious here. But then he needs to be when he is fighting to save Middle Earth from the forces of Sauron!


Data is Data, and Riker is Riker, you have done well here.

Though how L-Space could connect to a simulated library on a holodeck I am not sure. (Though maybe the knowledge stored in the Enterprise's computer banks may be enough)


The reaction of Elizabeth and Mr Bennett to the presence of the Librarian is believable.
Larner chapter 1 . 10/8/2008
I think I liked the encounter with Data and Will best. Poor Gandalf, necessarily filled with suspicion, and not accepting the peanut! But although he's seen tomatoes and taters, I doubt he's seen peanuts before! Heh!

Cute, Virtuella!
piewacket chapter 1 . 9/29/2008

I am struggling with this review because I have two completely differing reactions to this fic.

First off, let me say that this is an absolutely delightful read. Your writing has a lyrical quality to it that is enchanting. You have made me interested enough in Discworld to want to read the books. I could and would happily recommend this fic to anyone who desires a good read.

Now for the not so happy part, I’m not sure that you really nailed the spirit of the challenge. While the weaving of The Librarian into several other fictions was entertaining and clever, many of the characters’ reactions were not very realistic. For instance, would Bridget Jones and her friends really calmly accept an orangutan in their midst? I understand the literary license that you took and it works to great humorous effect. This is especially true with Elizabeth and Mr. Bennett’s reaction to The Librarian. The lines actually made me laugh out loud. By the way, as another reviewer has mentioned, Data’s reaction was both amusing and realistic for that character.

But the task was to create a credible crossover. This story works mainly because the reader is in on the joke while the characters ignore the obvious “elephant in the room”. Yet, I cannot deny the sheer tour de force that you’ve pulled off with this piece of writing. Gah! Why did you have to make my voting choices so very difficult?
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