Reviews for Hiding in Plain Sight
Guest chapter 23 . 10/15
I'm so sad this wasn't finished! It's amazing
BehindTheEyes chapter 1 . 9/11
I just reread it again and I’m still not giving up hope that one day it may be finished but if it isn’t thank you for your words x o
r99smith chapter 23 . 8/7
Hi, I was just rereading this. Hopefully, things are good with you. Thank you so much for writing and please let us know if inspiration his for you to finish this story.
I am wondering if Aro is Bella’s grandfather or if it is Marcus, for a little plot twist.
SparkleQ chapter 23 . 7/31
Like all your other fans, I hope you come back whenever you can to finish this story. I too came late to this party but I’m so glad I fell into your story. It became a bright spot in an otherwise depressing world out there. Thank you for taking us on this great adventure. Your writing is amazing and I truly hope to see more of it. Finishing this story would be the best surprise. Hoping you are well. Looking forward to finding your next chapter in our mailboxes soon
MidwesternAccent chapter 23 . 7/19
This is such a great story, and I really hope you finish it! I saw the note in your bio from 2017. I know that time is nearly impossible to find with small kiddos and I'd gladly kick over money to a patreon page so you could write.
SDJasmine chapter 23 . 6/7
I really love this story, incomplete and all. I really really hope you’ll complete it soon.
Ama VG chapter 23 . 5/28
I really liked this story but i would-be love it, of it would get a propper Ensing?
christiana17 chapter 1 . 5/8
I guess I’m a little late to the party. I really enjoyed this story. Well done! I hope you find the inspiration to wrap it up, although it is excellent as it stands. If you find the perfect Mac and cheese please post it.
leinchen chapter 23 . 3/2
Just read it again - still loving it 3
Senorfrogs chapter 23 . 2/25
Can’t believed you never finished
Alice06 chapter 23 . 1/6
I read the note in your bio from 2017... we are still here, waiting with baited breath for an update. The characters and world you've created have sucked us all in and I speak for the more than 1% of us left that are dying to see this story wrapped up.
In the mean time - thank you for what you've given your readers, I hope you are well.
flanduslover1 chapter 23 . 1/5
I love how much detail you put into this and the fact that they slowly fell for one another but then Edward on his own decided he was with her till the end no matter what
Guest chapter 23 . 11/27/2021
Пожалуйста, допишите историю! Очень интересно.
dancemom33 chapter 23 . 11/3/2021
Just finished reading your story.I loved it .I just wished you had finished it.
wshakes chapter 23 . 9/18/2021
Please please give us an ending it’s too good to waste
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