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bunnyboo19 chapter 44 . 10/26
you made me cry and for that I must say thank you.
trickst3r-97 chapter 44 . 5/13
This was an amazing story! I love how you portrayed Sirius, but I have to say I didn't like Ivy. I felt as if she was always running and scared, and she really was one of the obstacles in their relationship growth.
lizzzsunshine chapter 44 . 4/25
So many feels. All of the feels. All of the tears.
ella chapter 44 . 4/15
im crying... so hard

i have been crying the last two chapters and wow... this was beautiful in a horrible way.

i know this side of the story was hard to write for you but, it payed off. it was an amazing story and it was my life the last couple of days and i hope you know how much you made me cry.

thank you so much
Guest chapter 44 . 12/16/2015
I cried ;-;
Guest chapter 44 . 9/23/2015
I have mixed feelings about this story. You have Sirius dead on, at least at the beginning. The 360 flip to all googly-eyes on Ivy wasn't exactly the best dust-bunny, but it kind of worked.

Honestly, I hated Ivy. Throughout most if the story until the very end, I hated her. Hated her character and the redundancy of describing her with wide eyes and long stares. Like she was scared all the time. Even with Sirius's point of view on the story, I still don't get it. Why he chose her and her personality. Sirius changed dramatically just so she can make sense. She was so stagnant in this story, I rolled my eyes.

But, at the end, my opinion has changed. Ivy started to show less of her fear-mongering self and I started to see the metamorphosis of Ivy changing, because of Sirius. But, this story is very kaftaesque. In order for Sirius to change, Ivy does too. But once they actually start the seriousness of their relationship under very real and adult pressures, she goes into the alley and gets the killing curse. When Sirius and Ivy were growing up, it was cut by Ivy's end. It makes me think Sirius is going to go back to his old ways. Sure, he is a changed man, but the catalyst is gone. He couldn't even give her the ring.

At the end I literally broke down and cried. Very few authors done that to me. I realize you know your limits and cannot write that type of fanfiction. So, logically to finish the story, you end it before it could begin with a metamorphosis. It's okay, many fanfiction author's tried to write past that part in the romance department of Harry Potter fanfiction couldn't do it well and it changed to a dragging story. I think you recognized that and did the only thing that could keep the story good: Ivy's death.

Maybe this was planned all along, with the Anne and Sebastian story as a sort of foreshadowing. Instead, their story was what the readers expected: Ivy and Sirius running away from the war. But, they couldn't.

Good story but like I said before, mixed feelings.
lizziecats chapter 44 . 6/16/2015
This story was amazing and yet so terribly sad. I swear I was crying my eyes out, still sad about their unfortunate parting. I didn't want Ivy to die but I understand why she had to. Maybe you could write a one-shot of them being reunited in the afterlife after Sirius gets killed by Bellatrix. I think it would be nice if they could be reunited even if it's in death, I mean he wouldn't only be reunited with Ivy he'd also be reunited with James and Lily who were sadly killed protecting their son. Anyway the way things ended with Ivy and Sirius not being able to see each other before she died I just wish they could have a happy ending together even if they have to be dead or ghosts to have it.
Ads S chapter 43 . 6/14/2015
I confess- I haven't actually read the original story: but this chapter still made me cry. Writing emotions like this are incredibly hard and you've done it beautifully. I apologize for not reading either, but I do know the basic plot-lines for both and commend yoi on your success. This chapter; though it tugs on heart-strings; is the best angst chapter that I've ever read. Hats off to you
yuki chapter 43 . 4/10/2015
shit. this Is just so sad man...
Guest chapter 44 . 1/16/2015
I'm crying! This and Ivy's POV story were both so beautiful and tragic, and I feel you captured and wrote each character so perfectly, enough to bring out emotions. Thank you for Sirius's side of the story and you are an amazing writer. Keep up the fantastic work!
Dusty Miller chapter 44 . 10/12/2014
...asdfghjk. I who just said I was glad not to get to read Sirius' reaction to Ivy's death in Ivy's POV story.

It was nice to see everything from Sirius' perspective, and I must say you managed to catch what a difference people have in their views upon life. It's amazing how you've used another writing style in this story as well, it's all very Sirius and I like it, a lot.

It made me very sad to read the last few chapters, but it's something different from many other stories where everything is all dandy. Personally, I read and write to live in another world where everything is better than in my real life at the moment (nothing sirius), but sometimes it's good to get a reality check. Thank you for writing this!
Ginny-T-Potter chapter 44 . 7/9/2014
You're an incredible author, and I sincerely hope you continue writing. This journey was brilliant. Really, I can't get enough Sirius/Ivy/Remus.
wickedgrl123 chapter 44 . 5/20/2014
That funeral scene just ripped my heart out. So beautiful and painful. Makes me wish they got their happy ever after, but there is just so much meaning in the way she died. Wonderful job :)
Clirkus chapter 44 . 5/2/2014
Damn it... you accomplished what no other fanfiction author has. You made me cry.
ReadingStar chapter 44 . 4/6/2014
This killed me, I was going to write a nice long review like I usually do but I can't... Maybe tomorrow morning when I'm not crying...
I loved it though, I love this so much I'm going to read more fics about them because they're just so perfect together...
); *sob*
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