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Angelalex242 chapter 6 . 12/13/2014
One of the hottest stories out there for this couple.
HP90'sftw chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
nice job it was intense and romantic, while funny too. i wrote a short lemon about the duo, what do u think abt it kataja?

After the early lunch and their return to their apartment, Mara threw Luke onto the bed and slammed the door shut with the Force. Her eyes were blazing with lust, and Luke sensed Mara was not looking for tender lovemaking. Within seconds she had rendered him naked on the bed and was admiring his body. She was certainly in no mood for foreplay, Luke thought. She loved their sessions greatly due to their longevity and pleasure, owing to their personal strength and Force connections. Mara stripped off impatiently and positioned Luke on top of her. "No holds barred, Skywalker". Before long Luke was entering her in fast, strong thrusts, at Mara's encouragement. She more than matched his thrusts and tightly wrapped her powerful legs around his waist. He continued pounding into her making her moan in ecstasy. Their Jedi skills and fitness allowed this to go on for hours. Throughout Mara ran her hands all over Luke, leaving nail scratches despite her trimmed nails. Luke never protested his wife's clawing, and didn't stop his energetic hammering. Mara threw her arms around her lover's perspiring neck and pulled him into a long kiss, their tongues 's screams of pleasure rang around the room. Their kriffing had lasted for even longer than they expected. As they approached climax, it was also becoming increasingly frantic and feverish. Luke's thrusts became quick and erratic, their moans reached a fever point of pitch, the duo sweating with the effort of hours of continous sex, and Mara's clawing turned more violent. She caressed Luke's buttocks and suddenly plunged her nails into them. This, along with the pressure of her muscular thighs around him, drew a pained cry from her partner. Mara used this to force him onto his back. "I wanted to ride you into oblivion," she said grinning in response to Luke's surprised expression. He didn't mind the new position and held Mara's hips to thrust upwards as she fucked him. She bent forward and pushed her firm breasts onto the Jedi Master's face as she rode him, giving a growl of satisfaction. Anyone else would have finished right there, but Luke managed to last, knowing the ex-assassin wanted every last bit of pleasure to be extracted. The bed slammed against the wall under the pressure of their vigorous lovemaking. Finally orgasming, Mara yelled in pleasure and fell flat on top of her man, Luke following soon after. The sweaty, gasping and utterly drained duo took a while to reclaim their breath. Finally Mara murmured mischievously, "In addition to the best and longest sex ever, that's the most energy we've spent in one day since that fighting on Naruaan." Luke laughed. "Agreed without a doubt. We've always been passionate in bed but this was, uh, off the charts." They spooned and before their rare afternoon nap, Mara spoke again. "Sorry about the bruise, the one on that nice, firm butt of yours," slapping it as she said so. "I've been through worse" Luke responded kissing the back of her neck, and wrapping them in a large blanket, they slept.
Treenahasthaal chapter 6 . 6/23/2010
A humourous and romantic story. Beautifully written, too!
Lora Kael chapter 6 . 12/10/2008
Ah, that was a beautiful ending. Very nice and sad. Luke and Mara really are the sweedest and fit perfectly together.

Do hope they get to go back there someday.

The conversations were well written, and I love the little fun they make with each other, and twist the meanings of things.

One thing that crossed my mind since I started reading this fic... Garqi. It's really the only thing I have stumbled upon that's wrong, but just thought you'd like to know you misspelled it. (I know I would).

Hope you can use my con crit, and then I'll be going. ;)

Love Lora
AgiVega chapter 6 . 12/9/2008
Beautiful ending. The whole story was very enjoyable, made me smile quite a bit. I liked Mara's idea of "testing" the ship's repairs with a blaster. :D
VoxynQueen chapter 5 . 11/25/2008
I enjoyed reading your story very much and am looking forward to seeing more.

A remarkable physical and emotional journey for them both.
Lora Kael chapter 5 . 11/22/2008
Uh, very well writing story. :D Just finished reading all five chapters.

It's nice to read a well written story, plot or no plot, and I do hope you'll be writing more in the future.

I think you capture Mara and Luke very well, and that you stay true to their natures while doing charactor development.

Please, keep on with this story. :)

Love Lora
miarath chapter 5 . 11/20/2008
Very beautiful story. :D It feels almost like a fairytale of sorts, so sweet and romantic. Well-done.

Please keep writing.
miarath chapter 3 . 11/20/2008
Aw! So beautiful and romantic - and amusing too. :D

miarath chapter 2 . 11/20/2008
Whoa! This is so lovely and sweet with just a tad of erotic. :D

Lovely done, love the paradise like setting.
miarath chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
Beautiful first chapter. :D So very lovely. :D
AgiVega chapter 5 . 11/13/2008
Lovely chapter again. I loved the serious discussion between L/M. And that part about Luke's 'thing' not going to sleep too. XD
Kyuubi123 chapter 5 . 11/13/2008
This chapter is a perfect example of why i love this story. Your writing style is amazing and it really draws one into the story. The feeling, the intimacy it is all very well done and a joy to read. I love how you get into the characters head and really show what they are feeling. This story should be published! I know that i would buy a copy. I can't wait until your next update! Keep up the great work.
Kyuubi123 chapter 4 . 10/30/2008
Love this story! The emotion, the plot, the characetrs, everything is very well done. This chapter especially is packed with so much emotion. i can alomst feel the love, the joy, the peace that luke and mara bring each other and i believe that this is what it will be like to be married. i look forward to your next update! Keep up the good work!
AgiVega chapter 4 . 10/30/2008
I'm still loving this. It's delightful to have a whole chapter with a naked Luke. :P
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