Reviews for Aspirations
WitchL0v3r chapter 2 . 7/20
My first time reading a fanfiction pertaining to the Harry Potter universe and I do so hope it keeps me coming back to the universe.
the-cari-moose chapter 25 . 7/17
I LOVE all the questions in the A/N.
the-cari-moose chapter 21 . 7/16
And so begins the discovery of the Deathly Hallows.
the-cari-moose chapter 19 . 7/16
Interesting that the D.A. could stand for multiple things; Defence Association, Dumbledore's Army, Dark Arts, Dolores' Agony etc.
I am however very glad that the DA is continuing through this story arc. Dumbledore is a fool.
Kain129 chapter 55 . 7/8
loved it
acetwolf94 chapter 55 . 7/2
I LOVE IT! If there is a sequel I want to read it!
whatweareafreaidof chapter 34 . 6/19
This proves what a bitch Harry is. Hermonie went from Ron best friend to someone that look at him like trash and he a jerk for trying to find out what the hell happen what worse he said she put a spell on Ron. And instead for taking the time to see if Ron was under a spell. To see if his mind was mess with they just throw him away. Harry was not a good person
whatweareafreaidof chapter 33 . 6/19
Ron stay with the women he loved and she still throw him away like trash what a bitch.
arashi chapter 55 . 6/17
One of the best stories I had read
Morgan Lovegood chapter 55 . 6/13
gleefan2009 chapter 55 . 6/8
love it please write more
Shy Skye chapter 10 . 6/5
I honestly think that you rushed Harry and Ginny's relationship, there was no development between them before the relationship started. I think that Ron has regrated his decision to not trust Harry and I think Harry has over reacted in relations with Ron. I understand how Harry is mad at Hermione and that she is being petty and jealous. Maybe there could've been flashbacks though explaining how Hermione developed her attitude of control and her "ownership" of Harry. I think that Ron and Harry should get back to being friends even if they have a rocky start, or if it takes a while for Harry to trust him again. I think Luna is slightly out of character with how she is being so astute in her observations. She needs to be a tad more (forgive the pun) Loony. More references to the mythical creatures she makes up. Maybe even a flashback on how she and Luna started their friendship. I love the story and it is already one of my favourite HP stories even though I've only read a few and I can't wait to see what twist you pull with the maze. P.S I love how you played with the dragon even though I wanted some of that dragon action, brilliantly well done though.
x Shy Skye
katraj0908 chapter 39 . 6/5
I would have loved to see some of the DA use the phrase, "He's Harry Potter..." like in front of adults and see how they react. Like that would have been hilarious.
Kitkat chapter 6 . 5/15
I love this story in how, at the start, Harry is being so naive but by the end he is so powerful and clever. I think this story is brilliant. Also, I am not a fan of Hermione because she is always potrayed as perfect where as I think she is annoying. Plus, i ️ Harry and Ginny.

This is my cup of hot chocolate.
agentinfinity chapter 55 . 5/15
Wonderful job here! Pleasure to read it!
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