Reviews for Five Kingdoms for the Dead
Moonstone Muse chapter 41 . 5/4
It's hard to write this review, to be honest. It's been a while since I've read a story to the end and actually wanted to try to provide some constructive feedback.

First, let me say that this story kept me captivated for the majority of the time, and well enough that I read it to the end. (I don't read things I dislike, even when I'm halfway through.)

You did a lot of things right with this story. The characters were interesting, the plot was interesting, the romantic tension between the characters heart stuttering.

As you know when you started this story, you wrote a Sakura-centric fiction in which Sakura became POWERFUL. That is very hard territory to walk, even harder to do it well. I can see the way you navigated that, and what your intentions were for the character, and the ways you tried to avoid the pit-falls. (Props for taking the character in a unique direction, however! That was very well done.)

You did well.

The one part of it you didn't get right was major enough that it almost made me stop reading, especially after the time-skip.

I think the addage goes "Show, don't tell".

A lot of Sakura's character growth, most especially starting with the time skip and going to the rest of the story, was TOLD to us, the reader. That was the hardest part of this story. So much of Sakura's progress was indicated later in reflection of things we didn't get to see, rather than SHOWN to us so we could watch the character of Sakura grow. It caused this disjointed aspect to the character that made it more difficult to full-heartedly believe in the Sakura we were seeing. The reality you were weaving around the Sakura character kept breaking what a reader could smoothly believe in. The disjointedness caused me to question the character and how she actually came to be, whether the progress she was making felt natural. I constantly came to the conclusion that it COULD feel natural, but that there was something missing to help it feel natural and believable. That's all, just something missing. An in-between of some sort that helps the reader bridge the gap between Sakura during one part of the story and Sakura during another part.

Overall, however, a great story! It is a story I fully intend to read again one day. I feel like you hit the mark with everything else. Thank you for writing this story and sharing it with us.
Childe's English Is Broken chapter 1 . 4/28
how to delete comment? lmao
Childe's English Is Broken chapter 25 . 4/27
Damn Saki you really did a striking with Ita-kun using those coaxing words huh. I'm batshit grinning right now like an idiot
A little bit too much chapter 41 . 4/26
Amazing story. One of the best Sakura-centric fanfictions of all time.

I'd tried reading it years ago, when I was dumber, younger and my english poorer (it's not really great right now, but it's better - portuguese is my mother language). The lack of romance also didn't encourage me to read further than chapter 4. I'm so happy I came back after all this time. This is really really good work, and deserves the recognition. This Sakura is such a badass, but in a relatable way. She's is not perfect, she struggles as hell, but she overcomes it every time. Great main character.

Also, I want to talk about chapter 39: that was perfect. I was a little afraid the dialogue between Obito and Sakura's Personalities would be pretentious and pedantic. They weren't. I feel like chapter 39 was a better reverence to all Naruto's storylines than the original ending from Naruto Shippuden. To read all this amazing, strong characters coming back at the end to destroy the ultimate villain: perfection. And the absence of an out-of-nowhere, unnecessary alien is the cherry on top.

All in all: amazing. Thanks for writing.

P.S.: looking forward for an update in Kill Your Heroes, but no pressure hehehe
A little bit too much chapter 33 . 4/25
Honestly, Sakura's ANBU Squad is a dream team. Can't get any better than them.
A little bit too much chapter 26 . 4/24
This fanfiction is overall very good, but this chapter is *chef's kiss*. The dialogue and interactions are well-written and meaningful, I really appreciate the work, author!
pink3458 chapter 41 . 3/19
The only thing I can think after finishing this fic is nothing, literally just feeling awe at this story. Thank you for writing this! There’s a good reason it’s a staple of Bamf!Sakura!
Lila Dunmare chapter 40 . 2/13
I would be very interested if you ever decide to write the sequel about Sakura (and entourage) and their rise in power inside the Haruno clan (Root retainers would be hilarious too !). Ant it would be the cream on the top if Itachi and Sakura married and led the clan together ! The development to this end would be a delightful read I'm sure..
JustYourAverageGirlxx chapter 41 . 1/30
This is the first time I'm commenting ever on a fanfic and I've read many. The story arch's were just so intriguing I couldn't put my phone down and would keep reading till 5 or 6am. I truely wish the romantic aspect of Sakura x itachi or Sakura x neji were explored more. I can only hope one day you'll continue forth regarding this aspect. But I do wish that there could be a fanfic for this fanfic that satisfies my curiosity of sakura's relationships. Which what brought me to fanfiction in the first place.
Teriyaki Princes chapter 38 . 1/1
Sakura really just said 'this meeting could have been an email' XD
KyloRen'sgirl213 chapter 1 . 11/26/2021
Love this very much
read-n-review chapter 41 . 11/23/2021
You really could just keep going... or write some more courting-romance moments? Some steamy hot spring encounters, by chance?

All-in-all, I was very impressed with your story. Though I'll say I was slightly let down that Sakura never got to encounter the true Madara. Especially after the promise Tiger-Madara made. You write so well, I can't help but want you to write more intimate moments after establishing such a loyal and handsome harem. FF will forgive you, surely? Other stories manage to include smut! If you can write about a man's eyes bursting from its skull as it's crushed by brute force, why is some mildly censored adult intimacy so avoided? I need it now. Please consider it, even if it's a one-off, I shall follow. I need more Madara seduction. And Neji. Especially Itachi. And whoever else you'd bless us with, O' noble and gracious author! Thank you for your years of efforts. I hope to enjoy more of your written works in the future.

read-n-review, v.)
It's what I do.
read-n-review chapter 16 . 11/21/2021
Oh my God.. a Sakura x Kimimaro fic? Be still my heart!

This is my first time getting this far in your fic. Over the years I've tried a couple of times, but I'm truly enjoying the culmination of your rewrite thus far.
I hope it gets steamy.
read-n-review v.)
It's what I do.
Papilionem chapter 1 . 11/20/2021
Aunque me hubiese gustado ver más detalles de Sakura cuando estuvo viendo la batalla "Neji vs Naruto" :'v peroakkfkslkfkskkfls

Seguiré leyendo ajgilaks
Y ohhhh Kakashi de lo que te perdiste kckakkdla Sakura tiene muchas razones para estar resentida con él xDDDD
Nad19 chapter 12 . 11/15/2021
i swear i so want to sucker punch kakashi so bad right now
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