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Ruby chapter 8 . 11/1/2017
Where is the next chapter what happen to gwendal and yuuri
bleachTHEsky chapter 1 . 10/20/2016
It's been way too damn long since I've re-read this... my best friend and I were discussing the KKM playstation game, which led us to GwenYuu, which led to both of us bemoaning how long it had been since we'd read this, and laughing about how Conrad, Yozak, and Gunter are THE BEST BROS and literally like of group of gossiping housewives.

This fic is so sweet and sincere, and honestly very relatable for anyone who's ever felt like they maybe weren't on totally equal footing in a relationship, or that their feelings ran too deep for someone and it scared them. Guilty? A lot of us are. It's what makes your interpretation of their burgeoning relationship so adorable! I just wanna squish them together, and imagine how unstoppable and #flawless they'll be in 5, 10, 20 years. Wistful sigh

You've always been one of my favorite KKM writers, because I love how you incorporate everyone into the plot and don't relegate anyone to the background, even while focusing on the main pairing. I tend to agree with you in that ConYuu is my default state of mind at times, so even when Yuuri and Conrad aren't romantically involved I can't imagine a universe where they wouldn't still be very important to each other! Plus, ummm, Gunter is a total sweetheart? And Yozak is literally me in any given situation? And I FEEL SO BAD FOR WOLFRAM but also can't wait for him to get over this so him and Yuuri can be best pals who cheer each other on and laugh about all the shit they used to get up to? UGH. So many years pass and my feelings for this fandom never fade.

Anyways, beyond apologizing for the rather pointless word vomit, I just want to thank you again for posting this and diversifying the fandom. If you were to ever return to this, I'd buy you like 100 beers and even gummi bears if you wanted. Baaaah, it doesn't really make sense but I've already reviewed c8 so I'll just slide this in here...
23smiles chapter 8 . 6/3/2015
This is a good plot. I know it's unlikely, but I hope you continue. :)
AquilaPallas129 chapter 8 . 4/28/2015
Awwww, so cute!
laffytaffy chapter 8 . 9/8/2014
I'm so sad that this story has been abandoned :( It was so beautifully written and I love the pairing!
Guest chapter 8 . 10/13/2013
Please update u make great stories don't be mean update
dragonnia chapter 8 . 6/28/2013
la suite svp ce serais tres bien merci
Amles80 chapter 8 . 2/13/2013
*lol* what a tease Gwendal is! Wants Yuuri to work… haha, that was funny! (And omg, what a way to wake up in the morning… *swoons*)
…Aww! That note from Gwendal after all those papers…. So cuuute! And it WAS a love letter! It so was! Haha. I don’t blame him for counting it as such.

And I love it when Gwendal laughs or smiles…

“his lips turned down into the deep frown that Yuuri had come to recognize as his embarrassed expression”… ah, Yuuri is getting to know him better and better. Lovely.

…and what a… sweet… confession… *melts*

Oh, what now? The carriage stops?! Oh, no…. :( dangerous times instead of sexy times…..
…oh! *lol* it was nothing! *lol*

Well. I’m glad Conrad talked to him, and that he talked to Yuuri, and… things are looking pretty good for them now, but…

…this is the saddest thing ever, because this story was never finished! :(

Oh, well. Dear Striped Neko, if you’re still reading reviews, please let me tell you that regardless of its unfinished status, I think this must be THE BEST Gwendal story ever written, and I’m very glad that you wrote as much of it as you did. Thank you!
Amles80 chapter 7 . 2/13/2013
Oh, wow, what a chapter it was, the 7th! Gwendal talked back to the Maou – only he could do that! :) And before that, the conversation with Wolfram was spot-on. But perhaps the best part was the end… the bed scene… oh, Gwendal! :) But who IS after them?! I can’t wait to find out… but at the same time, I don’t want the story to end, so I’m not sure if I should read the last chapter yet or not…
Amles80 chapter 5 . 2/11/2013
I love romantic Gwendal. *swoons* And I loved the part where Yuuri thinks about how Gwendal feels about his job, and realizes that the soldiers are like his family.
I agree that there is more to him than what even his family might think.
Amles80 chapter 4 . 2/10/2013
Omg, Wolfram! Such a bad moment to interrupt! And yet Gwendal’s reaction and the way they just… just… aaah! “Gwendal's rough whisper held a promise that made Yuuri shiver.”… yeah, I get that, Yuuri! Haha.

Oh, poor Greta! But she’s right to be upset because Yuuri and Wolfram are always fighting. *sighs* Sometimes I do feel a little bit sorry for Wolfram, but nothing in the world can make me a Yuuram shipper. “All anyone knows is that you are jealous and possessive.” Exactly!

…Oh, I just *knew* that Yuuri would have to hear his “I’m not in love”… *sighs*
…But I’m glad they could share another short moment after all. I have hope…..
Amles80 chapter 3 . 2/9/2013
Aww… ” Taking a lover should be a joyous event in the young man's life, but the Maou sounded as if he was asking advice on which leg he should have amputated.”
Poor Yuuri! For a while there, it felt like they were making progress in chapter 2, but here he is, believing that Gwendal doesn’t like him… *goes back to reading*

…*lol* temple of doom…

But oh, I’m so glad that Günter is Gwendal’s friend, so that he can explain things to Yuuri!
I really like Günter in this story!

"I won't allow Wolfram's first reaction—especially if it is one of anger—to harm you, Heika.”
I’m glad that he said that…

“He was tugging a stiff-bristled brush through his tangled hair.”
Gwendal’s hair… *swoons*
…ah, haha, Yuuri feels the same way! :D

“so subtle it was hard to see, but, still he was smiling, and Yuuri's heart warmed.”
Aww! :)

I love their walk together! Not just because they’re being friendly – making progress – and because it ends in such an adorable way, but because you write the scene so beautifully!
Hellysion chapter 2 . 2/7/2013
Hohohohoho, love Shinmakoku made-up traditions (and the nuclear melt-down was hilarious)
Hellysion chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
I love Gwendal, hehe, you portrayed him well
Amles80 chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
So rare to see a Gwendal/Yuuri fic – and a long one, too! I’m so excited about this!

When I read this: “he just had the feeling that everyone was going to laugh at him…”, I wanted to say to poor Gwendal: Dressed as a Celtic warrior? NOBODY LAUGHS!

Haha, I don’t need to tell you how brilliant that is. And then he allows Günter to let his hair down… *swoons* I’m only in the beginning of the story but I can already tell that I’m going to love this and the way you write! (So this will be more like my reactions as I read, not a “review”…)

And I loooove his protectiveness of Greta!

“Many of Wolfram's sins were forgiven by those too dazzled by his blonde hair and emerald eyes.” - you’re talking about the fangirls, the rabid Yuuram shippers? ;) (Sorry, I couldn’t help that…)

Um, on a more serious note, I appreciate the cool view on Günter. In too many fics, only his whimsical, nosebleeding and swooning side is portrayed. (Even in the Gwen/Gün fics! Sometimes, they both seem almost deranged, or like parodies of themselves, but in your writing everyone is a real person!) So, I like the way Gwendal sees him here.

And his and Yuuri’s exchange during the party, omg, it’s so lovely. (And I like that Yuuri called him sexy, for the first time in his life. He should be told that a lot! Then again… who would dare approach him like that! *lol*)

I love the paragraph of Yuuri looking at Gwendal in the office, by the window. That’s just wonderful. You write so beautifully.

And I like that he told Conrad about his feelings. That’s just lovely. I like that Conrad is his “the one I tell everything”-person. (Actually, I normally ship Conrad/Yuuri but Gwendal is my favorite character, so I can’t help but wanting to ship him with almost anyone, and to be honest, I might prefer Gwen/Yuuri to the oh-so-popular Gwenda/Günter pairing… Anyway, you make this so believable, from Gwendal’s AND Yuuri’s point of view!)

I like the scene when he’s getting ready for the “not-date”. And he still has the little plastic bando-kun… of course! I just love how you pay attention to details…
Oh, and Conrad is so sweet…

Oh, I like the special flower, so… wow! :D Cool.

“even his practiced skills nearly failed him and he almost nodded off. When Yuuri-heika leaned over and whispered softly in his ear that he would really, all things being equal, rather listen to Morgif recite the names of every Maou and all their progeny, Gwendal had to smother a sudden laugh with a cough.” *lol* What a terrible play that must be! *lol*

OMG, who was that noblewoman who stood him up and went to another man?! Foolish woman! *lol* But poor Gwendal! :(

… And poor Yuuri, because I’m sure he wanted nothing else than to escape those people…
…Oh! Yuuri saved him, I think! Wow. Hm, it certainly isn’t easy to be the Maou; so many rules for how to behave in society! I’m so glad Yozak was there. :)

Oh, but the scene in the carriage… :( I feel so sorry for the both of them. Poor Yuuri is really trying to do his best… You leave them in a difficult situation here! So angsty! But that is appropriate and expected in a multi-chapter fic, so all’s well. :) I’m so excited for the rest of it, and the best thing of all is that several chapters are already written, so I don’t have to wait! (Only for my schedule to allow me to read…)

I know this comment is terribly long but I can’t help it when I like something, and I really love this! :)
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