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serima chapter 4 . 3/3
So I know this story is already finished, but I'm still looking forward to the next chapters. I had a very different idea of what this story was going to be like, and at first, I wasn't sure about this angle. But wow, this is so creative, and I'm happy to be reading it!
serima chapter 2 . 3/3
"Corpses don't get a vote." I'm not sure why but that line just put me in stitches.
la muneka chapter 11 . 5/12/2014
Another excellent story. You are a pro at plot twists, you know?
Funny.Bonez chapter 11 . 8/7/2013
I loved this story! It was so amazingly good! So glad I stumbled upon it.
Vicky chapter 7 . 12/23/2012
I love this story.
ChildlikeEmpress chapter 11 . 11/26/2012
That was such a cute story. Bravo.
DemonicXaliv chapter 2 . 5/18/2012
I was starting to wonder how this could be labelled as a 'Humor' story since through the first chapter it all seemed pretty angsty, but Red's comment at the end to Hyde that "Corpses don't get a vote." was funny as hell.
MistyMountainHop chapter 11 . 10/9/2010
"Girls like you should come with a manual."

LOL So great. Hyde should have actually said this on the show. It's a clever little line.

"You'd think being knocked up by a petty felon would have some benefits!"

"Petty? I don't think so," Hyde scoffed

Cute exchange. D

I like Hyde's freak out... "take-anywhere phone." Sounds like he's been hanging around Kelso too much. LOL

"Piglets?" Jackie squealed (much like a piglet). "My baby is not a porker! How would she ever overcome the shame of being delivered by a pig's midwife?"

LMAO Oh, this is so not something Jackie would ever want... which is why it's fun.

Of course it's Dr. Roger to the rescue. Nice payoff.

They worked together as one, finding in their crisis a bedrock of trust which, underneath the ultimatums and strippers and well-meaning lies, had always been there just waiting to be discovered.

This is lovely.

"Okay, Jackie, we're almost there," Roger encouraged. "One more good push and we're done."

"That's what you said the last time," Jackie protested, close to weeping. "This is why it would never have worked out between us, Roger. Because you're a lying liar who lies!"

"But, Jackie – "

"I said, liar!"

Great, funny exchange. And a touch of Fez...

"Oh, and by the way, Jackie," Kelso said, "On the subject of you having a boy – burn!"

Nice, Kelso. He would say that, too.

"Why would they want to name the baby after you?"

"Uh - because I'm the first guy Jackie ever did it with, Eric?" Kelso said, rolling his eyes. "Don't you know anything about tradition? Ow! Hyde!"

LMAO You've definitely got Kelso's voice down.

"Withholding a present from me?" Jackie cried. "That's extortion."

LOL For Jackie, so true.

I wish I'd had this feeling of absolute certainty then so we could have avoided all the heartache that came after. But maybe it doesn't work that way – maybe I never would have known what you mean to me until I lost you. And if that's the case then I don't regret what's happened because I know now that I'm never going to let you go again. I just – I couldn't survive it, Jackie."

Another *dies* moment. You do a really nice job of conveying Hyde's feelings for Jackie - and imparting some wisdom, too.

because your happiness is mine as well.


He drew back from his fiancé, looked lovingly into her eyes and said those three special words.

"Good to know."

When I first read that those were the three words he said in response to her stories/vision of their future together, it moved me - and it did again.

This story is such a nice addition to Jackie and Hyde lore. It's entertaining, touching, funny, and a satisfying exploration and resolution to the mess season 8 created.

Again, thank you for writing these stories and for sharing them with us.
MistyMountainHop chapter 10 . 10/9/2010
"If you keep going at this rate you're going to throw a lip out or sprain your tongues."

LOL Nice images.

"What is there to get? We just want our men to give us enough room to come to terms with all the endless crap they put us through but still be close at hand so we can throw something at them as payback for the said endless crap."

Very good logic, Jackie. :P And such a Jackie thing to say.

Kelso shrugged. "They don't mind me taking time off. Something about how things seem to run smoother without me."

LOL I don't doubt it.

"Do not quibble with me, stunted one"

LMAO "Stunted one" tickles me.

Love that Hyde got himself trapped in the mini castle (and that's where he was having some stash-time).

"Better than a guy who dumped you for a whore. Better than a guy who couldn't even tell you not to go when you asked him for a reason to stay. Better than a guy who said I don't know when you asked for a glimmer of hope about us having a future." Hyde slumped down against the inner castle wall. His sad voice echoed from within the plaster stone walls. "Better than me."

Incredibly sad admission - and definitely something real!Hyde was capable of feeling.

Don't you get it, Jackie? I wanted to be dead – I wanted to kill off that part of me that kept hurting you and just bury it away where it would never do any more damage."

Even sadder. And really shows the depth of his love for her.

Jackie gave a small smile. "I'm not quite there yet."

This response makes the moment more real.

"You're setting me free from a castle. This poetic irony thing is really kicking my ass."

LOL I like this.

"Yeah, well, something always happens to people who say nothing is going to happen."

"You watch too many sit-coms. I'm telling you, aside from these damn clenching pains, I'm totally fine."

"Clenching pains?" Hyde stopped in his tracks.

"Yeah, I've been having them all day," Jackie said. "Like my body is being squeezed in a vice. It comes and goes."

LMAO Terrific. This exchange is adorable.

"Steven, it's not a contraction. From what I've heard, a contraction is a much sharper pain that rips you apart from the inside like OH MOTHER OF GOD!" Jackie yelled, dropping to her knees on the soft grass.

LMAO again... "like that."

Love this chapter (as usual).
MistyMountainHop chapter 9 . 10/9/2010
"Oh my God," Jackie moaned, burying her head in her hands. "I've been pouring my heart out to a doctor who was looking on me as a mental patient! A nutcase! A rabid, foaming at the mouth, two sandwiches short of a picnic lunatic!"

Aww, poor Jackie! I really feel for her.

"Steven," Jackie repeated in a toneless voice. "Of course he wouldn't want me to know – he never was one to cut short a good burn."

It makes sense that Jackie would think this was a burn.

Kitty is so sweet to let Jackie stay with her, and she would do that, too.

the Abba Tee-shirt that he had forgotten to change out of...

Great image. Really demonstrates Hyde's emotional state.

"It's just like you to take some stupid Jackie notion into your head and think you've got everything all figured out when you don't know – "

Nice insight.

I love how the truth finally comes out and this: " whenever you're nearby, I just – know it." is incredibly touching. And Hyde's guilt/grief at the pain he's caused Jackie is very sad.

I also like that even after looking through the shoebox, Jackie doesn't forgive Hyde but is still angry and doubts his intentions over the last five months.

"He was just so detached," Donna explained. "And if you could ever catch him without his sunglasses, there was nothing in his eyes – no life, no energy. I know they say people gamble away their souls in Vegas but with Hyde, I can believe that was more than a saying."

Love this acknowledgment of what season 8 did to Hyde. It wasn't just Jackie who had to mourn him, but all the T7S/zen/Hyde fans, too.

Then she remembered how he was before their lives went to hell – the warmth in his eyes when he looked at her, the way he always found an excuse to make contact with her when they were in the same room, the way he would touch her body when they made love as though she were the most precious thing in the world to him.

So so so touching. Esp. how "he always found an excuse to make contact with her when they were in the same room" - this is one of my (and many fans') favorite things about this relationship.

"You know what that makes you, then? You are the potion!" Donna said with rising excitement.

Bingo! And brilliant!

"I guess you have to weigh up the possibility that he could hurt you in the future against the certainty of what your life and your baby's life will be like without him. Then you have to decide if it is worth the risk."

Terrific response and so true.

Can't wait to see (again) what happens next.
MistyMountainHop chapter 8 . 10/9/2010
"I've got grit between my toes."

LOL I can so hear Kelso saying that.

"Oh yes, Donna," Fez replied from his location behind Kelso where he was fascinated by the way the moonlight turned his friend's buttocks into warm marble, "I am just dandy."

LMAO Nice play on the Fez/Kelso innuendo...

Now when her eyes rested on him, they shone with trust and admiration. Hyde found himself becoming addicted to that look and he was willing to do whatever it took to keep it coming.

This is touching.

she's so ripe with that baby I'm afraid to have sharp metal objects around her in case she gets nicked with one and pops!

LOL Cute.

"How surprising," Jackie murmured. "You're usually so good at manipulating situations to your advantage."

Ouch and uh-oh... tension.

I guess I can't really blame her – after all, Hell can't run itself.

LOL Eric would totally say that.

When he remained silent Donna frogged his arm hard. "Cut the strong silent crap, Hyde! This is all your fault!

It's in character that Hyde would keep silent after Jackie's revenge - and that Donna would do her best to force him to speak up.

Stranding them naked really is a great burn, including the T-shirts Jackie leaves for the gang.

"Oh, it was just a few records and a shoebox..."

Yes! The return of the shoebox.

Jackie's regaining of her memory is quite painful and well done. Makes us sympathize with her - and worry for Hyde.

repressing her shudder when he gently rubbed her stomach as he liked to do

This reaction is so sad (and understandable).

*sigh* Such a good chapter. Really entertaining and emotion-provoking.
MistyMountainHop chapter 7 . 10/9/2010
but she had thought there was something… unclean about him, as though he were tainted in some way.

And who can blame her, considering she was looking at season 8 Hyde?

But now as she let her eyes trail slowly over Hyde, she began to see a certain physical resemblance between the two men. After all, Steven had the same curly hair, and they were much the same height. Even his eyes had lost their shadowy cast lately and were now as gorgeously blue as her late lover's.

I love that as Hyde behaves more and more like his true (non-season 8 self), Jackie starts blending "Steven" and Hyde together.

"Patience, grasshopper," Hyde said as he turned into the driveway of a modern-looking block of condos. "For once stop rushing me and let me do things in my own time."

Jackie frowned as that uneasy feeling came over her again – Hyde calling her by the nickname Steven gave her when he taught her zen, Hyde implying some past history where she had pressured him. It was no wonder that she was having these moments where she couldn't be sure if a memory belonged to Steven or to Hyde.

This is just such a great example why you're story is so enjoyable. The connection to the past, the tension this exchange creates, Jackie's thoughts... really satisfying.

"Well, actually, there are three bedrooms," Hyde said a little awkwardly. When Jackie regarded him with wide eyes, he wished he hadn't left his shades in the car; he could just feel his face heating up.

Love his vulnerability here.

"Oh, Steven," Jackie cried as she jumped into his arms, clamping her hands behind his back. She hugged him ecstatically while Hyde stood still in shock. Steven. She had called him Steven.

Awesome. D

"We can't… Stev – I mean, Hyde, this is wrong! I'm not supposed to feel – that is, I think I might be getting you mixed up with…"

I like Jackie's vulnerability, her uncertainty.

"Jackie," Hyde said, cupping her face in his hands so she could see the sincerity in his eyes, "there is nothing I want more than to have you in my life. I'll take whatever role you're willing to give me – if you want to keep it as just friends, I can do that. But you must know by now that I feel a lot more than just friendship for you."

Awww! So sweet.

This was all Jackie needed. Her last doubt about Steven Hyde was swept away and he was immediately canonised in her eyes as a shining white knight. She reached up and pulled his head down to her lips, initiating romantic contact for the first time. Hyde was quick to respond and soon clothes were being unbuttoned, skin bared and sensitive areas caressed. He was just lifting her up in his arms when a thought occurred to him.

As great as this moment is, it's also tense in a way because Jackie doesn't know the truth yet.

His hands gripped the steering wheel more tightly.

This detail is a good demonstration of Hyde's discomfort.

This story really is a lot of fun (and I may just keep writing that LOL).
MistyMountainHop chapter 6 . 10/8/2010
"Did a spider look at you the wrong way?"


"Who else knows you're home?"

"Including you? That would be… you."

Totally hear Eric saying this.

"Welcome home, Dumbass"

LOL Nice, Red.

"Did you already teach those kids everything you knew? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that only took 6 months. Actually, I'm surprised it took longer than 6 days."

Funny, clever, and in Hyde's voice.

I really like how Hyde's taking care of Jackie and "Steven's" baby - even though it's actually his, but Jackie doesn't know/realize it. And Hyde seems to be taking it all in stride. Very fun.

"Can you believe this? It's one thing for waiters and cinema ushers and fat girls I ignored in High School to mix you up with my Steven, but for Eric to make the same mistake?"

Oh, the depth of Jackie's denial. And I like that Hyde's playing along so well, to the point of "mirror[ing] the incredulity on her face."

Hyde shrugged. "I was cool with it."

Fez laughed hysterically. "It took us 20 minutes to bring him around. Miss Kitty had to fetch her smelling salts."

Donna joined in the laughter. "And then he was all 'Oh crap, Oh crap, Oh crap'. He couldn't put a sentence together for an hour."

"But after that," Hyde said with an oppressive frown. "I was cool with it."

Love, love, love the juxtaposition of Hyde's actual reaction to Jackie's pregnancy with how he claims he handled it.

"if Steven Jekyll never broke her heart, then neither did Steven Hyde. Her selective memory has given me the blank slate I need to win her back, so that's what I've been doing."

What a fun plot/character twist/motivation. D

"manly tears" - LOL

Comparing Jackie and Hyde to "The Snow Queen" is so clever and fitting.
MistyMountainHop chapter 5 . 10/8/2010
His most recent regret was that he had aggravated Jackie to the point where she would not speak to him

Good job, Hyde. But nice complication, too.

"Unless you admit that you're still in love with Jackie." Hyde's mouth fell open, ready to object. "Without the sunglasses!" Donna added.

Love that Donna says, "Without the sunglasses". She wants to see the truth as well as hear it.

"I can't believe she killed you off," Kelso laughed. "That is a white-hot burn!"

LOL Yeah, it really is a burn in a way.

Kelso's obvliviousness ... D

"What? You're blackmailing me now?" Hyde was amazed. "Where did you get the balls to try something like that?"

I like Hyde's reaction.

"I'm not paying for anything which doesn't come with a hamburger bun wrapped around it."

I like this image. It's evocative of Hyde's character and feelings in that moment.

LOL Funny how Fenton always pops up in random jobs.

Both Kelso and Hyde are being slick in the Vineyward... :P Fun.

She could not suppress the thought that maybe what made Steven's rare compliments so special was their involuntary nature, as though it went against what he believed in to feed her vanity but there were times he couldn't help himself.

Love Jackie's awareness of this and how she knows (but denies) Roger pales in comparison.

"Hey, I beat you," Kelso reminded. Hyde was about to deny this when Kelso pointed a finger at him. "From the first date, Hyde! Which means you waited for her for at least 2 years."

I like this. One thing season five did a lousy (i.e. non-existent) job of was connecting the events of

Jackie's stalker phase/"Jackie Bags Hyde" to Jackie and Hyde's eventual relationship. I also like that Kelso's the one who helps Hyde come clean about wanting to get Jackie back.

Leo's got great timing. D And love that he still thinks Hyde is dead.

I've never been dead. In fact, my plan is to live forever and screw the government over for an unending pension.

Awesome. I can hear Hyde saying this.

"You tell him, Michael," a passing Fenton said, raising a fist in solidarity. "Dinner isn't enough – you have to make him work for it."


Enjoying Kelso and Hyde's team-up on Roger.

"Compared to Kelso," Hyde said, fiddling with the salt shaker. "How about compared to Steven?"

Great, provocative question.

never realising how close that simple action brought him to being bludgeoned by Hyde's breadstick

LOL The incongruous words "bludgeoned" and "breadstick" make for a nice image.

"...But he did love Jackie with all his heart."

It really is touching how Hyde's trying to tell Jackie how much he loves her through "dead" Steven.

Come on, baby, he prayed. Remember.

*dies* Hyde's need for her is evident here. So is his desperation.

"Was it Hyde who massaged moisturiser into your glorious hair?"

Oh, gosh. Fez would so do/say this.

"My wonderful news is – Steven is not dead after all!-because he is going to live on through the child I am carrying."

Such a cool plot twist to end a chapter on - because of the *context* - since "Steven" isn't really dead, but he is, etc. etc.
MistyMountainHop chapter 4 . 10/8/2010
I like that Hyde and Jackie end up going to the place of their first date.

When she started to shiver, Hyde rolled his eyes and shrugged out of his jacket. Why should that detail be left

out, he thought as he draped it over her shoulders.

Love that he recognizes how these moments are essentially recreating the date.

"Thanks," Jackie said, a catch of surprise in her voice at the considerate gesture, which annoyed Hyde that she

didn't think he was capable of even that much courtesy. Perversely, he made sure to reinforce her bad

impression of him.

This is really sad. Such a well-crafted moment.

"Your boyfriend is gone – we get that. Why don't you just let it go and get over it. It's not like he was that

great of a boyfriend, anyhow."

"SHUT UP!" Jackie shouted. "Don't you dare say a word against my Steven! You didn't know him!"

Terrific. Hyde's expressing his lack of self-worth to Jackie, and she's combating it fiercely. This is

meta-textual in a way. Clever. And perhaps it'll help Hyde to finally internalize how Jackie views him.

He had been so tempted to end his relationship with Jackie then, had even announced he was over her in his

anger, but she had pulled him back in with her stubborn emotional bravery.

"stubborn emotional bravery." Such a great way to describe it, and I love that Hyde's acknowledging this to

himself and giving Jackie this kind of credit.

Jackie beamed at his agreement. "I'm so glad to hear you say that. Hyde, you have to know that you can do so

much better than Sam."

Hyde looked at her warily. "And I suppose one day I'll find…"

"…somebody great," Jackie joined in.

Love the reversal of "Kelso's Serenade". Jackie's memory is playing itself out in such a great way, and

Hyde's awareness of it all makes it so much fun.

"I'm saying that – Steven – would want you to be happy. Don't close yourself off from the possibility of

falling in love again. I'm sure that any man who loved you wouldn't want you to be moping around for the rest

of your life in some kind of screwed-up homage to him."

This is so clever of Hyde to figure out to say this.

"Two, that he will always love you."

There's quite a bit of depth behind the *reason* and context Hyde tells Jackie this. And it's touching.

"No, I mean you're right about Steven being here. When you said those words, I had the strongest sense that

Steven was so close to me."

I also love that when Hyde acts like the compassionate man Jackie fell in love with, she feels "Steven"


Maybe he wasn't just a curse on her life. Maybe he could be the cure.

Hooray! D And a turning point in the story.

"You mean… you married her twice?" Fez asked.


certain economy-sized brunette

Nice way of describing Jackie.

"...'cause Jackie and I, we are over. Kaput. Nothing to see here and everybody can just move along. Got it?"

So funny what Hyde says here.

"I just think it's a little early to go dating some smarmy stranger you know nothing about. I mean, damn it, I'm not even cold in my grave!"

Nice slip, Hyde. D

Doctor Roger is a nice complication, and Hyde's reaction to is great. It makes a person want to read the next chapter to see what'll happen next.
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