Reviews for Arms of A Dark Angel
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 10 . 6/29
I’m surprised Hermione wasn’t shocked to see Harry doing the “Accio” spell. I’m pretty sure that’s a Third Hear spell.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 1 . 6/29
How had Harry not recognized him in the Great Hall?
sisi chapter 42 . 6/2
I would like to stop it. It was very nice time with young lady Lili, who loved Sev and Harry and she probably get them any secrets for better time without her. I want Harry who is looking for mothers testaments, no Harry riding with pegas on the champions cup. I think Severus can help with the testament more, than he thing. Where is Potters house in the Godrick Hallow, and where are the pictures of Poterrs granies, when Lili hadn t it
sisi chapter 39 . 5/31
it is so long text about nothing use now. So yes, propably somewho likes stupid Ronald, but it put to the same back with Hermione and other doing.. I hoped, Harry and Hermina will be a caple here. But thanks.
sisi chapter 35 . 5/30
thanks, I like flying pegas. But why do You write more and more about american thinks? Do You dont know any differencies behind The New World and old good England? Harry Potter is English, no american boy. So take attention of it.
sisi chapter 27 . 5/29
I think Harry will be need a picture of hes mother there too.
sisi chapter 26 . 5/29
Thee is a problem with the goodness and badness. I think Marge and Vernon are bad and more becouse they didnt had a good mother and dady. They where in St. Brutus so Dudleys life in Smeltings school is on the top what Vernon meen and what he hoped. Marge and Vernon dont know how to love anybody. They are poor, poor for ever. It is a way how to make a broke heards. Unfortunatelly. Propably they needs a cup of Felix felicities to be one day of they life happy. Just a day for a life.
I hope, there is Harry and hes dady who cany find a way how to make happy somebody. Doesnt they?
sisi chapter 23 . 5/28
I just cry, because it was very intensive and my soul is so senzitive. Thanks. That seems Harry and Severus would like to be a family. Thanks.
sisi chapter 16 . 5/27
excuse me, You really know about Your american cat - mountain lion what is black and very nice. So sorry, the himallian cat is not Snape for me. Snape who has white hair is unlogical. But I like, that the cat, and doesnt matter what color has, is very good guider for Harry. Thanks.
sisi chapter 13 . 5/26
thats very nice chrismass for Harry yet. Thanks.
sisi chapter 12 . 5/26
really? Harry is ok, Ron is very spoilt and Hermiona so much clever? And they dont know anything about Snapes missions... so sorry. I need Harries adventures with hes black angel like visit St. Mungs, Godrick Hallow or Dursleys too.
gabumon7 chapter 47 . 2/26
Sequels would be awesome to read!
Flarrow legends chapter 47 . 2/24
Love it . Is there a sequel?
Supermoi chapter 2 . 2/4
Why i it always like that? Where on Earth is it ever acceptable, for ANY reason, to leave a child at the hands of abusers, epecially when you are AWARE of abuses going on? I will never understands that I suppose... What good is it that Harry's safe from the outide threats when he could easily die a the hands of those monsters from WITHIN? Being pushed down the stairs and breaking his neck couldn't be cured later, just an exemple. But of course its all 'For the Greater Good'...
Scott Berg chapter 47 . 1/26
Great story. I think what really sets it apart though is the latter part where Severus takes him away for the summer. So much in there is unique, love the idea of the wood sprites and Severus's Mum watching over them from her painting and all the adventures and learning about nature and plants and becoming an animagus and then finding and riding a Pegasus has surely got to be a unique and thrilling way to end it all
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