Reviews for Arms of A Dark Angel
Guest chapter 47 . 6/6/2016
Do a sequel! Thanks! I love the story!
Jamie Theobald chapter 47 . 6/4/2016
Just finished reading Arms and was trying to find out if you were still planning on doing a sequel? Or if you already have one posted? Absolutely loved this story and would love love to see it continued!
D chapter 47 . 5/18/2016
A Sequel would be Awesome, I loved the story!
Pat chapter 47 . 4/25/2016
I enjoyed this story very much. (Of COURSE we knew Harry had to win the race, because how could you have him as an underage racing jockey for the nasty O'Shea for the rest of his life?) I think my main criticism would be that it takes us forever to GET anywhere - there's way more character development than there is plot. Still, I'll be looking through your list of authored stories to see what I'll read next! Thank you for writing - I know it takes a lot of effort to write a good story, and I appreciate your creativity and dedication to the craft of writing.
Pat chapter 21 . 4/25/2016
I've already been surprised twice, by Neville being the catspaw, and now by Snape being present in the final room! (I plan to write again when I'm done - but for now, I'd like to add that this is one of the few stories that even mentions religion, and I'm glad *somebody* dared to do it!)
Jissy2013 chapter 1 . 3/26/2016
So sweet
Cheyenne17 chapter 2 . 3/23/2016
Ooooooh Severus! You're going to have your hands full with him.
Cheyenne17 chapter 19 . 3/20/2016
Love Minerva in this chapter. She's right though. Men are stubborn. I've had two boyfriends in my life. One who insisted on being in the back of the line at lunch and the other who insisted on setting up the tables for lunch. They were at two different schools though. I just want to say good luck to Severus on controlling his wayward 'son'.
Cheyenne17 chapter 14 . 3/20/2016
Love this chapter although I wish dumbledore hadn't moved the mirror.
Lollypops101 chapter 47 . 3/5/2016
OMG! This story is amazing! I love your characters and their flaws and relationships. I am assuming that you have changed you mind about the sequel seeing as this story has been finished for several years already and I didn't see a sequel on your page. However, I would love to read more. I really hope that you do do a sequel. If you do, please let me know so that I can find it. :)
arya305 chapter 47 . 2/17/2016 there a sequel for this? I searched for it on your profile page but couldn't find it. Please let me know if you have...
This is a great story. On par with your other stories like the broken wings, heir to prince manor and all. But Two Hawks Hunting is by far my favorite.
So...could you pleeeease tell me about the sequel?
WriterJace chapter 47 . 2/15/2016
I love the relationship between Harry and Severus in this story! The dialogue seemed a bit out of character to me at some points, so maybe you could try and improve that, but it was a very enjoyable read, thank you so much for sharing it!
Ducky1776 chapter 37 . 2/14/2016
Another question. What about the restriction for underage magic? I can see Harry practicing since they couldn't tell who was actually casting, but Hermione? Ron never realizes just how good he has it.
Ducky1776 chapter 26 . 2/13/2016
I read through this and something nagged at me. I finally figured it out. Petunia should know if Lily had a rich uncle from America. Well, I know she's not the brightest bulb in the pack, but that kind of glares. Oh well. Back to my regularly scheduled story.
Ducky1776 chapter 25 . 2/12/2016
No! Not Marge! Anything but large Marge!
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