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morring star chapter 24 . 9/3
Hope you do a sequel
Rakaan chapter 18 . 7/5
I was under the impression that James was well trained, yet I didn't see that in this chapter. Why the fuck is he pausing to give shitty one-liners after bursting into a room with hostiles with their weapon (wands) already drawn?
Rakaan chapter 1 . 7/5
This was a damn fine first chapter. Got and retained my attention.
Reichenfaust chapter 25 . 3/19
Ya know, I had a serious itch to reread this story. And I love it. Frank Castle is one of my favourite characters, bar none across the universe's I love. The MAX runs by Garth Ennis, and the James Aaron omnibus were so wicked.

To have it cross over with Harry Potter, in such a cool way... Man it's probably one of your better stories, more believable, and definitely very interesting how the characters developed. The Veritaserum immunity workaround was very unique. Occlumency and split personalities, wow never would have that of that.

I've often thought that a Harry raised by the Kingpin would be a interesting character to write about, just because of how he could play the game better than anyone, and in the end Lucius, Dumbledore, Fudge, everyone would fall before Harry Fisk...

Anyway I hope I get to see more, and will link up the Butcher's Bill story.
Guest chapter 17 . 1/5
Would have told hermninny my after she sold me out to go fuck herself and left England to its mess. Fidelius the sane part of the world.
Shikaku Zetsumei chapter 24 . 12/15/2014
What a shame you stopped writing.. You have some interesting crossovers. This story was well written, though it could've used an epilogue or something.

MSgt SilverDollar and Snake chapter 3 . 11/14/2014
Great start! Not only decking Drakeypoo twice but also laying Snivellus out makes for one great day and a super read over the last two chapters. I do wish I knew more about the Punisher but I haven't read a comic book in over fourty five years or more. Hell I don't even read the funnies in the paper since I get my news on the TV, radio, and Internet. I read about Frank Castle in Wikipedia and he's a bad ass motor scooter almost like a nearly civilized John Rambo.
Quicksilver2011 chapter 22 . 10/5/2014
I was actually thinking more Don Adams Agent 86 than Inspector Gadget. Though I keep looking for 99!
Mighty Pen 20 chapter 6 . 5/30/2014
First off, this crossover sounds interesting. And who knows, the adventure part of the story beyond chapter six, where i stopped, might be good. But what is killing it for me is the romance. It feels cheesy and rushed. Romance is much harder to write than adventure to be honest. When it reads like it is scripted, instead of natural, it just does not work.

And what is the point of having guns that throw spells? People have wands for that anyway. Maybe if the guns did not drain you magically, there could be an advantage, but as you describe them, it is just like having a gun shaped wand, which sounds redundant.
daniella2cool chapter 13 . 4/23/2014
Im really not into crossovers but I loved this fic especially how u still had harry and hermione get together still with it beeing a cossover awesome!
AvidReader chapter 14 . 4/23/2014
Cool story. Not sure why there are so few Punisher crossovers. It seems like a better approach than the few HP stories I've seen that used muggle soldiers and/or weapons.

As for other good candidates, how familiar are you with Babylon 5 and Crusade? They're SciFi series from a while back, set several centuries in the future. Anyway, one of the elder races that occasionally showed up was the Technomages whose technology was 'sufficiently advanced' to 'appear as magic' even to the most advanced races of that age. There have only been a couple of attempts to cross that to thevHP
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14/2014
After they started hugging and crying i puked and dropped this crap...
Meteoricshipyards chapter 24 . 5/10/2013
Very enjoyable. Looking forward to Harry taking out the Ministry.

Thank you very much.

Tom A.
dnangelphil chapter 5 . 3/26/2013
Good story so far, just one question though. What happened to Lupin? You seem to have skipped the third year DADA teacher because Cedric couldn't have participated in the tournament at the time because he was underage, if in this timeline they still enforced the age rule. Good story so far, just a little plot hole I think.
Ravus chapter 11 . 2/6/2013
Very bad dialogue. Try writing a story from a first person perspective. Get some internal dialogue going. Interactions don't have to be verbal. A lot of romance is in looks and touches and moments that pass fleetingly. Yes teenagers are new to romance and will have some cheesy stuff like tearful yelling matches and dramatic reveals. But these aren't normal kids.

Harry can kill people and not feel guilty, anyone trained to kill will NOT have an emotional breakdown. Think about it. Why would someone who can keep emotionally calm while making someone's brains explode, break down and blubber at someone denying them "love". People like that don't break. They go cold. They bury their emotions deep inside them. A few bits of logic later (If they don't want me they must not know me and I must not have known them, our relationship was a lie between strangers pretending we were people we were not.) And everything is buried and put away.

In fact it can be hard for trained killers to believe in love. They get taught that fear and doubt are just chemical reactions in their brains, it helps them keep their heads. Animals can give into fight or flight reflexes. Soldiers cannot. Once they have conquered fear it can also make them doubt love and connection too.

Killers cannot lose it. If you want Harry to be able to break down emotionally then you have to have him break down emotionally for ALL THINGS. Not just because some strange girl told him she was scared he would get hurt. Either he is human and thus BOTH the fighting and the romance terrifies him. Or he is a stone cold killer. And his emotions are under lock and key only to be allowed to surface when he desires.

Pick. You can't have both or your character isn't real. No the multiple personality thing doesn't work either as the way you are trying to use it is tv-fake rubbish.
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