Reviews for Lexx 510 Death Star Part 2
Guest chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
Pretty bloody awful. Keep your day job.
ApocalexxNow chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
Hey, I just noticed doesn't post the stories properly! In the original version, they are divided in to paragraphs for each scene, here it's all mixed up :( Anyway, thank you to everyone, who found it interesting and spent the time to make it this far! Since there's no chance of me ever continuing this story (unless I become indecently rich and film it as a TV series ;) ), here I will tell you what I planned to do next!

Before that, let me just tell you that I wrote the first 5 episodes without planning anything, I just went along. So they definitely have some plotholes and raise some questions, that I never planned how to answer. But here's what I had planned after I did episode 10:


Karina is just the same as Prince. That means just another scheming bitch - not better, not worse than him - just evil and manipulative like him. I always thought it a bit unrealistic to have only 2 planets and 1 ruler for all the souls from all universes from all times. So I made it up so that there are more afterlife planets. There are also more beings like Prince and Karina to rule them. In season 3 Prince was presented as the only one, the sole and ultimate representer of Death, but in my version of things there are more like him, serving to whoever is truly the sole and ultimate representer of life, death, creation and stuff. Namely, the Gods. I know Lexx never really had religion, but read on to see how it would make sense.

Anyway, so Prince lost his planets, even his back-up planet (Earth) so he went to the closest one (Karina's world) and tried to overtake it from her. She of course would not give it up freely - so there we go - a conflict of epic proportions. Prince knows all about Lexx and its crew, while Karina only suspects some things and knows a little, as she hadn't met them personally. So Prince wants some way to attract Lexx to this planet and tip the scales in his favour. To attract Lexx you need to attract his captain to order the ship to come. Stanley would not want to have anything to do with Prince any more for any reason. But he is influenced by Xev - whatever Xev asks, Stanley at first refuses, but then complies - it has always been like this. So how to attract Xev - the only way is by using Kai. Prince managed to make Karina revive Kai's soul into a body and wanted to notify Lexx that if Kai remains on the planet he would soon die to make room for other souls, but if they came to take him, he would grow old together with Xev and Stanley. However Karina figured out that Prince needed Kai for something that would not benefit her, so she took him herself.

By the end of the season they would have found a way to attract Lexx here. Prince would kidnap Kai and have him under his control and then ask Lexx here. Xev would believe Prince's promise that they can take living Kai with them if they helped him destroy Karina. However living Kai would die too soon in battle, mainly by Prince's fault. That would leave control of the soul back to Karina. She would however make a dead Divine Assassin of him again, only one who doesn't need proto-blood. In the end Stan and Xev would side with Karina and dead Kai and together they would destroy Prince. Karina will not allow them to have living Kai on board - she cannot allow souls to leave her planet (hence the sky barrier around her planet, which Art Man breached to end up in 5.03), so she would let them have Dead Kai instead. And that's how the season would end - Prince is done with, Karina has her planet back and wouldn't be seen again, Lexx would have dead Kai back.

Then I planned season 6. It would answer the remaining burning questions from before - what about the Lyekka-plants and what about Ray and those white balls?

Oh, before that - just one last thing to answer - why Karina looks like Zev! But for that you need to know a lot more:

The insects actually originated in the Dark Zone (where also Brunnen-G came from). Stan and Xev would meet them in a solo episode in season 5, where humans and insects coexist in relative peace. Stan and Xev tell the natives about the insects and their experience with His Shadow and eventually a war breaks out. The insects are prevailing, so Stan, Xev and the human leader decide to leave and destroy the planet on the Little Lexx. They kill everyone and let the human leader off on another planet. But in the final scene, when he/she (I haven't planned in detail) is left on the new planet, a black film crosses his eyes, showing that he was actually controlled by an insect.

What happens next is not on film (or I would probably tell it in one Lexx-less episode) and Stan and Xev don't know about it until the last episode of season 6 when it would be revealed. In a matter of years that insect in its host begin building another His Shadow-type empire. He finds out about afterlife planets and establishes diplomatic relations with Karina - they make a deal - the people His Shadow kills will go to her planet, making it inhabited by more souls and therefore elevating her in the hierarchy of afterlife caretakers. But then the host-cleaning technology doesn't exist and there's still a part of the host living inside the brain. He falls in love with Karina.

Do you remember, that in Lexx time flows in a circle and everything that happens, has happened before and will happened again? Well it turns out we're on the verge of the new cycle of time and it's just the beginning of the familiar story. His shadow, released to other planets by the unknowing Stan and Xev begins making another empire, somewhere else there's a new Brunnis planet, where people calling themselves Brunnen-G flee from their planet and open a portal to a parallel universe they call the Light Universe, where His Shadow and his followers also follow. Once there, it turns out His Shadow can't go back and since there's no order in this universe and chaos is easy to control, he starts building the league of 20,000 planets. When their technology reaches the stage, where Lusticons can be made to transform ugly women into beautiful wives, His Shadow specifically designes one of the models to look exactly like Karina. So it's actually Zev, who was modeled after Karina, not the other way around :)

Now, back to season 6, when we don't care about Karina, Prince or His Shadow anymore and we have the Lyekka plants to take care of. It turns out Giggy is a vegetarian - she doesn't eat people and meat. She cares for Stan and Xev, she is insulted by her people having banished her for being vegetarian and she knows that if her people are left unchecked, they would eat the whole universe. So she brings Lexx to their homeworld. The whole season 6 would take place there, because it's actually a very strange planet - here I'd make a crossover to Mortal Kombat: Conquest (as you properly noted that I had my inspiration from Resident Evil for eps 5.09 and 5.10 ;) ). There would be a lot of different beings on that planet, vying for supremacy. There would be the Zhu-Zin warriors, who would work with Stan and Xev, the reptiles, the underworld, the outworld, Kreeya, Shao Khan, Quan Chi, the Link Way - almost everyone. And among all those fractions, there would be the Lyekka-typed plants, who have a very small influence there and that's why they build their asteroids and started consuming other planets.

Because of constant fights, whose balance would be again broken by Stan and Xev the planet's society would start breaking apart. If you've done anything MK related, you know that Gods are important part of the universe - they make the rules and protect the balance. So since Kai is indestructible and can kill anyone, there's no more balance. That's why the Gods send their representative to talk to the newcomers and ask them to leave. That representer is actually - Ray! He was also among the Gods, but chose to get born in a human form somewhere in the universe just for fun - that's when he met Stan and Xev. (I would have probably made something in more detail and reason here.) But the LExx crew would be caught up in the events of the planet and be unable to leave. So by the end of the season the balance would be destroyed and the planet left almost liveless too. In the meantime Stan, Kai and Xev would get closer and closer to the Gods getting to know them more and more and also getting to know more about the Universe.

By the end of season 6 you would know, that the Gods created the universe and that planet form season 6 was actually their first - as a draft of the whole universe. But Lexx keeps coming and destroying it at the end of each cycle of time, showing them the errors of their ways. In the final events, our 3 friends would have managed to defeat the evil emperors and the plants on that planet, leaving only good people on it, and this way, blank for the Gods to begin their experiments again. For reward, Kai would be accepted among the Gods instead of Ray, who would become human, Stanley would be shown to the planet, where he would find the love of his live and make his daughter from episode 5.02, and Xev would be granted eternal life and sent to the Light Universe, where she would become the Divine Prophet (since you know, she has REALLY seen the events of the last cycle). I might have one last "Babylon 5"-typed last episode, where all three characters would be shown in their distant future - Stanley and his black aliens story would get more detail and also the outcome of Ray and daughter Xev's escape from the dungeon and them defeating the black aliens, Kai among the gods, learning that being a God is not really that easy and learning that he would become the next Ray for the next cycle of time (wanting to be human, instead of a God), and Xev prophesizing and then getting killed by Vlad.

Btw, at the end of episode 5.02 only Stan dies. Ray and daughter Xev live on to fight the aliens. 5.02 doesn't show what becomes of them, but that final-final episode would show they manage to escape a
Megasaiyan21 chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Well, here I am...I reached the end? of your story. My note10/10

Question that need to be answered: What the hell are Karina and Prince up to? Howcome you didn't ressurect Bunny as well? Who are those mysterious aliens that killed Ray and the rest of the crew in the future? Where the heck is Kai? I really wanted to read more about him.

What I don't like about your story and the show itself, that wherever Stan and Xev go, inoccent people and characters that I grew fond of die. But I guess it's ok, since they re-born, but it's somehow not the same.

So, now I'm waiting for you to tell me how would have you continued your story if...Well, whatever made you give up on it, wouldn't have occured? Or better yet, tell me by continuing the story itself:)

Looking forward for hearing from you!
Lady NeverAfterNon chapter 1 . 4/19/2010
The story continues! It's good, I liked it.