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SMSM92 chapter 6 . 7/13
I love this! I'm so happy you updated so recently too!
I can't wait until they stop 'pretending'! There's so much build up EEEEEEE!
chibios chapter 6 . 6/20
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Twiggirl006 chapter 6 . 5/30
I was reading this when you posted the first time. Hope to see more great stuff!
Daire123 chapter 6 . 5/30
This is adorable! I love it! I'm glad Mamo and Usa are getting along so well. The late night call was perfect! I can't wait to see what the girls come up with. its clear Usagi wasn't interested in any other boy at school since you mentioned she turned them down everytime and Mamoru always tries to see her, even when he believed she had a boyfriend. They are so sweet! Plus they've already "kissed" it shouldn't be long until they do it again for an audience. I can't wait to read more! Please update again soon!
Roxypockets1 chapter 6 . 5/25
Yeay! A new chapter! I'm so excited to see what will happen next :D
Glimare chapter 6 . 5/25
Ah conspiring friends... keep it up okay? Don't quit.
chibios chapter 6 . 5/24
please please please PLEEAAASEEEE make moreeee
Nancy67 chapter 6 . 5/23
I didn't expect Rei to agree to set them up I thought she would be jealous of Usagi.
slightlyxjaded chapter 6 . 5/23
I absolutely love when you start updating stories because I know they come in a cycle so there's always one update after the other on a different story.

I confess that I had to re-read the other chapters because I needed to refresh my memory. I had forgotten how adorably jealous and irrational Mamoru got around Usagi! It was so cute! Her unsureness about him, his actions and the kiss was adorably naive as well. Awww and Motoki reminding Mamoru that it isn't real about broke my heart because Mamoru knows this, but seems oddly optimistic. And I'm glad Usagi was able to overcome her self-deprecating thoughts about why Mamoru agreed quickly enough. Awwww the fight at the cafe...I totally forgot about that! He should've kissed her because they are both clearly confused as a result of denial. I love how honest their story of how the relationship began ended up being...makes it seem far more likely now, eh?

I'm glad that even with all Minako's evidence, Makoto still wants to give Usagi the benefit of the doubt. I doubt Rei would give that to her if she was there lol.

Hahaha Usagi and the food! I admit that Minako has a good point...Usagi asking permission from Mamoru was quite damning.

Yes! One mixed up saying for Minako! Love it! I am very nervous for Usagi because of this plan because I worry it might force her to reveal her true feelings for Mamoru. And if for some reason he's not willing to do good.

Poor Mamoru! Usagi is the one part of his life he can't seem to crack or figure out easily. Analyzing her on the drive home was adorably cute in his nerd-like way. Awww and he wants to be called Mamo-chan by her! Absolutely adorable! Surely she must question how Mamoru is benefiting from this fake relationship, right?! He said he needed a date for the gala, but has given no further information. Usagi, add up the clues! He's being adorably awkward around you and admitted he would date you! Mamoru, be honest because Usagi sure as heck isn't going to figure this out on her own! Alas, I love the angst so please take your time, you two.

Usagi's phone call to Mamoru late at night was both unexpected and cute. I'm glad he was the one who brought up Rei and Ami because it seems to show that he realizes he's in it for the long haul.

Dang straight, Ami! It can't be obvious to only her that they both care about each other! Minako seemed to be on the same page the day before when she said it was about time.

Minako trying to trick Motoki was hilarious. She gets so feisty! Oh jeez...the plan has good intentions, but I wonder how this will play out...

Keep up the fantastic work! I loved this chapter!
Pipsicle00 chapter 6 . 5/23
More please! :) glad you revived it!
James Birdsong chapter 6 . 5/23
Yay! Good story.
TropicalRemix chapter 6 . 5/23
usagi and mamoru should make there fake dating look more believable. what are the girls going to do to them to make them be dating/falling in love with each other for real.
Syulai chapter 6 . 5/23
Awww, aren't our Royal couple totally cute together? Mamo-Chan is so sweet when his mouth is not acting up, love what a great actor Motoki is :)
wishwars chapter 6 . 5/23
Awwww, the phone call was so sweet! I love stories like this where they get together in different ways!
Antigone2 chapter 6 . 5/23
omg I love it! I love all of it! I love how it's accepted that Usagi steals everyone's food, I love how Minako said "the cat is out of the hat" (SO in-character and also makes me think of SuperS when Mamoru literally pulled Diana from his hat like a magician at a child's birthday party?), I love how Mamoru came up with the nickname Mamo-chan (because yes), I love how USAGI CALL HIM AT ONE AM THE SAME DAY SHE GOT HIS NUMBER (because Usagi). I *love* the line 'every word and phrase for 'I'm sorry' flooded his mind, yet none could make it past his lips'.
I love Minako's finger quotes around "dating" and how realistic and natural the conversations are between the girls AND Usagi and Mamoru.


Oh man I can't wait for the next part. :) thanks for not forgetting this story and for updating!
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